Monday, January 4, 2010

Fatty Fatty Two by Four

The other day ShrinkingMommy was talking about having a goal of being able to sit in her daughters kindergarten chair, and I mentioned the damn desks in high school and know, the ones with the table attached...

I was always so envious of the girls who could slide in and have room to breathe. There was actually air between their stomach and the desk part! And as Shrinking Mommy mentioned, some could even cross their legs!

Well she found a tshirt that sums up the conversation to a "t"....get it...."T" for maybe it wasn't that funny. Anyways, check out her blog for a giggle (if you don't already follow).


  1. It makes me crazy seeing the girls who can sit criss-cross-applesauce in them. That's my ultimate goal.

  2. lol Ancient torture device indeed. That thing looks plain scary!!!!!

  3. omg i was envious of this as well! I always struggled w/ it. I was so stoked when I got to HS and they had tables with chairs that slid in and out!!!