Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pants to Pass On

Well ladies and gents. I had a minor clothing related catastrophe this morning. I have been trying to make my work slacks last until I could afford some more. Alas...I have failed. They are too big. Bad for me...possibly good for you? They are Lane Bryant Houston Right Fit Red Petite size 3. I have one pair of black and one pair of sandalwood (lightish brown). If you would like them please email me and let me know! amy.workman@gmail.com

I am now down to one pair of slacks from Target. I really do love how the Right Fit slacks fit me...but they are up to something like $59 a pair!

LOL, don't get me wrong though. Mommy likes her clothes getting too big.


  1. What a great catastrophe to have! LB is totally too expensive, but is the store that I always shopped at. Can't wait until I can officially shop in "normal" stores! <3

  2. Hooray for TOO BIG!! Great job Amy...now g'it shopping!

  3. Whoo hoo! How exciting. (And frustrating b/c they are SO dang expensive!)
    I'm going to check my stash for you. My sister had lap band and lost 130 lbs., so she gave me a bunch of her clothes. I know there were some Lane Bryant right fit pants. She wears petite but I don't so if there are any 2's I can send them to you!

  4. thats awesome! lol well not really. BUT Mary has 2 pairs of pants for you! we have to get togeather so that I can give them too you!!! text me so that we can set that up!!

  5. Way to go on pants getting to big!!
    I just had to get new pants and I have to give them away because I will wear them and they are silly big!!
    Try Kohls!! there clearance pants are $10 and I love APT 9 for dress slacks I just bought a few pairs for $21 and they are always offering coupons online etc.! Good luck with the skinny pants hunt!!

  6. Jennifer, that would be beyond awesome! I will wait and see what you can find...I would just hate to spend $60 if they arent going to fit me in a couple of months.

    Mary-I will send you message on FB.

    Nicole-I might go there tonight! Thanks for the tip!

    OH-and I have a taker on the pants so they are now spoken for!

  7. Yay for new pants! Enjoy shopping...

  8. $59 for a pair of pants at Target?? That's crazy! I am with you though - only one pair of pants fit but I don't want to buy more and then go down another size so I hope these just don't fade too much before I am done with them!

  9. thats great
    not for your wallet but great when the pants get too big
    i have size 26-18 in my closet right now i never can let go lol
    at least you made this good idea to pass yours on so i too will try to let go of my pants and see if i can find somone who need most of those sizes
    cuz that is a good idea

    any hooo
    keep it up i am routing 4 ya :)

  10. Amy~Fashion Bug also has the Right Fit pants, jeans and slacks for $22 per pair. Check it out! Love ya!

  11. How does the red fit??? I might be interested.

  12. Avenue web site has dress pants on sale for 10 dolla!

  13. OK - The black dress slacks I was thinking of are a size 4 red petite. Sorry! But, I did find two pairs of Jeans that maybe you can use. Lane Bryant Size 2 & 3 red fit petite flare. If you could use the jeans I'd be happy to send them on.