Thursday, April 23, 2009

Flintstones....Meet the Flintstones

So I was just wondering if everyone has been taking their vitamins. I have not been taking them...well...pretty much at all. This week I am trying to start taking my calcium chews twice a day, and my two Flintstones chewables.

I hate the chewables and would rather swallow them...but doc says must chew. Do you guys chew or swallow? (LOL...sounds bad).

Also, I havent been taking my B-12 sublinguals. Do you guys do the sublinguals or get the shot?

I am going to try to take all of these on a regular basis for the next 2 weeks, so when I go in for my fill...if I am still exhausted during the least we can rule out lack of nutrition.

AND, since my hair has been falling out...I thought maybe these might help. I dunno.


  1. I do take my Flinstones (I buy a comparable generic brand from Costco)every day. I'm not a swallowing type of girl, I chew it (ha ha). What are the B-12 sublinguals??? I don't know about B-12....I don't even get a shot. Am I supposed to be taking B-12?? Calcum chews??? are these all important for bandsters??? My hair is not falling out, and hope it doesn't start. Fill me in on where to get these B-12 sublinguals, does it help with energy??

  2. Well, you know all docs are different. But, these are the things that his band patients have to take (and RnY have to take more).

    2 multi-vitamins a day.

    2 calcium chews a day. I take Viactiv milk chocolate chews. Dont take them at the same time as your mult-vitamins though, bc they block the absorption of iron. Calcium is good for us girls anyways. I used to drink lots of milk, bc I drank it with my chocolate, pb & j sandwhiches, etc. And now I cant drink with food.

    The b-12 I just get at walmart in the vitamin section. They disolve under the tongue, and I take 5 a week. They arent bad at all. b-12 is supposed to help with your energy. Some doctors have their patients come in for a b-12 shot, but my doc says why get a shot if you dont have to?

  3. What the heck is a B-12 sublingual?!?!? No one told me about that. I suck at vitamins. I have chewables that look and taste like Jelly Beans. They're ok. I also have the calcium chews. If I'm lucky, i take them once a week! HAVE to be better about that...

  4. Check the Viactiv for how much sugar they've got. That one could bite you (chew you?) in the butt.

    Right now I'm taking the Celebrate vitamins for pre-bariatric surgery patients, plus the calcium citrate tablets. After surgery I'll try the rest of the stuff, since it's formulated for surgery patients. I'm also going to start taking Biotin supplements starting May 1 to work on hair loss, and I should probably start my B-12. I'll try the sublinguals from Walmart first, but I'll probably end up on something from Celebrate or Atvantage. GNC also has some B-12 drops that I could add to my shakes or crystal light.

    The vitamins I'm taking right now make me soooooo sick to my stomach if it's even slightly empty. I have to take them with my breakfast protein shake. What's weird is I was taking the women's vitamins from GNC, which have twice the goods that the ones I take now do, but they didn't bother me. I think the ones I take now absorb better. Or it could be calcium citrate. I dunno.

  5. I take a One a Day essentials (tinier than an M&M) and a B12. I don't take Calcium anymore, because I consume at least 20 oz of skim milk per day and many times cheese. When I did take calcium, I used the Viactiv chocolate chews.


  6. Target makes GREAT gummy chewable adult vitamins now. Only 15 calories for the two and most days I just suck on them like they're gummy Lifesavers, you know the kind, right? I started taking them over a month ago, when I first got my surgery appt and I haven't gotten sick of them yet. I also use the Citrucel chewable calcium which do have a high sugar content (65 calories for the serving size of 4 chews) but I love that they also have (the non-bloating) fiber in them, so it helps with the poopies.