Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday's Brain Bits

These are things you may or may NOT need to know. Mostly...NOT!

I have learned the hard way that doing the WiiFit sans bra is not, I repeat NOT a good idea. Turns out that when the chi-chi's start to bounce, the nips and the tshirt start to rub in some sort of desperate attempt to start fire. I thought I was going to have to ice Britany and Christina down after my a few minutes.

I had no idea how many blogs were out there that I did not know about! I may need to quit my job in order to keep up with everyone...but I will go down trying. When I first started this blog over a year ago, blogland looked very different. It was a barren, sparsely populated tundra of just a few bandsters. There was a time when I would just HOPE for an update from one of the 8-9 lapband blogs out there. And now look at us! Quite the lush little planet of lovelies! is amazing.

I bought this book today. I am developing a class for our organization on Happiness. More specifically, How to Love Your Job...which if you ask me...boils down to happiness. I am really excited to curl up and read it. The author spent a year trying to become happier. It makes me plum happy just thinking about it! I will keep you posted and probably end up sharing some of my favorite parts!

Why do they make CD's so damn hard to get into? Today I was trying to open one in the a stoplight. I tried to use my teeth, my fingernail-less fingers, heat rays shooting out of my eyes...finally I one the battle. But it was a hard win readers....a hard win.

I bought a Brita water pitcher today. A recent study released on the quality of Pensacola's tap water was not sooo good. Basically we are one level below mud puddle water. And I do drink tap water out of our water fountain at work...that's what refills my bottles for my tally mark water bottle game...but our home water tastes funky. So, to be more green and save money...I finally bought one!

My period is still AWOL. And as I have mentioned before, Tracey has had the old snip 'n' clip...and unless he has miraculously started making little swimmers again...or God had placed Jesus the Second in my belly and you are going to have to start calling me Mary the Second and make a manger for me...I DONT KNOW WHAT IT IS WAITING FOR! I blame the missing period, gravity, Newt Gingrich, and little cute puppies for the fact that my scale is not moving this week. I have no time for such nonsense as my one year is only 5 days a way!

I have not forgot about my doctor update vlog. If I get some alone time this evening I will make a new one.

So now the black is hard to read on my blog!?! DAMN sam...I will have to play around and if I can't figure anything out, I might have to return to the old blog layout.

Do you ever sit around and wonder what will happen once you become a famous blogger and they make a movie out of your life? I mean there will be the normal worries: Who will play me, who will play Tracey, what will I wear to the Oscars...but besides that...Will people be angry that I write sooo much personal detail about my life which includes other real human beings? It would be like your diary being exposed to the world ya know?

And last but not least, I would like to share with you some information about my personality. I am a certified Myers-Briggs instructor. I teach Myers-Briggs not only for our organization, but for other organizations as well. In a nutshell, Myers-Briggs is a personality type assessment. It helps you understand why YOU (and others) make decisions, process information, and act the way they act. My type is an ENFJ. If you ever have a chance to attend a real training on Myers-Briggs you should. But one thing about ENFJ's is....they worry so much about everyone's happiness. They want harmony. They hate conflict. They can become so lost in trying to "make everything right", that they can lose themselves. I tell you this because I am working on a post for my bandiversary. Basically, it is just me reflecting and letting you know what worked for me, things I have learned this year, etc. And I am worried that some of you might not like some of the things I say. So I just wanted to put that out there. That for each of us, our path is the right path. Just because I do something one way, doesn't mean I think it is THE WAY.

Now can we hug?


  1. Big hugs from me! First, you crack me up with the chi-chis! Second, I've done Myers Briggs and while I can't remember which one I was...I remember being introverted, analytical, judge and something else..I think on in Briggs' world we would undoubtedly end up killing eachother. LOL. But I'd hug you afterwards...

  2. I love it, you always have such awesome things to say. Your blogs always make me smile and feel like life is not so bad!!!
    And if people dont like what you have to say? Dont read :-)
    Have a great weekend

  3. ((((HUGS)))))!!!! A big bear squeeze of a hug! You and I have the same assessment (I've been to a Myers-Briggs seminar too). I've always spent my whole life avoiding conflict and making sure everyone else around me was happy. Thus, I think leading to some of the weight gain as I never took time to make myself happy and do things for me as I thought it was selfish.

    I can't wait to read your one year post and you have to promise that when they DO make a movie out of your blog that I am included too :) I would like Jennifer Aniston to play me please (for one, it would be funny to see her in a fat suit for my "befores" and I love her body the way it is now) :)

  4. Yes, blogland has changed just over the last year! It's crazy how much so.

    As far as Britney and Christina (freakin' hilarious), I've heard that you are supposed to wear a bra as much as possible to counteract gravity (it won't help with Gingrich, periods, and puppies though--sorry :) ) but that you are supposed to strap 'em in extra tight for workouts. Is that not true???!!!

    A couple of other things, since we're picking actresses, I'll take Kate Hudson (and you might notice one similarity there since you know me in 'real life' now). Also, I might hate you for a little bit depending on what you say, but I'll come back around. I am quite accomodating that way too. Oh, and I remember that I am an 'E' too (although I should remember the whole darn thing since I've taken that thing at least five times--ugh! Memory problems!).

  5. Amy I love your blog. I'm glad that I made it to blog land after pioneers like yourself. You always make us think and feel. Thanks for that. Just keep doing what you're doing and worry about who will play you and Tracey a little further down the road. Happy weekend.

  6. I LOVE your blog Amy, it always makes me happy!! I had seen that book the other day and thought about getting, let me know it is. I also have a Brita pitcher and LOVE it. Have a great weekend!

  7. I read about that book and it sounds interesting. I was really fascinated about a qoute from the writer that said (and I paraphrase liberally here) one thing she doesn't get is the idea of "just indulge" if there's a negative consequence? How is indulging in chocolate a good thing if it leads to a chocolate ache or a migraine?

    It got me to thinking about that fine line between a "treat" and self destruction.

    I am an ENFJ, too. I really like MB personality stuff and find it so helpful in understanding my response when stressed.

  8. Ok I'm not the only dumb-ass doing Wii fit with no bra. I think because it seems like fun you do it on the spur of the moment and doh! I did the running - almost knocked myself out.
    I need that book about job happiness - can't wait to hear what you think.
    If I were blessed enough to be in the movie of your blog/life could I get Lauren Graham to play me (the Mom on Gilmore Girls) because I'm obsessed with how she looks in jeans.

  9. Would you mind posting a little review of your book when you finish reading it? I challenged myself to read 15 books in 15 weeks so I am on the look out for new material....and that book sounds really interesting. Thanks!

  10. I received a Brita pitcher for Christmas too and have found that I really enjoy the whole refilling it and watching the water go into the pitcher part process. LOL. Does that tell you anything about MY personality?? ;)

  11. Can I just say that I am far happier to read your blog than the drama which ensued after I tried posting my own note on Facebook? *sigh* Positive thoughts! But still...

    Um, missy... your teeth are NOT tools for anything but food. Hate to bring up the 5 cavity thing from forever ago, but as someone who has been through over 9 root canals and now even more extensive and scary dental work, please PLEASE take care of your teeth. Don't you dare go messing up that dazzling smile of yours, that which warms my heart. :)

    I saw a Lemon version of Sunkist today and it made me think of you. Hahaha...

    I adore MBTI & love to pair it with astrology for a good mix (even though I know a lot of people who prefer one and not the other). I highly encourage everyone to figure their type out. Here's a pretty good (and free) site for people to try out.

    Thank you, Amy. I really don't know how else to put it other than thank you.

  12. Christina was actually playing on the radio as I read that line! I can't wait to read your one year post! <3

  13. Hey lady...I'm a certified MBTI instructor too...we're so cool. ;-) I'm an ENFP..

  14. I just started to 'follow' you ..even though I've been reading since this summer! You make me laugh out loud and get strange looks from my husband! :)

  15. I have been reading your blog since I made the decision to get banded, and I had to comment on your statement about cd's. Why are they so hard to open? And why are some things that are really breakable (like eggs and light bulbs) so easy?? Thanks for the laugh today!

  16. I can't wait to read your bandiversary reflections. Your posts are both intimate and balanced. You inspire so many people, and I know I look forward to reading what you have to say every day! (No pressure, though...)

  17. Britney and Christina cracked me up. You're too much. Looking forward to reading your bandiversary post.

  18., after this week I needed a laugh and I just busted a gut.
    Thank you!
    I can't WAIT to read your bandiversary post!

  19. We are almost complete opposites..LOL! I am an ISTJ. We do these as a staff at work to better understand each other.

  20. Is it any wonder the new Brita pitcher is...uh...SUNKIST ORANGE? Keep up the good work and I loved the vlog!

  21. Ouch! on dancing without a bra - what were you thinking?? lolol

    I love the brita water pitchers. I have something similar. I use it CONSTANTLY!!

    Lots of musings from you today - your little brain was working overtime ;)
    PS I don't find the black hard. It's ok to read xx

  22. hmmmm...I dont know who would play me! LOL your blogs are always insightful and I Love that you dont ever hold anything back! Love you Amtkins! and YES blogland has changed in a year its like everyone has found everyone!!! so fun tho even though its hard to keep up with!!!

  23. I can read the black.....stop worrying. Love all your little insights and thinking. Hopefully you are not the next Virgin mary...LOL

  24. Amy~You are the best. Your posts rock. I laugh, I think, I am inspired, I love reading your thoughts and experiences. You are fabulous.

  25. i am going to try to pick up that book! thanks!

  26. So I'd watch the movie they make based on your blog. ;)

    I am also an ENFJ...I wonder if there have ever been any studies on a population of overweight people to see if we are more typically one M-B type than another. As a M-B expert, maybe you know the answer?!?

  27. I love your "now we hug?" haha, too cute! I am a happiness seeker as well, I'll do anything to bring happiness or pleasure to my loved ones!

    I too have been very public and I've thought a lot about that. I have no desire to have a movie about me...just put a lot of thought into it lately since i haven't been blogging much. Note to self: Reflect on this later in my own blog!