Friday, April 24, 2009

Sunshine and Puppy Dogs

It is supposed to be a beautiful weekend here in Pensacola. Last year Tracey and I started hitting the beach in February....early February. But I kid you not, every weekend for the last several months has been touch-n-go weather with rain, some peek-a-boo sun, cold fronts, etc. So at is supposed to be sunny and warm!

I will have to swim by myself. Tracey, like most Floridians, believe that the water must be 80+ degrees before they can get in it. I, like most native-Kansans, think anything above 67 is tolerable. I just hope those damn jellyfish arent invading the beach...they suck. Actually they sting. hahahahah....

But we take lots of pictures at the beach, so that should be fun. I dont have any pictures of me in my new I see lots of modeling shoots in the forecast.

Then we are going to grab a hamburger at SurfBurger! The yummiest local hamburger joint on the beach. I will have to do it without a bun of course...and not get too excited that I shovel the meat down my hatch.

So Happy Friday everyone! Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. And even if you don' about it anyways!

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