Thursday, April 2, 2009

For anyone who has Facebook or Myspace, you are familiar with the little "quizzes" that circulate. This is the 25 Random Things About Me quiz. I think they can be fun and might give you some insight into A M Y. Dont be scared!

1. I've always wished that I was one of those girls who knew how to do her hair and makeup. I never have really learned. I think you are born with it...some gene that my mother never had either. The first memory I have of really sucking at the make-up/hair thing was probably 6th grade in Jenny Bratchers (Fitzgeralds) bathroom. Remember when you would take your Kaboodles with you everywhere with your make-up. She had the gift.

2. I miss several things about Kansas. Real thunderstorms, wheat fields, and lazy summer nights on Knoll Drive.

3. I used to pee my pants when I laughed really hard. I'm not ruling it out these days. I think the last time it happened was playing Catch Phrase with my mother on New Years Eve several years ago. She was partners with my dad and kept yelling inappropriate words. She had taken several shots of tequilla, was sweating, and wearing a gold lame' shirt. You had to be there.

4. I don't want children. Every once in awhile though I worry that I am missing out on something. Then, I take a nap or spend money selfishly on myself. And I am thankful.

5. I thought I would make good money out of college. You don't really realize until the last semester of your senior year that you might be screwed.

6. Whenever Oprah has fat people on her show who talk about how lonely they are, how no one likes them, etc., I want to go up to them and say HEY! EXCUSES! Fat people can have friends and a life too! Seriously, I wrote to Oprah once about this. I am still waiting for a response.

7. When I was 19 I tried out for the Real World. They didnt want me. Big Mistake...HUGE.

8. Ever since I was little, when I am alone in my kitchen, I pretend I am on my own cooking show. I talk, out loud, to the imaginary camera. My favorite "meal" to make on my show is a Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwhich. It's a very basic show.

9. I always got in trouble for talking to much in school. So I majored in Communication, and now teach classes on HOW to communicate. So take that!1

0. I worked at Point O Pines for 3 years and it changed my life.

11. Sometimes people request to be my friend on Facebook or Myspace and I have no idea who they are. Sometimes I went to school with them (according to their profiles), but still...nothing.

12. I love tv and movies. I don't appreciate when people who don't love tv and movies try to pretend they are better than other people. For example, have you met those people that say things like this: "Oh, I just don't know how you have time to go to the movies...I AM SO BUSY...I havent seen a movie since Titantic". Please.

13. One of the best gifts someone could give me is a really really old copy of the Gone With the Wind. It's my favorite book and would love to have a very early copy.

14. I don't believe in Heaven or Hell, but I believe in angels. Explain that to me.

15. I think the Dhali Lama and I are kindred spirits. I would like to meet him and learn from him.

16. I want to be a stay at home girlfriend. I wouldn't be bored. No matter people say.

17. I have the best parents in the world. I loved my childhood. I cry everytime we leave the boat after visiting. I cry when they leave Pensacola after they visit us.

18. One of my favorite memories from childhood is coming home late in the afternoon from a day of boating, being tired and sunburnt, jonesing for a cool shower, sitting in the back of the Bronco while my day backed the boat in the driveway, listening to the locust in the trees.

19. Our family eats more con queso than anyone else I know.

20. My brother and I never got a long when I was growing up. Eight years my senior, he never wanted a sister. When I was born, and they told him I was a girl, he screamed "Put her back in, put her back in". He tortured me as a child. It took us about 27 years but we love each other now and he is one of the funniest people I know.

21. I havent talked to my best friend Lisa very much over the last year and a half. She lives in Seattle. Somehow we let our "busy" lives get in the way. I think about her everyday.

22. I cried when none of the presidential nominees would say they believe in gay marriage. Makes me sad for my friends.

23. Catherine Gardner is 50! She is a Mormon. She is one of the best people I have ever known. She can never move away from me. Once when we were talking about if nurses could/should wear thongs, she said "I don't know how they could. They would trip on them and fall down all the time!" We all looked at her. She was talking about FLIP FLOPS. We had been talking about thong underwear! Special. Funny. Katie.

24. I sometimes wonder what the purpose of life is. This can be a very depressing thought, bc usually I have no answer.

25. I feel like I am not living my life to my full potential. I think I should be doing something else profession wise. Comedian? Interior Designer? Actress? My creativity is being stifled.


  1. I narrate like I'm on a cooking show too! Then my friends started this website, (check it out!) and they've started filming my recipes!!

  2. #4 makes me sad. I can't imagine my life w/out being a mother. I realize that its not for everyone though, but it still makes me sad..

  3. Dont be sad! Growing up I always thought I would have kids. And some days I still want them. I think I burnt out on kiddies bc from the age of 13, my jobs always revolved around them. Then, I worked in a behavior disorder program for little kids in public school and by the end of those 7 years it was time for a break! :) My boyfriend is 42 and has 5 kids, the youngest is 16. He had his snip and clip years ago. Who knows, maybe someday after I grow up I will want to adopt. I have wonderful parents and think I would be pretty good at it :) Only time will tell!

  4. I never wanted kids up until the day I decided that I NEEDED to have a kid. It was a very strange emotional reaction. Now, people rag on me all the time that I'm not going to have another one, especially since I'm now with the "nice guy" and "What if he wants a kid?" I just let him answer that he considers Liv his daughter and that he feels insulted when they suggest that he needed to contribute DNA to treat her like she's his daughter.

    My mom started saying she belongs to the BTS because my sisters and I teased her too much about it being the Blue Thong Society and her angrily lashing out that she meant the thongs that go on your feet, dammit!

    I used to believe in angels when I worked for an animal shelter as a volunteer (I'm a devout atheist, raised as an agnostic, but baptized Catholic to make my mom's dad happy) because if there really was a god like everyone kept telling me, wouldn't he have sent the angels down into the bodies of animals just to test how good the supposed "religious right" is?

    I never finished college, but I did waste 25K of my mom's saved up college fund for me on one year at Cal Lutheran, a private university. Yeah, a Lutheran university which required you take history of religion to graduate. But a great school, still just strikes me as funny.