Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sizing Things Up

I think I started my journey at a size 28. Its hard to tell because of Lane Bryant and their trickery with the size changes...but I know I was a 26/28 in most things. I have been saving one Rubbermaid container of clothes that range from 18-22. This includes 2 pairs of 22 slacks I have hanging in my closet. One with tags still on them. I went to put them on last weekend because I was going to take a picture of how they didnt zip up, and then take another picture when they finally do zip. Well guess what...they fit! That was a pleasant suprise.

Then in my shopping quest for something to wear to Thunderbeach, I tried on some 22 shorts at Lane Bryant. They fit!

Some things in Old Navy are actually starting to fit (tops).

It's a good feeling. I havent been a size 20 in about 7 years. And I was only there very briefly. So once I get to a size 18...I wont even know what to do with myself.

What are some other NSV's I would like to see.

These two lovely rolls on my back (one on either side)...they can go.
I would like my fingers to start losing some of their girth.
I still want to be able to see what I am doing when I am shaving my bikini area. Currently I am like Edward Scissorhands down there...just hacking away hoping to get everything. And then I will discover at the beach or somewhere a huge patch I have missed. I am getting closer to this as my stomach gets smaller.
Someday I want to be able to see my clavicle.
Why arent my underwear getting baggy? I think of Sara and her post about saggy panties almost everytime I get dressed. Almost 60 pounds down and still wear the same drawers!


  1. Rock on Amy! Congratulations! Isn't it such a treat to fit into things? I bought a pair of size 20 pants last week - they are a smidge too tight yet, but I wouldn't have been able to zip them up a month ago or get them over my thighs three months ago! As for your panties, buy a new size! Seriously - buy a size or two down and try them on - they'll be a smidge tight, but I bet they'll fit - which give you a reason to TOSS the old ones!

  2. Hey darling!
    I just got my dress from Catharine - I'm just about to post about it on my blog. She also sent me a pair of size 20 Gap capris that sound like they'd be perrrrfect for you - they're a bit big on me. They're yours if you want em - e-mail me at!


  3. ps that new photo is beautiful.

    p.p.s. i love the christina and britney thing.

  4. p.p.p.s. i just had to write the word condomz for the word verification thing. your blog is horny.

  5. hahahahahahahahah! condomz

    maybe the next word will be vaginaz

  6. Hmmm, I just thought of saggy drawers this morning.. mine all still fit and I have 2 different sizes of undies in my dresser. Crazy! Not fair!

    Again, how tall are you!? I am so jealous of people that are wearing some regular clothes and weigh more than me, kwim? (I mean that in the best intentioned way, I hope that doesn't come across rude!) Just hard to figure what I need to wear to be in an XL when that kinda stuff happens :D

    You're doing amazing!!!!!

  7. I am a very tall 5'4"! I totally understand what you are saying about people who weigh more or the same as you but are in a smaller size! I think it has a lot to do with our body shape and of course height. What size and how tall are you? I think for me to fit into a fitted XL (bc I am wearing an XL right now from target...but it is cut way big), so a fitted XL top from like old navy...I would have to be a size 18...which is close to 200 pounds for me. Maybe 215.
    Because I weigh more than some (most it seems), it takes a bigger weight loss for me to see a change in my clothes. I am almost 60 pounds down but today I am wearing a pair of slacks that I wore at 327! They must have been tight huh? They are really too big, but I think I can eek a few more weeks out.

    As for the underwear, I only wear Hipsters from Lane Bryant, and I too have a couple of sizes in my drawer. I have some 26/28's and some 22/24's. Maybe because of the cut its harder to notice saggy undies.

    I know my boobs will get smaller. A boob job is on my list of things to get when I lose the weight and then win the lottery :)

  8. I am 5'4" as well! I wear a 22 pants and on a good day I'll fit into 18/20 tops. I guess I've not braved the "regular" sizes in so long but *perhaps* an XL would fit me these days. I have a couple work tshirts that are XXL and they are quit comfortable now so I'd imagine and XL would be fitting at this point.

    I also only wear LB undies. Hipsters or those kind with two strings on the hips. I have 22/24 and 18/20 in my drawer and they all fit. Not sure what's up with that.