Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sizing Things Up

I have come to the conclusion that I am a terrible judge of someones pant size. For example, I meet Mary and Bandita, and I would think they are a size 10, and really don't need to lose anymore weight bc they look good to me! Seriously. And I don't think I am revealing any secrets, bc they share on their blog...but they are more around a size 12-14.

Mary is in the 180's and while we were talking at dinner, she mentioned that her doctor has set her goal in the 130's. I was like WHHHAAAAT? I haven't looked at a BMI chart lately, but I think for her height that would make her close to underweight.

My doc on the other hand didn't even set a goal weight for me. So if Mary and Bandita look smokin hot at a size 14, hurry up and get me there! lol Because my goal of 170 would still be in the overweight category for my 5'4" frame.

I really promise that when I started this post I had a point, but now I forget.

So, on to a different subject. The Biggest Loser. I am not a die hard BL fan, and only started watching again last season. But I think there is something I don't like about the biggest loser. We had discussed this topic before, but let us broach it again shall we.

A) The Biggest Loser is a reality show. The contestants work out all day, with Bob and my girl crush Jillian, and have supervised healthy meals. This is not reality.

and it leads to

B) What they lose each week is not a reality either. I mean they lost it yes...but for the average person, you are not losing 30 pounds in one week. Seriously, that's happened the other night. And because we are getting used to this massive weight loss with this show, as our the people ON the show, they are disappointed when they lose "only" 21 pounds, or 10 pounds in a week!

And I want to kick them in the gut, because they have got wrapped up in the "unreality".

But do you know who they kinda remind me of? Me.

Again, this is a topic we have discussed many times....but to hell with not repeating it! To the outsider when they ask me "Wow, how much have you lost", and I say "Oh, you know...112 pounds"...I usually minimize the importance of that number.

And do you know what just dawned on me? I think I minimize it because deep down inside I might actually feel like it isn't as fantastic as if I lost it without the band. Oooh, this is getting deep. It's possibly similar to the reason I make "big girl" jokes about myself...because I am trying to beat people to the punch line! I am trying to downplay the weight lost now, because I am preparing for the downplay of how great that is once I tell someone I had weight loss surgery.


Put it this way. You don't see people on the cover of People magazine with the headline "She lost 112 pounds WITH surgery". Instead, it always reads "She lost 112 pounds...WITHOUT surgery".

But the point is, I should be proud and so should you! It was and is hard work! We must be present in our weight loss journey. It's not like we can just continue life as normal (if preband could be considered normal). We make changes. We learn. We struggle. And we fight for the weight loss.


Woo, I feel better now!

Happy Friday friends!


  1. I needed that post today Amy! Thanks! I'm with you - I downplay my weightloss, but you know what? WE did it. No one else did it for us, so that is absolutely worth a lot! As usual, wonderful post!!! And I'm also with you on sizes... Dennis asked me today what my weight goal was - I have NO CLUE! Maybe whatever is a size 10-12? I think I would be THRILLED with that!

  2. I'm with you Amy, my dr. didn't set a specific goal weight for me, I like you am short, only 5 ft 1 (and you thought your legs were stumpy! lol) but anyways looking @ BMI charts ideally I should be around 120lbs..but I am more happy saying I'd be happy around a size 8, screw what the scales says...sort of.

    Also biggest loser is quickly losing my interest. In the begining I feel like they picked 'normal' sized overweight people (if that makes sense) and now they are just on an expedition to find the biggest people in America... Of course this sets up viewers to feel like failures when they lose 2-3lbs a week, they probably don't weight 526lbs! grrr

    On a side note, be proud of your 112 lbs and say it proudly, you earned it yourself with hard work and dedication. Yes, you had the band to help you, but you are the one that has taken the weight off and kept it off!

  3. I thought about posting something similar today. Maybe I will. It's about us being Super Women. Because we all are!

    One thing I try to remind myself of when I am feeling like I 'took the easy way out' is that not every body is the same. Some people metabolize food differently than others. Science might not have proved it yet, but I know it's true. Like diabetics, our bodies do funky things with food. But, if you were a diabetic, would you apologize for keeping your sugar in check by using insulin? Of course not.

    So why is it any different for us? We needed a tool, but it doesn't mean you aren't working the tool. And working hard.

    YOU did the work. You better own it! :)

    That's my deep thought for the day.


  4. We DO lose with diet and exercise, just like everybody else, and we're successful. You've made a lifetime dedication to your health and THAT is what you need to be proud of. We are the reality of what weight loss CAN be. (ooooh, deepish, I think I may have to blog on that later...) That's exactly why I don't watch BL, though, it's just not real.

    I really don't care for the BMI scale either. It doesn't take into account your genetic history. If your body is built curvy you are GOING to be curvy, BMI be damned. Bodybuilders and Polynesian people are doomed to fail on BMI tests because their height/weight/measurements don't match up to what a chart says it should be. I worked in the Health & Wellness Center when I was in the Air Force and had to put so many people on the "Fat Boy Program" when they really didn't need to be, all because of that stupid BMI. If you are able to move and live more comfortably, are happy with your loss and where you are, and your doctor is happy with what your goal is - THAT is what matters.

  5. Amy,as make me laugh and think. One of my girlfriends who is also obese tried to get me to audition with her for the first Biggest Loser Couples. I was like....don't get me started on that show....there isn't enough money in the world for me to stand in my underwear on a giant meat packing scale on national television! I say who cares if we never grace the cover of People Magazine. You are a super star! have lost my step-daughter and her back pack! She's a freshman in high school. Don't ever think that's not an incredible feat! I want to be like you!

    "Band me Baby!"

    PS thanks for following my are like tho Oprah of bloggers

  6. Hi Amy, I am having band surgery, or as I joke - my band installed - in a week and a half, and have just started blogging about it. Check it out when you get a chance.

    Regarding your feelings about your success being minimized, I have wrestled with this for quite a while. As a man, sometimes I think that amongst my own geneder, my achievemnets will be even less significant with any surgery.

    But, then I think "To hell with that." I say, Work smarter, not harder. If advancements in modern science can help, we'd be foolish not to pursue that help. Congratualtions on your success. No one can take it away from you and certainly, no one but you can give yourself the pounds back.

  7. My doctor also did not set a goal weight for me. I don't really know what my final goal should be. Right now I have it set at losing 10 lbs a month - we will see how that goes. But I think overall I just want to at least get down to a 12. Who knows, that might be good enough for me!

    As for BL, I do watch the show. Can I just say that I HATE the couples ones. I don't know why, it just really bugs me. Anyway, it is really unrealistic and no one should set their goals based on this show! We are all losing at a great pace - a pace that is right for each of our bodies. I know that I can watch that show and feel like a complete loser because I can't get up in the morning and go to the gym. Meanwhile these people that way so much more than me are kicking ass. Then I have to remember their setting vs mine. I have a life and a job and reality to deal with. They have a beautiful ranch with incredible instructors, food plans and not to mention their workout buddies! Gotta love "Reality TV"...

    Don't belittle your amazing accomplishment of 112 lbs. because you have the band. It is the choice that you made to take back control and to become healthier. Embrace it - you worked hard for it! 112 pounds with or with out surgery is hard work and requires will-power, patience and focus.

    One last thing - I love your Christmas pic surrounded by all your new toys!

  8. My therapist asked me yesterday if I felt,"less successful because I have lost my weight with the band". The fact of the matter is... I have lost my weight despite my band. We all have time when our restriction is spotty (or have none at all like me) and we honestly spend a good part of our journey using will power. Hopefully in the end the band is what will ultimately help us to be successful but it is still a lot of work. The outside world may not see that but we know it. Everyone one of those 112 lbs is a badge of honor. Work it! :)

  9. AAAAHHH! Why is there the misconception that having the band makes weight loss EASY? Who started that crap? Or, that having a band is somehow "cheating" at weight loss? So, we're bright women, who found a way to combat a serious medical condition. I've lost 160 lbs without surgery, and trust me, losing this last 100 lbs with the band was just as much of a challenge. I'm hoping to use the band to KEEP the weight off. Smart girl, Huh?


  10. I sometimes find myself thinking that the 68 pounds I've lost is not that much, which is kind of crazy, because it's huge!!

    My doctor didn't set an ideal weight for me, either. I set 155 as my target (just 8.2 away!) because it gets me to the high range of the healthy BMI. (But my aspirational goal is 145.) I don't think I'm built to be smaller than that, and I don't want to wind up as one of those lollipop-head skinny girls! :)

    Loved the Christmas pic!



  11. I think size 10 is where ill be when I am at MY goal who knows, I know Ill need a Tummy Tuck and Boobs done for sure, so once I get to goal Ill evaluate what I need to do for that. Thank you for saying Im smokin hot sometimes I just feel like I did in the beginning and have to realize that, that Person in the Mirror is me now! Wow. and it makes me feel great to know that some one else recognizes my hard work that ive put into it thats why we all love our blog buddies!!!

    When I was watching Biggest loser the other day it got me all emotional because I can remember and sometimes think that I am still that big and im not, so I think I need to talk to a psycologist about all this lol because Im just rambling on. anyhow.

    Amy you are doing a fantastic job and 112lbs lost is AMAZING no matter how you did it. It is still hard work and the people that are not doing it dont realize it.

  12. What a great post..and one that really makes me think....your so good at making us think! I understand what your saying..and I feel it to, though I am nowhere close to losing what you have lost..but I do feel kinda guilty that I am losing, I feel like I am cheating....but in reality, I am making wise food choices, I am working out and drinking my water..I am doing the steps to lose the weight, its not just magically happening because of my band....

  13. The goal weight thing is hard. My Dr. didn't set a goal weight, but I've always had 150 in my head as the goal. The crappy thing is at 150 I'd still be overweight on the BMI scale. Who knows?
    We should all be proud of our weight loss with the band. It's hard work and we have help from our bands - but we all know lot's of people fail with the band.

  14. You guys have such amazing responses! I think it is so interesting to here what peoples goals are and why they picked them.

    I also love the reasons why this isnt the easy way out.

    It occurred to me that there are only a couple of band bloggers out there that have made it to their goal, although some of you are very close...and that will be a whole other chapter to our blogs ya know? We have lots of learning left to do. But it will be so awesome to see where we all end. Like I was telling someone the other day, when I picture some of us meeting up in the future, I never picture us as thinner...but we will be!

    Thanks for all the responses!

  15. Amy,

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! You worked hard for every one of those lbs!! You completely re-did your life; gave up so many bad habits, got so many good ones (exercise) and the band didn't do that - YOU did that! I think the band gives us a level playing field with the rest of society. I talk to my daughter about this regularly because she doesn't understand why she is bigger than her friends but doesn't eat more than they do - we got sucky genetics. Losing 112 lbs is such an amazing accomplishment and YOU did it!!

    - Shannon

  16. You are so right Amy. I have a hard time watching that show. Since I've started my journey I am a SLOW looser. Not like I don't try. My carbs are under 30 every day. I average 900-1100 calories a day, I always drink at least 64 oz of water, never eat with meals and go to the gym 6 days a week. I fight for every single pound that I loose. I've lost 30lbs over 5 months and kicking ass to do that and then watch these people loose that much in a week makes me want to throw in the towel. But I live in reality and my realilty is I have to find for every pound and i'm doing it. I haven't told very many people about my surgery because I don't want them to take that victory from me. Because IT IS A VICTORY! I know what I'm going through to get skinny again.

    P.S. I've lost 2 lbs this better bring it girlfriend.

    Beth L

  17. Amy I love you posts! You should be a writer :)

  18. Who cares how WE loose our weight, as long as YOU are happy with how far YOU have come. I came across a posting that stated the band only does 30 percent of the work... I wonder if that is even true.

  19. Awesome post! First of all, on the sizes - you WILL be smokin hot at 170, and may not need to lose any more at all after that. When I weighed 165 I was fitting into 10s and even 8s! I am 5'4" too. My doc gave me a goal of 150, and I am sort of going with it (not less than that anyway). Believe me, with the right body type (like you have), 170 looks GOOD! I will be ecstatic when I get there!

    As for BL...totally right again. And you absolutely earned your weight loss and deserve to feel great about it!

    All you have to do is watch the Discovery Health channel episode about the former winner of BL (forgot his name) who went from 400 lbs to 195....and then promptly regained up to 368. Now THAT is reality (esp. with "dieting").

  20. Who gives a hoot what other people think.. You are achieving your goal.. and my dear, you look absolutely cute as a button in that picture.. be proud of your HUGE accomplishment.

  21. Amy, you already know how amazing I think you are! I love the biggest loser, even though I realize what they do on the ranch can not be done at home. They have full time trainers and their only job is to move their butts 6-8 hours per day. Not realistic! I like watching the transformations and see Jillian make them face their demons that brought them to that point.

    Now, the question in my mind is...are you loving your Wii fit plus? I see it in the pic.

  22. My Wii Fit just told me that if I was to be at the high range of a healthy weight, I should aim for 132. ARGH!! Even the video games hate me!

    Honestly, I think the BMI scale is a bunch of BS just because insurance companies love to use it to deny people coverage. Plus, according to BMI scales, Brad Pitt is on the low end of "overweight." They don't factor muscle and... I should just stop myself there.

    I think that I'll know when I'm at the right weight when I'm there. Perhaps it's just a buttload helping of positive thinking, but fingers crossed, that's how it will work out.