Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Verbal Explosions

Oh my gracious goodness I feel like it has been forever since I have blogged and my wee little brain is running over!

Random Thoughts For Wednesday Are:

-Whenever I read the term "Food Porn" on somone's blog, I immediately have visions of a banana dry humping an apple...or something juicy like that. Imagine my disappointment when I only find pictures of meals. *sigh*

-I went to a bridal expo this week, and besides leaving with the pressing urge to get rich immediately, I found this photographer who has an all female staff and does pin-up shoots. Oh man this got the exhibitionist in my so exicited! I think I will wait until I am closer to goal...but I am pretty excited. I wouldnt be naked...because then I couldn't show the pictures to everyone...but think 50's glam.
-Some of you have asked and yes...I am STILL clean and sober. No Sunkist now for 13 days. Funny enough, last night my parents came over and my mom brought a bunch of stuff she had at the condo (they are going home on Friday). This stuff included my 2-Litter bottle of Sunkist from New Years Eve...which must be BEYOND flat. I was telling her to throw it away bc it was old and she poured a glass and told me to take a sip. Without thinking I almost did! Then I startled my mom by saying NO! I CAN'T (she didnt know about my rehab). It was all very slow motion though and as I reached for the cup, I could see Tracey getting ready to do a mission impossible tuck 'n' roll dive towards me to stop what was about to happen...
-Guess what else I have forgot to blog about! I met Lacey! We could only meet briefly but it was so worth it! She had a big bag of clothes for me. The contents of big bag included a winter jacket, several fleece jackets, and two pairs of shoes! I have worn these shoes 3 days straight (cute peep toe black pumps) and have worn at least one other item every day since I met her! Thank you so much Lacey! She is cute, and short, and tiny. When I grow up I want to be just like her (although technically she is younger than me).
-My doctor was featured in a newsletter and I wanted to share it with you guys!

Baptist Bariatric Center is leading in quality care receiving multiple Center of Excellence designations. Last month, Jeffrey Friedman, M.D., bariatric surgeon, was recognized as a Center of Excellence surgeon for providing high quality bariatric patient care and proven surgical outcomes.

In 2007, the Baptist Bariatric Center was the first weight-loss surgery program in northwest
Florida to be recognized by the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric surgery as a Center of Excellence. In addition, J. David Nye, M.D., bariatric surgeon, was granted the same honor.

A Center of Excellence designation further recognizes that Baptist Health Care is meeting the
highest standards in bariatric patient care – a key factor in the patient decision process.
To learn more about the benefits of weight-loss surgery and what a Center of Excellence means
for patients, visit bariatrics.

-Just a reminder that my one year bandiversary is two weeks from today. My goal is to be at 120 pounds lost by then. And I will do it! I go for my 1 year follow up appointment a week from today, so not so secretly, I want to be at 120 pounds down by then. That is my stretch goal!

-I know some of you are struggling with water consumption. I like to make a little game out of my water drinking, and aim for 120 ounces a day. I buy the 20 ounce bottles from Walmart...and this makes it easier for my math challenged brain. I bring just one to work with me and refill it at the fountain. Once I finish one bottle, I get my little sharpie out and make a tick mark. I like to have 5 tick marks by the time I go home, which leaves only water bottle left to drink when I get there. Here is my bottle so far for today.

I think I will save my shameless product placements for the next post! Hope everyone is having a wonderful hump day!

And HELLO to all my new followers! Followers are the blog equivalent can't post it. Everything I was thinking of involved the word climax....and as a lady...I must refrain.

LOL..but you get the point! Thank you for reading, and commenting, and emailing. It means more to me than you know!




  1. I like your water game and your peep toe shoes...very cute! I am gonna have to make the trip down to FL. so we can hang out...I need a mini vaca anyway so why not there!

  2. I love ya girl. Your posts always make me smile. HUGS

  3. Love the shoes :) I think the photo shoot idea sounds awesome - go for it! I should say Happy Bandiversary now - since I will be otherwise indisposed that day =:)

  4. Love the water idea!!! I'm def going to try that!! You have only 6 lbs to your 120 goal! You can do it!!! AMAZING!

  5. The water bottle idea is great. I've been thinking of putting rubber bands or something around mine as I polish a bottle off, but then I'd have to carry the bands around with me. This would probably work better....

    Thanks for the idea, I'm going to contemplate it for a while ;)

  6. Way to step away from the Sunkist! Love the tuck-and-roll stuff. The water bottle idea is awesome, thanks for the tip. Have a good day!

  7. I think that water idea is BRILLIANT! I can promise you that I will be theiving that idea!! :D

    WOW...a year. How amazing! :) and almost 120 down? WOW...that is soooo inspiring. I am so so so so excited and happy for you! (and heck, I am excited for myself as well! although I dont have a date yet..)



  8. Needed the laugh ~ thanks ~ you always crack me up!! ;-)

  9. i think your surgeon is a little hottie!!!!!!!

  10. Well done Amy.. You beat the sunkist.. it's doesnt own you anymore.. lol.. But truely, Well done.. I wish I had that willpower, when things are thrown in my face..
    I love your water idea.. I'm going to try that today.
    Missed your blogging sweet thang
    xx Nene

  11. Great idea Amy , I'll just have to do that.Love the shoes.

  12. you are a smart cookie. love the water bottle idea. (and the rubber band one posted above).

    love the pic....i have a tattoo on my foot too. my daughter's name in hebrew with pixie dust...

  13. Ames, you are so cute and how did I know there would be a star tat on you SOMEWHERE? Cause my shanny bug has one on each of her feet too!! I do sort of the same thing with my water, but instead of the yucky fountain water we have in my building, I refill from the Brita pitcher I purchased and keep in the office fridge! I LOVE the mental picture of Tracey tucking and rolling to snatch the Sunkist from your hands..too funny. Keep up the inspiration, I'll be counting down to your 120 with you...YOU CAN DO IT!

  14. Thanks for the chuckle. I love reading your blog. Goal of 120lbs. piece of cake for you girl! Love the water bottle idea, I definately need to get more water in each day. Good Luck to you.

  15. How exciting with the bandiversary approaching! You have done an aweseome job in 12 months, good on you! Thanks for following my blog too, appreciate it :)

  16. Pah! Why can't my doc look like that!!! He's a cutie.

    Wow - one year coming up already and you are so totally going to reach that goal you set. I just know it.

  17. Dang - meant to say love the new blog layout too. Sunshine and rays - just like you. xxx

  18. Amy! I hope you reach your goal for your 1 year how exciting :) I can't wait to do Budoir photos!! I wasn't able to do them before my wedding, but you better believe I will do them before I pop out a few children!
    chug chug chug WATER!

  19. I love those shoes, any shoe shoeing a hing of toe is sexy!

    A photo shoot would be an awesome reward. that is one of mine for goal time....a makeover and a photo shoot (i'd even consider doing some semi naked ones too). Also, I apologise for using the term Food Porn in past posts...never dreamt that someone would imagine fruit sex! the new layout!

  20. Love the new background! I too refill water bottles at work! Keep up the great work and I know you'll reach your 120lb goal!

  21. Amy, you never cease to amaze me how funny you can be!! I so wish I could meet you some day!! But alas, I live on the far side of the States from you, & no one I blog with lives close to me!

  22. Good thinking with the water game! :) I got a cute new water bottle for Christmas (one with a straw because I can't run and open a water bottle with a twist lid) and try to fill it as many times as I can in a day. I can't draw on it so I'll have to think of some other way to keep track.

    Love the shoes... and you two fun-sized ladies :D

  23. Okay, I had all these comments I was going to post but now that I got through reading everyone else's, I forgot...LOL! Are you sure you are older than me :).

    Glad you like the shoes, peep toes are my fav heels!

    I would love to do a boudoir shoot, after my plastics work (it ain't pretty down there right now). I always wanted to take my photography business into the boudoir realm but it just isn't very popular Vegas I think I'll have a chance :).

    As for your 120 goal in 1 year, you will make it NO issues!

  24. Omg the glam pin up shots! I might have to copy that. I absolutely love the look of that era and want to buy a huge coffee table book of those shots. The guy in Ark who did my flower tat on my shoulder loved it too and he had 3 coffee table books. They were awesome!

    You would look so good in that, I'm so excited for you. So if you can't tell I'm like 2 wks behind on reading. I'm going to catch upon yours RIGHT NOW! look out for old old comments!