Friday, January 22, 2010

The Doctor Vlog-Take Two


  1. you gotta love men don't ya!! Love the urinal - lol

  2. Take two was just as good!
    I was one of the lucky few who saw the last one...
    You are such a fantastic blogger and bring me much inspiration!
    Kudos on your journey thus far!!!!

  3. That is hilarious you have urinal in your bathroom....well, I guess you don't, but you have to admit it's funny!

    Your progress is wonderful are truly an inspiration to me!!

  4. "Holy Shit!!" is right mama! You look fantastic even w/o makeup.

    I love the urinal, I thought my bathroom was bad. My apartment has a public toilet type thingy, ya know like with the handle that you flush with your foot because you don't want to touch it...Yeah that is my bathroom! <3

  5. Ok, I just have to say you look SO skinny!
    And, So funny you have a urnal! That just brought back a memory of childhood...when I was a kid we had a PINK urinal in our house! (no lie) At least yours isn't Pink!

    I can't wait till I can use the phrase 'sparrows fart' for something.....OK, I'm off to try to incorporate that into my vocabulary. lol..You are just too funny!

  6. Yeah, holy shit is right. Not only have you lost weight, everything that you've done physically in the last year, all of your personal challenges and how many of your goals you set and met are sensational.

    I had my first mushy meal tonight. :) Ricotta cheese with some spaghetti sauce. CHEESE!

    Thank you so much for sharing.

  7. First of all, urinal = ridic and completely hilarious!

    I'm glad you were able to show some new bandsters what they had to look forward to, and blow the pants off your clinic's team! you're such a rockstar.


  8. lol Glad I'm not the only one pulling a face at the start of my vlog - and you did yours in the bathroom too! And what is that red stuff in the jar in the corner to your left (well, my left, your right!)

    Excellent that you were able to show those who have it front of them what you are able to achieve. BIG, big help xx

    Man, I could do with a urinal in our loo - having five men in the house (and four learning to use the toilet all those years ago) would have saved a LOT of splashes!!

  9. I think that I'm going to add "Make the nurse say Holy Shit" to my list of weight loss goals.

  10. Amy you should totally host a talk show!!! Love the shot of the urinal. And I would have to say "Holy Shit" is a GREAT NSV!!

  11. The urinal is too funny!

    You look great and are such an inspiration.

    Have a great weekend!

  12. I looked at your urinal and my first thought was... Maybe if I had one of those, I wouldn't always be checking to see if my boyfriend left the seat up.

    Nothing like walking into a bathroom all bleary eyed in the morning and sitting down to find, your butt isn't on the seat. YUCK!

    Otherwise, way to go on the weight loss! In a year, you've conquered huge challenges and look amazing!

  13. YAY! Finally the urinal...tell Tracey he cracks me up with his manliness. LOL
    You looked fab btw. Also, I want to come down and go to the's like 30 degrees here. Ugh. Love ya's!

  14. Amy you are a ROCKSTAR! and HOLY SHIT is right!!
    I would SO love to meet you while I am in FL so if you feel like a road trip March 2-10 let me know! We are thinking we may do Disney or Key West while we are in Ft.Lauderdale.
    I eat peanuts at my desk, did the nutritionist say that is a bad thing?? I am bad on the veggie side, I found some great butternut squash in the frozen section!

  15. Yes...what else can you say??? Hey I have something...look at those collarbones?? Whoo hoo

  16. Sooooo - who cleans the urinal?? Wouldn't catch me cleanin' it!! ;)

    You are so cute, lady!! Loved the vlog.

  17. Oh I love the urinal, hahahaha! You are adorable! And glad your nutritionist had good things to say!!! So brave to carry around your before pic, hopefully soon I will feel good enough to do that as well! *kisses*