Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Want To Take Naked Pictures

I think the female form is beautiful...and I have always longed to be the first plus sized girl in Playboy (after they airbrush out the stretch marks and I get a boobie lift). But, I am not really talking about men's magazine pictures...I am talking about "arty" black and whites, soft lenses with Barbara Walter's lighting (I heard once they rub Vaseline on the camera lens for her interviews bc it softens her). Perhaps I will drape a blanket across my butt and look over my shoulder as I lay on a chaise lounge in the woods? Do an underwater birthday suit spread? I dont think Tracey would big such a big fan. Unless he was the photographer or the photographer was some hot chick. Alas...my dream may never come to fruition. I just wanted to share with everyone.

Also, thanks to everyone who has left a post that my blogs make them smile or laugh. Do you know how they say that if you lose one of your senses (like your eyesight or hearing), that your other senses become uber-developed? Like if you are blind you can hear really really well. That's how I think of my sense of humor...I lost my sense of skinny (when I was about 5), so my sense of humor is uber-developed! LOL.

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