Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Amy Grumpy, Don't Feed The Starving Big Girl

Oh soberness (is that a word) was tested last night. As I went to leave work, I found my car uncooperative. It wouldn't turn over, but it tried. It was not the battery. Supposedly this problem was fixed for the pretty sum of $175 a couple of months ago. The mechanic said they found some wires that were burnt and he replaced them.

Anywhooozle, same problem last night. Our only other option right now for transportation is Tracey's motorcycle. Fun on sunny days, not so fun after dark, wearing heels and slacks...when the temperature is in the upper 40's. So, as I was waiting for Tracey to come and get me, I had to fight the overwhelming urge to go to the pop machine and chug a Sunkist. To hell with my sobriety I said!

But...I resisted. I also resisted to urge to go into my coworkers office and eat all the mini-reeses peanut butter cups.

Close call.

This morning though, the tow truck man came to get my car. He didnt tow it though bc he took one look at my dash and told me he could have my car running in 10 minutes. And just in case any of you drive an Alero, a Malibu, or is what I learned today.

He turned my key to the on position and all the lights on my dash lit up. One of the lights was flashing: SECURITY. He said to leave the key in the on position for 10 minutes. After ten minutes the SECURITY light would stop flashing, go solid, and then go off. Once that happened, we could restart me car.

AND HE WAS RIGHT! I couldn't believe it. He said this is a common occurrence with my kind of car and that it was even in my manual. He also told me that the mechanic would have known that and ripped me off! It was amazing and I owe that man a nice tip!

I have my fill today and my yearly appointment with the nutritionist. I think I will ask for the teeniest of fills. Just a little sparrows fart of a fill. I don't eat all day
prior to a fill, so I am UBER hungry right now. I am looking forward to some yummy soup for din din.

OOOH yea, the scale was up a little today...I blame it on several things...DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), my theory about the water retention that accompanies DOMS, and the fact that Ms. Period should be knocking at the lady station any time now! So not to worry!


  1. I'm a true believer in DOMS as you read my post last week about it happening to me. I stepped on the scale and lost another 3.2 pounds since last week. Keep up the great work and focus on inches, not pounds. Easier said than done--I know!


    Sorry I was a little excited there. I was getting ready to comment and let you know how to fix it before I even read the rest of the post to find out that you already learned how to fix it. (I coulda been a hero!)

    So back in September, I ran into the gas station real quick to get some cheetoes. I was in there 30 seconds, I swear. And my car wouldn't start. It was ridiculous and I thought it was god's way of punishing me for eating cheetoes. Anyway, I tried it for awhile, wouldn't work. So I had it towed. It sat there waiting to be worked on for like a half hour and when the mechanic stepped in, it started just fine. I was soooo pissed! They ran an engine diagnostic and the mechanic told me some mechanic-y words that I didn't understand and he was like "basically, your car thinks you're stealing it. wait ten minutes and the security should reset itself". I went on my merry way and it didn't happen again.

    Until last weekened.

    I did as he suggested and it didn't work. Tried several, several times. I was getting real scared for my car, lol. Finally I looked it up online.. seems like the mechanic FAILED to tell me that I had to put it in the 'on' position before I waited ten minutes. (I figured out the reason it worked in september was that the towing guy had to put my car to the 'on' postion to get it to go in neutral to two it away). I was still super excited that it worked though... whew.

    I drive a pontiac grand am. I think they have those problems... It was all over the internet anyway.

    Hope you're having a great day! Read something online today about Sunkist and thought of you... DON'T DO IT! stay sober! You're doing great!

  3. Sobriety Survives! Way to fight off the evil temptations!

    Good luck today at your appointment and your "sparrows fart" of a fill, lol! You crack me up! With all of the success you have had I am sure you will be the talk of the docs office today!

  4. Hooray for just saying no to sunkist and reeses!!

  5. glad you got it started! and way to resist!
    You are gonna blow them away today...You should be doing testimonials for them!!!!

  6. Yea!! I know that temptation is a bitch, but good job on resisting!

  7. Ugh! I hate car issues and if I were you, I'd be giving that mechanic a piece of my mind! But on the bright side, the tow truck driver has renewed my faith in humanity so thank you for that. Great job on avoiding the Sunkist and candy...I'm not sure I'd be as strong. Good luck at your appointment!

  8. Can't wait to hear how your 1 year goes!!!

    Just say no to sunkist..your doing amazing we can give you a coin for your one year sobriety :)

  9. Good job on staying sober..I just have to ask how many cc's does a sparrow's fart convert to? In all of my medical text it does not list this measurement and now I am going crazy trying to figure it out!!! Thanks again for the grins!!

  10. aww AmyKins!!! be careful with your fill! lol You dont want to end up like Mary, where you cant even swallow!!!!! LOL anywho Im glad the guy fixed your car without having to pay to get ripped off!!! I have 1 pair of gray with pink pinstriped pants that are dress pants that are really nice that I wanted to give you they are 14's but I work them when I was in a 16 and now they are to big. I also have some new york and company black pants for you as well they are 16;s I think both of them are really nice and since you are "short" you can take them up and they will look fabulous.

  11. I am so proud of you for avoiding the Sunkist and cups! My weakness is Coke, from an international store that sells the kind with no corn syrup, just sugar. But I'm not sure I could have resisted the PB cups. KUDOS to you!

  12. My son Mason and I LOVE Reeses's Peanut butter cups and were lamenting the fact we have to pay through the nose for a pack of three - they are not on our shelves as a staple but rather we have to visit a 'special' lolly shop. Probably a good thing I'm guessing as I would eat these all day!

    Go you for resisting the call of the orange devil!! You did so well. And what a strange thing about the car! Doesn't it make your blood boil when some guy (the person who originally supposedly fixed the problem) thinks because you're a gal they can rip you off. Maybe you should go and 'rip' him a new one!!

  13. Good to know about the car hubby drive a Malibu. Glad that you were able to "stay on the wagon" go girl!

  14. WTG on resisting temptation!

    As for the other, glad you had an honest tow truck driver. Little things like that are why we no longer have our Malibu. The best was when the brakes totally gave out when Bryan was going through the gate on base and rear-ended someone right in front of the guards.

  15. What an awesome guy to tell you that. He could've not said anything. Wishing good joo joo his way! I hope that fill went well, you are losing weight fabulously. And soberness is a word, at least I use it.