Friday, January 15, 2010

Did You Know...

This portion of Did You Know Friday is brought to you by Amy-size 16-Workman:

I follow several blogs that are not on blogger. These include but are not limited to Lacey's site, and The Girl's site. To follow these non-blogger blogs, I have created a little file in my favorites and I just go click on them to see if there is an update. WELLL, after the Girl was lamenting the other day about lack of followers, I suggested it just might be because she is hard to follow since those of us who blog on Blogger can't see her updates on our Dashboard. And you know what she told me? YOU CAN follow non-Blogger blogs! Did you know this? In case you didn' is how simple it is. When you are looking at your Dashboard, click on that Add button on the bottom left hand side of your screen. Once the box pops up, you just enter the web address for the blog you wish to follow and BAM!!! Now you can follow. This is amazing. If you need pictures of what I am talking about, click on the link above for The Girl's site and go back a few posts.

Also, I know some of you are looking for clothes. Well Ramona, who I affectionately call MoMo-has some clothes she would like to pass on. She has some in sizes 28, 26, and maybe size 24. If you are interested, click on her name. It will take you to her site and you can watch her vlog where she mentions the sizes.

And finally, here are some of the new things I have tried lately to satisfy my sweet tooth, my salty tooth, and all my teethuses in between.

This first picture is of Cheddar flavored Soy Crisps. These are smaller than rice cakes, about the same consistency, but bc they are soy...actually have protein! I bought them over the weekend when I was heading to the movies with my parents. I knew they would have popcorn, so I took these instead. And while they come NOWHERE close to movie theatre popcorn, they did prevent me from even having one kernal. They come in different flavors as well.

This little picture is of a Jenny Craig product. I dont know how much they are, bc I got them as a freebie. But this bag only has 120 calories and they are some GOOD honey mustard pretzels. Yum.
Next are my apple chips. These are really sweet and not so bad!

This was my breakfast this morning. I also had one last week in the afternoon in lieu of a candy bar. They are actually pretty big, pretty good, and pretty filling! And only 170 calories!

OOOh, next are the new 100 calorie YoCrunch yogurts. These might be a little high in sugar for some of you, but when you want something that feels naughty but doesnt hurt to have to try the cheesecake one!

Here is another fiber/protein bar. Not as good as the one above, but still not bad!

And that's all for today! Hope everyone is having a great Friday so far!


  1. GREAT suggestions!! I haven't tried any of the protein "bars" and really should. I might be missing out! :) I like Nature Valley bars that are crunchy.. really gives me that "snack" feeling! :)

    Does the piece of paper under the bar say "blogging attack?" LOL

  2. Are you trying to be stealthy with your posts or is the issue on my end? Your blog background is white and you're typing in white. I can read it by highlighting it all so really no biggie. But I didn't know if you knew.

    Thanks for the food info.

  3. Your blog background is normal for me, kind of a brick red with a mustard border...thanks for the food finds. Love trying new stuff...i love the Pure Protein chocolate deluxe bar, it takes the place of a milky way bar for me, sometimes! Sometimes I just gotta have a milky way..and by the way, candy NEVER gets stuck or comes back up...why is that???

  4. You can also track all of the blogs you read, blogger, wordpress, etc., on Google Reader. I have 40+ blogs I follow and it makes it easy peesy to do. It will not update blogs though that are password protected.

    Thanks for the ideas on snacks. I've kind of limited my snacks as I am trying to get in my water in the afternoons and if I eat something, then that limits my water consumption.

  5. Thanks so much for the suggestions!

  6. Thanks for the suggestions Amy. Love your blog!

  7. I'm still laughing at teethuses.

  8. Great pics of all the foods - and I'm not sure that we get any of that here. Will have to look around.

    Mostly though, thanks for the tip on how to add a blogger that I originally had bookmarked. This is brill!! Big ta!!

  9. mmmm,apple chips sound good! I will have to look for those.

    I follow a couple non-blogger/blogspot blogs. Every once and a while they drop off my blogs I am following list and I have to re add them... not sure why??? So, save the bookmarks too so you can find them again :)

  10. Wow, lots of recommendations! The yogurt sounds good; I'll have to keep an eye out for it.

    I'm glad my post was able to help you out :)

    P.S. Your red background doesn't work on my iPhone. I get a white background on white text on it, just so you know

  11. I use Google Reader to follow blogs of all sorts, love it!

    I am jealous of all your food finds, I can't wait to live somewhere other than podunkville again. The commissary finally started carrying 2 flavors of Greek yogurt which I love. The local stores carry none unless I go into Destin.

  12. I've been able to get through these first 5 days after surgery by reading... yes... every post in your blog. Now you go and taunt me with solid foods? Hag! (Of course I'm kidding. Over the last 5 days, you've become a part of the household. Craig and Liv have learned to deal with Sunkist Amy. Actually, as Liv says, "Amy Queen Queso!")

    Thanks so much for the ride so far. :)

  13. Hi Amy, I'm one of those new lurkers who's started reading your blog from the beginning. So far I'm up to Sept '09. Congrats on doing so fantastically with your WLS!! I turned 40 last year. I'm 5'3", 258lbs and am considering getting banded this year (which is how I came across your blog)

    One of the things I'm impressed with is how you set yourself not just WL goals, but fitness goals- 5k, Waterskiing etc. Exercise has traditionally been my achilles heel.

    Anyway, if you get time, or are just bored, you're welcome to cruise my blog.

  14. LOVE those soy crisps! Great because they are high in protein, just snacky enough, but I can't really have too many or they stop being as good!

  15. I didn't know you could follow non blogger sites, thanks for the tip!

  16. Hey Amy,
    Hope you get this if you check back into this post and notice another comment!!

    Thanks for you sweet message on my blog re: the comparison pics. Quite the shock huh! For me too. I never actually posted that full length one of me to begin with - but a few different ones - ones that weren't so shocking.. because I was just starting out and was very self-conscious. I saw this one in the archive and went HOLY SHIT!!! I have no makeup, ratty shoes (even rattier half chipped toenails) but you know what.. that was me.. the pics I avoided like the plague. I have become more like you now - putting myself out there lol. Thank goodness.

    In regards to my weight slowing down: I started at almost 250 pounds and am now down to 185.9. I worked it out and I have 24 more pounds that i would like to lose. In pounds - is this enough to slow me down? I don't know... for me, as you said, its just over 11 kilos - which is just a touch over the last quarter left. I guess I just said it myself. I'm 3/4 of the way through - the last bit left. It's slow though.. argh! Did this answer your question (in a long roundabout way! lol)

  17. I hope this new ability to follow non-blogger sites means I'll see you around my blog soon!

    Em :)

  18. thanks for the great tip lady! I really want to try some of those!!!