Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I see skinny people

I remember when I was on my pre-op diet of liquids and everywhere I turned there were fast food commercials mocking me....laughing at me.

Yesterday this happened with skinny people.

I was having the Fat Tuesday blues. Mister Scale was up a little (a slight fluctuation that has since gone bye-bye) and I had to go to Victoria's Secret to return some undies Tracey had bought me for Christmas. I love him to the ends of the earth and back for going in to buy me some all by himself. He picked out 5 precious pairs....all in size Large. He even asked the salesgirl for XL's...but she told him they don't sell XL panties...which is a lie. However, I did find out that he got the cute panties with glitter and naughty little sayings on them from the "Pink Collection" which apparently only goes up to size Large. The hipsters and thongs that I currently wear are from another collection and do not have cute little thongs with sequined cupcakes on them. SOOOO anyways, I exchanged them for my boring colored XL's and off I went. Feeling dejected and frumpy. Why can't the "Pink Collection" have XL's? And then, all that surrounded me in the mall were skinny girls. This one walked past me wearing leggings and Uggs...both of which I hate...and I actually wanted them! And her body as well! Sigh...

Thats right...I was passing out invitations to my pity party. No one was RSVPing.

OH, and how could I forget to mention that before I went in VS, I went in Old Navy and tried on some 16's.

Sigh again.

They didn't fit. Sure I could zip them up. But they still didnt fit. I feel like I have been in a size 18 FOREVER! I feel like I should be in a size 16 now. But then I have to remind myself that I have been in an 18 for awhile bc my weight is going up, then, all the more reason to refocus.

I wanted Sunkist. Like a dog looking for a leg to dry hump....I neeeeeded it. But I didnt have any.

None today either.....yet.

So my friends I will press on.

I'm gonna drink some water. Will you join me?


  1. Hi Amy,
    I've been reading your blog now for a few months. I've decided that the band is for me and I'm trying to patiently get through my insurance mandated 6 month diet (hilarious given that the past 20 years has been a diet). I just wanted to let you know that I find your story so inspiring. I read your words and look at the pictures and it gives me so much hope for my band experience. I know the difficult days are tough but it's helpful to read about the real experience. You've done such amazing things with making these changes in your life. Just know that your words impact many.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Ames~ Here is a toast to you. (raising my water cup)
    Here's to the men we love, if the men we love don't love us, then *UCK the men we love and here's to US!

    Sorry about the potty mouth :)

  3. Dear Pitty Party Amy. Do you know how good you look? Do you know how well you have done this last year and what an inspiration you are for ALL OF US? Well miss Sunkist, you are. I was on lapband talk yesterday and saw the comparison pics you posted from 327 to 217 and it is AMAZING how great you look, how beautiful you are, and how far you have come. I called my husband over to the computer to look at the pic, and I even saved it on my computer so I can have it to look at for encouragement. So what if you are still in size 18 at of all places Old Navy where the sizes are all across the board and the clothes made my tini tiny people from China. And VS are a bunch of discriminators, so I say quit shopping there! Go to Macy's or someplace where they carry xl. Never forget that you rock my dear and we all think you are the bomb!

  4. Let me just say Amy, so what if you're still in a size 18....look what you've accomplished in almost a years time...over a 100 pound loss. Not many bandsters get there in a year!!! Besides, you don't look like an 18. I thought from your pictures more like a 14 or 11, so throw those pity party invitations away. Your doing just have come a long way and look positivly beautiful!!!

  5. I see skinny people, too, only it's you I am seeing!! You look skinnier and skinnier in every picture you post! You are rocking that size 18 and you will rock size 16 soon enough!

  6. Amy, don't worry, just a few more pounds & you WILL be in the 16's! I am at 197 now & I am wearing my OLD 14's. So hang on, you are doing fantastic! I only wish I could lose like you! I have no restriction & am in Bandster Hell!!! I keep bouncing up & down a few pounds.

  7. Ohhhhh Amy! all those stupid Skinny People!!!! Just think on Tuesday we will all meet togeather!!!! YAAAAY!!!! then we can have a skinny people pity party togeather! lol.

  8. I'm with Colls on seeing skinny people and you're one! You are just amazing. And you know what? I hope that you enjoyed your pity party, but now it is time for a positive party!!! You inspire everyone of us, and good for you for not succumbing to a Sunkist. Keep remembering those ONE HUNDRED, PLUS POUNDS that you've lost! You go girl!

  9. Oh Amy-- you are doing so great and LOOKING so great. It is only natural that you are getting impatient and wanting more and more success. You WILL have it, just give it some more time.
    Take another look at your pre-op pix and your handstand in the sand and your recent pix. You should take amazing pride in the progress and KNOW you'll be getting into those smaller sizes before you know it...


  10. Cheers! Raising my 16.9 oz bottle of water to you! Congrats for avoiding temptation of the Sunkist!

  11. Amy, my BFF :), as much as I agree with every other woman here, I think a good pity party and getting mad every now and then can be a good thing. It can be used as a great motivator to get to where you want to go. You have done such an amazing job this past year and I'm looking forward to watching you becoming even more *slink* in the new year!

    - Shannon

  12. Raising my 33.8 OZ water bottle to you :)

    I hear ya, when I have a bad day on the scale I remember your post about the scale should not determine if we have a good day or not!

    AND VS pisses me off so bad did you see the ONE SIZE FITS ALL PANTIES..seriously? what are they smoking?!

    You are doing AMAZING!!

  13. Amy, trust me I understand the want to be skinny now....but girl I would kill to be in an 18!!! So drink your blues away with some water and remember that the Sunkist will only keep you in the 18's longer ;)

  14. Ames,
    Every time you see one of these girls and want to be her or like her - just remember that you will be and soon enough. You have had the most amazing year and if you did that this year - think what you can achieve in the next. Then that skinny biatch will be looking you up and down and going - "Hell - How'd she get curves like that!!"

    I hear you on the sizing front too. I'm almost into 14's (12's there I in the US) but NOT just quite yet.. it's frustrating holding out for that next size down.. but guess what - we will totally get there. Oh, yes we will!!!!!!!!

  15. Ooops typo .. was meant "be her or be LIKE her" argh..soz

  16. Being in the plus sizes SUCKS. In those sizes its about 25lbs per size but hold faith because once you break the miraculous size 14 barrier size differentials are sooo much smaller. It's only like 12lbs and much more attainable!! KEEP FAITH!

  17. Amy you look amazing and VS sucks, so there! Heck, they don't even carry bras to fit me! You surpassed my weightloss over a month ago ( I STILL haven't reached the 100 lb mark, dangit). BUT...I will, eventually. You inspire me. Keep it up!

  18. I always feel huge when I go to VS - luckily I only go in a few times a year. They do have a much better selection online for the XL sizes. I can totally recommend the Supermodel No-show hiphuggers - some cute prints, and in XL! Maybe no glitter, but still...

    Good job resisting the Sunkist!

    And, you look like a 16 to me! You will be there soon!

  19. Oh, I meant to say, XL at VS is actually a size 16, so you really are a 16. Take that VS!

  20. I'll join your pity part but you're probably hung over from it today. Chin up! You'll be in those 16's before you know it.

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  22. Oh sweetie pie! before long you will be a 16, longing for a 14! Then a 12, so on and so on. Didn't you start in like a 26 or something, holy hell woman you have come far to be cozy in an 18 so you better RECOGNIZE!!!! Screw VS, and I"m sure you're only like an inch or two from wearing the L anyway, so until then...wear their other collections if necessary!!! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

    bahahahahaha! i deleted my previous comment b/c it was the same as above except I accidentily said "fat" instead of "far", as in "came far", sorry!!!

  23. Just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year!! Hope you had a great time!!

  24. Amy,

    Seriously, I love a good pity party or good cry every now and then. Wow, your friends are so supportive... everyone just loves you. I have to tell you how funny I think you are. Your candor is priceless. Oh, and I see skinny people EATING everywhere... what the hell? :)


  25. I have lived that exact same "skinny people" moment SO many times I can't even count! Hate. It.

    It's so hard to move down in sizes so slowly. It's also so annoying that the smaller we get, the slower it will be!

    Have you tried sparkling water with some 10 calorie ORANGE Vitamin Water in place of your Sunkist!? Maybe it will help take away your craving.

  26. We've all held pity parties at one time or the other! Congrats on your handstand and those pics 1 year apart - well - AMAZING! You must be so proud of yourself!

    Hope you had a fab new year.

    Em :)