Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Don't you love it when you check your Blog dashboard and check your blog updates sections to see who has updated their blogs and everyone has been blogging? I love it.
So, thanks to everyone who is blogging. You help get me through my day. People ask me if I know anyone who has had lapband, and I say "not in real life", but I have you guys...my imaginary friends.

Did anyone see that episode of Grey's Anatomy a couple of weeks ago that had the guy who was going to get a face transplant? He had lost half of his face years before, and pretty much hid from the world. He did belong to some online forum though for people who grew orchids, and part of the requirement of the surgery is that you had a group of people who you could depend on for support and who would take care of you. Well, none of his "friends" from the orchid site had ever seen him, but they flew from around the world to be there at the hospital for him. Reminded me of some of you I have "met" on here.

I don't know what I would do if I didnt have a place to share and to listen to other's share their journey. There is only so much my wonderful boyfriend can listen to and help with! Sometimes it's just nice to know someone else is going through what I am!

So keep blogging.

And...once you reach your goal...dont stop blogging. Dont you hate it when you find someone on LBT and click on their blog and it hasnt been updated in like 2 years?

I must totally be premenstrual bc I am getting sappy. I will know for sure if I start crying at random commercials about cleaning solutions, coffee, or tampons.

It happens. Seriously.

Happy Tuesday


  1. Rock on Amy - I'm with you. Every morning, first thing after email is logging in to see who has an update! I love having new ones to read... Thankfully, where I work has NO rules on surfing (technically that is my job)... so I'm not complaining!

  2. Oi, I hear you on the PMS. I was a total Biatch to my hubby all weekend. Last night he said to me, Well you seem happier today! It is like living with Sybil once a month!

  3. Amy - on the whole soup thing, my doc told me that if you do it alone, fine. But if you do it with more "solid" food, it acts as other liquids do and flushes the solids thru faster, hence making you hungrier. I think he was talking about more liquidy soups (tomato, etc...) vs. more chunky soups like chili, or chicken/potato/noodle, etc... I'm going to ask again on Monday and I'll let you know what I find out!

  4. Hi Amy,

    Its always exciting to open my page and find out who's posted a comment, even more when its a new face. Thanks SO much for your kind words :) I haven't had a chance to read your blog in full yet - sigh, lol as usual I'm running but what I skimmed looked great and I'm looking forward to reading it from the beginning to the end.
    Keep up the great work,
    Cara x