Thursday, January 14, 2010

Don't You Love Us?

Do you know why our blog community if fabulous? I am sure you do, but let me count the ways.

In this lapband blogland of ours you can find:

The young, the "more seasoned", and every age in between.

Baby bandsters, experienced bandsters, those who chose gastric bypass, or those who just want to lose some weight.

The loud outgoing bandsters (are you pointing your finger at me?), the more reserved, the shy, the ones who want to be naked publicly.

The humble, the proud, the lost.

Teachers, writers, mothers, students, nurses, lawyers, somebodies.

The rich, the "money challenged".

Those from the land of education and those from the school of hardknocks.

Forever fatties (not after the band) and fresh fatties.

Those of us who started at higher weights, and those of us who did not.

Girls and (well mostly girls) and at least one male blogger.

Bloggers from every religion and race.

Bloggers from America, Australia, Dubai, and Paris.

Pear shaped, hour glass shaped, and just out of shape.

Those who love people of the same sex, opposite sex, or just love sex period.

We are a melting pot of personalities and life experiences. We are pretty amazing. And we are growing, even while are waist size is shrinking.

Pat yourselves on the back blog buddies. Because sometimes you make a difference in the lives of complete strangers. And sometimes those complete strangers become some of you closest friends.

Hugs and Happy Thursday!


  1. Ooh Ooh! Me first, me first! Can't believe I am the first to post today! It is the little things that make me happy! Great post today Amy. Your followers are like the United Nations of Lap-band-bloggers! XOXO

  2. I second that.. Fantastic post.. It doesnt matter from which class, colour of creed, we all share one thing in common.. WEIGHT WOES..
    xx Nene

  3. So true, and SOME (yes, I'm pointing my finger at you Amy) inspire others to start a blog themselves. Your blog inspires me every day - I went and read from the beginning yesterday - you are one amazing, inspiring, honest, funny and teeny, tiny, sexsi colarbone showing, size 16 (for now!)jean wearing woman. *Who happens to have a lap band. Thanks for everything! :)

  4. Very well put!

    P.S. I love the new background!!! Changin' it up...I like it! :)

  5. that's just not word verification was "hershey". Man, I just got back from the gym and I have something related to chocolate thrown in my face!!! :)

  6. We're all starting with a common bond so no matter what all our differences are, we all have at least one thing in common. Your post was eloquently written, though.

  7. great post Amy..Thanks for all your awesome words in all of your blogs

  8. I hereby cast my vote for Amy W as President, Queen, Empress, and Voice of Bandland ;)

  9. We are so lucky to have such an amazing tool the internet and the Blog to all communicate and share!! I learn so much not only about the band but about life! Maybe we should have an internation band blogging convention! In of course Las vegas! xxx

  10. You know, your new blogger background fits the name of your blog perfectly.. Cheese and sunkist.. thats what these colours say to me.. Very clever Amy..


    Yes bandster convention? where are we going?

  12. Amen sister!
    Who is from Paris? I've totally missed them!

    I love the new layout.

  13. How poetic and beautiful... and true!

  14. What an incredible post, Amy... loved it and not one single thing untrue - I especially loved the last sentence about strangers becoming your closest friends..and theres the fact we sometimes get to meet out band buds.. how exciting is that!!

  15. Great post. It's so lovely to have a place that feels safe when you're making such a radical life change. Knowing people are going through similar journeys makes it much easier.

  16. Amy, as usual, you have written something so totally Fantastic & True!!! I agree with Cara, the last sentence about strangers becoming friends, really speaks volumes about our link together.

  17. what we are all a little different here in blogland?! Love your blog Amy W ~ keep it up!! ;-)

  18. Wow! I think I teared up a little. As a prebander, it's so reassuring to know there's someone out there like you to inspire us. And as someone who isn't telling anyone about the band, it's nice to find people that will know and not judge. Thank you, Amy, for all of the above!!

  19. awwww we can be best friends now Amykins! LOL great post!

  20. LOVE this! Thank you!!!!

    BTW I gave you the WRONG recommendation on the VS undies. Do not get the Supermodel ones - too tight and not as comfy. The ones you need are "Bare Ultimate" hiphuggers. These are great, and I bet the large would fit!

  21. Amy W, you rock so much. That was a very touching post that sure sums up our connection well. Group Hug Everybody!