Monday, January 4, 2010

I haven't had Sunkist ALLLL year!

Well happy Monday morning to one and all! Oh boy oh boy do I love Mondays!


I hope everyone is recovering from a wonderful holiday weekend. I have read everyone's blogs (or tried to) and it seems like there were a wide array of festivities across this world of ours! We had a laid back evening with my parents at their condo. I made dinner, mom made snacks, we watched the Hangover....which was HILARIOUS! Lot's of dirty words, so for those of you who don't like may not be your cup of tea.

Since we are on central time, we watched the ball drop in NYC at 11pm...and thought about just going to bed after that, but we managed to stay up until midnight. We played on the beach under the blue moon, and I got drunk on promised. It was a farewell party of sorts, and I have been clean and sober now for four days. I haven't had Sunkist all year!

My first drink, and me "passed out" with the bottle of hooch.

Below are some more pictures. Me in the kitchen. My dad and I. And then my dad trying to lift my mom's leg up for a sexy pose. She has had both hips replaced and one was never going to happen! LOL

I don't really believe in New Year's Resolutions, so I didn't make any. OKAY, so maybe the cutting back on Sunkist could be viewed as a NYR....I will give you that one. But for so long New Year's Resolutions have been I just stopped making them.

I am always trying to be a better Amy. I want to be kinder, gossip less, lend a hand more. I want to embrace a healthier lifestyle, learn how to save money, be a better daughter and a more complete friend. I want to get on Oprah, become a freelance writer, pose nude, have naughty time in an elevator, water ski again, and get married. I wanted all of these things before January 1st...and have been moving towards some of them without knowing it!

I do love goals though, and like Lacey I love making lists. So I think I will work on a Master List for 2010. I know some many good things are in store for us this year.

As promised, here is a screenshot of my Mii on WiiFit standing next to Tracey's Mii. Sorry about the poor quality, but you should be able to see the humor in little obese Mii and Tracey's litte average/skinny Mii!


  1. Congrats on your 'sobriety!' I would about kill for a Diet Pepsi right now (or as I refer to it, the nectar of the gods), but it's been eight weeks, and well, I am a sucker for a good streak.

    Looking forward to following your journey this year!

    The Other Amy

  2. Happy New Year, Amy!

    I LOVE your Mii, she is cute!! I have not been brave enough to make mine yet. But, the comparison between my husband Dan and I would be very similar to your's and Tracey's! Dan is a skinny little thing as well:)

    I am very excited to see what 2010 has in store for you!

  3. Congrats on the 4 days sober streak!! At least you got "drunk" on sunkist whereas I decided to be a wino, you probably felt better Friday than I did!! I broke down and had a diet coke on Saturday, it was wonderful and it took me 30 minutes to drink it. Strangly enough I don't crave them anymore...too weird. You are looking so great, you Mii is cute too!

  4. your MII is cute!! i want a WII!
    congrats on your sobriety! You CAN beat it!!
    you look fabulous! you will be at ONEderland SOON!!


  5. Amy - Happy New Year! I like the list idea... and good for you on the Sunkist, although all in moderation! BTW - we are doing Disney again in Feb for a long weekend!!! LOL... I can't do TOO many stay-cations!

  6. How did you get the Mii's on the puter? I would love to show off me and Steve, he looks like a stringbean next to my plump self! So funny when I puff up after weigh in and he doesn't, he's so NORMAL!

  7. Great going on the zero sunkist, Amy. Like anything though,, go slow.. it's hard to wean yourself off something you love so much!! Love the pics - the one of your mum and dad are gorgeous. They look so happy!!

  8. LOL! That looks like Bryan and I on the Wii too. Then you have our tiny little midget running circles around me. Makes me want to slap them :).

  9. Hope you're still off the "hooch" sista! :)

    I love lists too :D I love office supplies and organization too! So I made a binder for my food journals and keep notes about what happened that day on them as well. Really helps! :) Hopefully you can share your list! :)

  10. haha! I love the pic of you cooking and your parents, they are adorable! And you overweight Mii, so cute! Glad you had a good, mellow new years with family!

  11. I should take a picture of Liv & My Miis. If only she would stop playing with it long enough! (Rainy days = great idea getting the Wii Fit for inside playing.)