Sunday, April 5, 2009

On Your Mark...Get Set....GO

Hola and happy Sunday to everyone! My first 5k is under my belt. Here is the recap: I picked up our race packets Friday afternoon. I was feeling super badass. We woke up at the crack of dawn on Saturday (5:30 am). I shaved, got my outfit on, loaded up the cooler, piled in the car. We got to the beach at about 7am, race was to start at 8.

Sorry I dont know how to center videos yet.
I started stretching. Here is a quick video of that. Tracey thought he was taking a picture not a video.
The sun was coming up...I was nervous. Currently, my fastest time that I had walked a 5k (practice) was 59 minutes. I really didnt want to be the last person, and I didnt want to drop dead on some beach road. We all lined up to start and noone shot a gun! I really wanted someone to shoot a gun or whatever it is at the beginning of the race (not at me, but in the air). I started off, pacing myself. No shin splints but my legs were talking to me. It was pretty good! Anyways, as I saw the finish line in sight, there were still a good amount of people behind me. There were lots of people taking pictures at the end, so I started dancing for them. I crossed the finish line with a time of....53 minutes! Weeeeeeee. I arrived alive! After the race they had a band, light food, etc. We hung out in the sun for about an hour until they announced the winners of the age divisions. We really just hung around bc my boss and her husband and our friend Loyd were going to get awards. So once they got to the walker awards I was not really listening. Then I heard them call my name! WHAT! That's right...I won 2nd place for my age division! I hadnt even thought of looking at the results.


  1. Congratulations!! How awesome that you placed in the race too! :)

  2. OMG way to freakin go Amy!!!! Congratulations!


  3. You are SO hardcore... You're totally motivating and inspiring me to get my exercise component in check!

  4. Yeah!!!! You inspire me!! Go girl!!! Thanks for blogging! I love it!