Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Times They Are a Changing

I wanted to post today about things that have changed for the better since lapband. Sometimes I get so fixated on weight and the scale, I overlook some of the good.

So here ya go:

1. I used to stop for fast food breakfast every morning. This used to consist of usually McDonalds where I would get a Cinnamelt and breakfast burrito with a medium coke. Or sonic and I would get a toaster and a large coke. I have not had fast food breakfast since surgery.

2. I used to eat out every day for lunch. I would get a value meal of some kind and then while driving my food back to the office, I would eat a couple other things off of the $ menu...that way no one at work really knew how much I was eating.

3. Sometimes on my way home from work I would stop and get fast food and eat it before I got home so Tracey wouldnt know...and then eat a full supper with him.

4. I used to drink 3-6 sunkists a day.

5. I wouldnt walk 2 blocks because it hurt so bad (my back), and would be too embarrassed to tell anyone.

6. I would pee 4-5 times a night, usually bc of the large amount of pop I had drank.

7. I hated to put my pants on bc they were so tight and gave me a muffin top.

8. I do a great job at drinking my water. I usually drink 4-6 bottles of water a day.

That's all I can think of for now, but it is a start. What items have you guys changed without really realizing it?

I still need to work on grazing. I have a few chips here, a piece of cheese there, a few more chips. Sometimes if I am really naughty I have a couple of crackers with ranch dressing on them. I also eat FiberOne Bars sometimes bc they taste like candy bars. However, they have 140 calories and make me fart. I still need to eat more veggies.

Tonight Tracey and I went in the hottub. I wanted to share this picture with you guys! I thought since others were posting full length shots on their blogs (even though I always do), I will see your full body shot and raise you a full body shot in a bikini! I WIN I WIN! Don't despair though. This is my "private" swimsuit...meaning I just wear this at home for sun and bathing! You can see my scars are healing nicely-almost 3 months out.


  1. Amy, you go girl!! You look great!!! This will be a nice picture to post in a few months next to an even thinner you!!

  2. AGH, you win woman! You look great too.

    Great job going through that list... It reminded me how far I've come, I'm definitely still struggling with eating the right things and all that... But not once have I done the fake I am on my cell phone asking the person at home what they want from McDonalds game... So progress!

  3. LOL, yes...this pic will make a great before/during pic. Thats why its fun to take it now...bc it can only get better (hopefully).

    Angie-Thats funny! Today for some reason I am craving some junky fast food. I want grease, cheese, meat, french fries. I think I might be a smidge premenstrual, so I will resist!

  4. Amy - you look great!!! And you win. I don't even own a bikini...

    I think that you make a good point - I've been focused on the numbers, but thinking back, I have DEFINITELY cut WAY back on the booze... just on weekends now, and not nearly as much! And fast food is definitely a lot less than it was! I'm going to keep thinking about that!

  5. I love it! I don't own a bathing suit, never in my life have I owned one, and my hubby told me a couple of weeks ago to go buy one so we can take the kids to the waterpark. SO I went to try one on and OH NO. no bueno at all. My inner thighs look so gross. If my body looked like yours did in this pix I would of been all for it. But trust me my thighs look so yucky!