Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bikinis, Marie Osmond, and Empathy

I am sitting here watching Oprah. Did you guys catch it today? I DVR it in case I am bored. Anyways, she had Valerie Bertinelli on (along with Marie Osmond and Star Jones). Its a weight loss show. Um...I am sorry...Valerie was only 50 pounds overweight. She was maybe a size 12/14. As was Marie Osmond. Now they are a size 2/4. I guess bc I am SO overweight, it is hard for me to empathize with someone how is only 165 pounds "at their heaviest". I mean kudos for losing the weight. But as a poster child for weight loss...I don't know. What do you guys think?
Then she had Star Jones on. I have never been a fan of Star. It really annoyed me when EVERYONE knew she had weight loss surgery, but she denied it. I understand that for some its a private decision. But she lives in the public eye and her weight loss was public. Keeping the secret about weight loss is like any other secret. What a tangled web...but I will save that for another post:)
Anyways, I found her explanation very honest. It was interesting and kind of endearing. The truth shall set you free! She said she didnt want to share her weight loss surgery bc she felt ashamed. Ashamed she couldnt conquer the weight, ashamed she had failed every diet, ashamed that she was an addict. She said she threatened her staff that if they ever suggested that she go public, she would fire them. Then one day...she wanted to tell the truth. She said it was hard hearing people say that she "took the easy way out". She said...this is not the easy way out...this has been the hardest struggle of my life.
Okay...enough about that! We are more than half way to Friday!

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  1. I watched the show too. Everyone looked great!!! I never cared for Star Jones when she was large. I do like Valerie and Marie, but your right, they wern't exactly obese.