Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Rollin...Rollin...Rollin Down the River

Have I ever mentioned my parents live on a boat? About 7 years ago, they retired, sold my childhood home out from underneath me, and left me in Kansas to finish college. We have always been boaters, and it has always been there dream to live on a boat, on the river. So, they bought a houseboat. A Beaut' of a boat. It was called Living Our Dream. Then, last year my dad decided he wanted to travel on the boat, come down here to the Gulf, go to southern Florida for a few they sold that boat and bought a cruiser named River Gypsy. They have completed their trip and our now back up in Scottsboro...which is in the Northern most corner of Alabama.

This is about a 6 hour drive for us. They were coming down here to Pensacola for the weekend, but the weather looks iffy (they were bringing their smaller ski boat), so we are going there instead!

LONG STORY short...I may not be able to blog until we return...but I promise to take lots of pics and do something embarrassing so I have a good story to tell when I get back. We are going to go to Nashville Friday night to hang with my brother. For those of you who have read my first introduction blog, you will know I have a long history with my bro-man, but things are good now.

In fact, if any of you ever watch Discovery Health Channel on cable, like in the really high channels, you may have seen my brother. He was thin his whole life and made my life a living hell. He moved to LA when he was about 17 (he is 8 years my senior) and got fat. It was wonderful karmic retribution.

He was fat for all of 4 seconds.

He was accepted for this reality show called Discovery Health Body Challenge. It was really the beginning of the weight loss shows, pre-Biggest Loser. He got a personal trainer, a nutritionist, etc. Anyways, he lost the weight and won the damn show. And thus...he was thin again. They came back to Kansas to film part of the show, and lucky for him I was working in New York at the time...I would have given that camera an ear full. The show was filmed in 2000, but they are re-running it now. Tracey and I stumbled on it the other day and laughed and laughed at my brother...he is so full of BS. Good times. (sorry I just rambled that whole paragraph).

I tried to find a picture of the boat, but I couldnt. So instead you will get a picture of my mother ON the boat from last summer. She would kill me if she knew I posted this. She is afraid that someone will steal her identity. Special. This picture of me and my mom with a giant sausage makes me laugh. Enjoy and have a great weekend!


  1. That picture of your Mom is precious! And really funny too.... Thanks for your comments on my site! It's great to have someone put things in perspective for me! Have a good trip.

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  3. We are boaters here in Michigan the Great Lakes State! That is my husband's dream too. . . to live on a boat. Have fun!

  4. Hi Amy,
    Came across your site because I was just trying to reseach follow-ups about the contestants on the Body Challenge, apparently including your brother. How's he doing? Is he supportive of your weightloss? Good luck to you and your journey. (I'm there too, I have my first meeting with a personal trainer tomorrow morning.)

  5. Hi Jean! I will post this here and on your blog. My brother is doing well! He has maintained his weight loss pretty well. There was a point a few years ago that he gained some back, but over these last couple of years he is rocking it! He is very supportive of my weight loss and our relationship has grown as our maturity level grows too! LOL! Thanks for the well wishes!