Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pouty Pants Update

So yesterday, Nicole told me go to Kohl's to look for pants. And while it is on the other side of town, and I have to navigate the horrible traffic of Pensacola to find this oasis called Kohls....I went. And I picked up every style of 16 dress slacks there were. Petite, Short, Average, different styles, belts, not belts, tummy panels, air conditioned, leather...

Not really on the last two...joshing ya!

And into the dressing room I went. Good news is...they fit. Bad news is...they didn't fit my thighs. But close, oh so close. At about the time I was trying on pair 549, I decided I needed someone in the dressing room with me. SOMEBODY! I didn't know if I was hallucinating at that point and perhaps they weren't as tight on my thighs. But whatevs. I did finally find a pair. A wee long, and already slightly gappy in the waist.

Have you ever just had one of those days when you were shopping and you couldn't decide whether to buy or not to buy? Like I just kept carrying the pants around. Yes, no, yes, no. Do I have the money. No...I am not buying them. I hang them up...make it 5 feet and then go back and get them. I wanted to slam my head against something. Finally I just said *insert horrible unlady like word here* and marched to the cashier. My head hurt.

I am wearing them today though. They fit my thighs. I will have the waist taken in in a couple of weeks. The end.

OOOH! But do you guys remember the powerpanties I showed you in a vlog last May? You don't? Your world doesn't revolve around my underwear!? (note to self on self-importance). Anywhoozle, they were a size 22/24 and are gone bye-bye now...and I really need some powerpanties of some sort to where under my dresses. I found the coolest thing at Kohls that I will either vlog in or take a picture of! The best way I can describe it's a powerpanty, slip, skirt, girdle thing...

yeah. I will work on the visual.


  1. YAY! I have Nicole's old kohls pants that no longer fit her and I LOVE them! Very comfy, I'm glad you were able to find something!!

  2. I get like ALL my pants at Kohls. I can always find some reasonably priced.. and the way I go through pants, that's pretty important. I'm wearing a pair of Kohls jeans right now! I think they're Sonoma. woot.

    I'm always confused now when I go shopping as well.. I always need someone with me. I used to try on stuff and NOTHING would fit so if I found ANYTHING that fit, I bought it. Didn't matter what it looked like as long as it fit. Now I actually have to decide if I like a pair or not.. and that's really hard for me. I can't do it, lol.

  3. Glad I was able help in the PANTS crisis!

    That's where I get all my pants, you check their clearance they have pants for $10 and I wait for sales and percentage off!


  4. Amy, you are a blogging machine! Seriously, I loved your bandiversary post- I was standing in my cubicle, giving you a standing ovation, with tears streaming down my face. Not really, but I wanted to! You are so real, I don't think I'm the only one who feels like you are truly their friend. I hope you get as much as you give. Thanks for everything!

  5. Amy, I am so glad that you found some pants. We have Kohl's here, I sometimes forget to look there. I did buy the COMFIEST pajama pants there though, just a couple of weeks ago.
    Are the pants you bought the Sonoma brand?
    Can't wait to hear about the amazing panties. :-)


  6. Blogging MACHINE!

    Thinking... when I am shopping and feeling so back and forth like that I think I am not able to see the forest through the trees. I wonder if you went the next day with a GF if the pants would actually appear to fit on your thighs... if only because you would then have some time to adjust to the idea of them fitting?

    That happened with me entering 14's. I needed three trip to realize that yes, actually, 14 fits and I do not look like a sausage with bulging camel toe. But I wasn't sure until I took my DH with me for a reality check and I didn't want to ask the sales girls because they were not objective and looked like the kind of ppl who would let me wander around looking like a sausage, with a bulging camel toe.

  7. ROCK on! I'm all thigh as well, so I totally feel your pain. In fact, my thighs are as big around as some people's waists are. Sigh.

    Anyhow, glad you found some pants!


  8. LOL... I remember the power panties. I was probably on day 3 or so after the surgery and still plugging through your blog and Craig glances over my shoulder and says, "Um, why is that lady (you weren't quite known by name to him yet) snapping her chones (Spanish for panites, for those not in the know) at us?"

    That became a joke since I own every pair of immature adult panties that I can find to fit my ass. (Granted, I'm that Slavic brick, no Monroe hourglass.) I am absolutely IN LOVE with the $3 a pair boy cut panties that Wal-Mart carries. They're some of the most durable ones I've ever had (case in point? I have a nearly 3 year old pair that I refuse to get rid of because they say "awesome" but they're only just beginning to show elastic through the cotton, so in my mind, they're still good!), cheap, cute and covered in neat designs. The funniest pair is one with sequins sewn across the butt which read "Spoiled." I get spanked in those a lot.

    Because of my build, when I worked for Sears years ago (I sold "major appliances") and they still had a business dress code and not the blue polo shirts they force them to wear now, I wore... believe it or not, dresses all the time. As much as I am a dyed in the wool jeans and t-shirt girl, I am built too funky (long torso, short stubby legs) to get a suit to fit me without tailoring, so I just wore dresses all the time. Now, I own 2 - one adorable one from Torrid with red & black plaid on the top and a pencil black body hug from the bustline down and one summer cheapie from Walmart that I will not wear without having a jacket on because I hate my arms.

    And once again, I have rambled incoherently for longer than necessary. Wanna bet my security word is, "Damn, woman!"??

    Zara (since Google is being a doody head and not letting me sign into my account.)

  9. It was "fingling" (Checking to see if my google account is still spazzing, as well as pondering what a 'fingling' is.)

  10. ye who watches What Not to Wear should know that everyone needs a good tailor!

  11. thanks for all of your posts! You have inspired me to vlog! yeppers I did it! yahoooo to you for being so awesome and inspiring so many :)

  12. Must feel great to have some new pants and also to say goodbye to some larger clothes...waiting waiting waiting

  13. I absolutely love Kohls clothes! Much cheaper than Lane Bryants, especially if you go on their power hours and/or have a coupon :)

  14. Amy - what a freakin star you are! I have been reading bits and pieces of your blog and checkin out the pics and by god you're a super nova! I hate to tell you this but you have to stay away from my blog or you'll catch my "friendless reject virus" - you'll get a bad reputation and I dont want to be responsible for that. I would sign off as anonymous but I'm such loser I cant work out how to do it so sorry for contaminating your blog baby. You're my hero! (was that my out loud voice??)

  15. hi Amy- thanks for the comment on my vlog! The boxes on my shelves are from IKEA. Dave's dad actually built the bookshelf. I love all of it too- helps me keep Dave's junk... err I mean magazine collections and toy cars out of sight... tee hee. :)

  16. Hi! You don't know me but my name is Mary. I stumbled across your blog while I was doing research for the lap band. I just wanted you to know that have truley inspired me. I am 27 and weigh 310 lbs. I don't think I have ever said that out loud before! Reading everything you have posted has motivated me so much. Yesterday I made the call. I am scheduled to go to a seminar I have to attend before I can make an appointment with the Dr. I am choosing. It is Feb 20. I am so nervous about this whole journey, but through your blog you have encouraged me that I can also do this! I know this is probably weird but thank you! I live close to Birmingham, Alabama. The Dr. I have choosen is from there! If anyone is from around this area I would love to connect! I have several things I am worried about! I am worried about the extra skin! I am also worried about being put to sleep! Another thing I am worried about, which may sound really stupid, is I am worried after I loose the weight I want be "me" any more! Thank you again! I can not express how much your blog has helped me! God Bless!

  17. amy,
    have you thought of checking thrift store for pants? that is where i have been buying. i have gotten several pairs. a few of our thrift stores here have fitting rooms.