Friday, April 16, 2010

You Just Never Know About Life

Sometimes life surprises me in the most wonderful way.

Sometimes you never know what is coming next...well...most of the time that is the case isn't it?

After fretting about not being able to go to Chicago, after a tearful blog of thanking you guys for caring so much (those were happy tears last night I promise)...

I am going to Chicago.

I meant what I said about this just being the first of many blogger conventions. And for realz...I do believe the second annual one should be in Florida...

So for those of you who cannot go THIS time, I feel your pain. You know I do. But we are meant to be together, so after Chicago there is another chance. For those of you in Australia...perhaps the THIRD annual convention can be there? Cara said we could all stay with her. And her man told me he is fine with it too! They have a pool you know!

Here are some other reasons to NOT be sad if you can't go:

1. Have you stopped to think about what might happen when 20 plus bandsters eat at the same time at the same place? Yeah. If more than 2 of us get stuck at the same time...where will we PB? The bathroom might be a very busy place. We might have to throw up ON each other. That doesn't sound like fun does it? No.

2. Drazil will be there and she will reveal herself to you. Sigh. I wish she was secretly a man. That would be the best episode of Punk'd ever! But once you see her you will know how pretty she is and then you will hate her and stop reading her blog and she will be very upset.

3. I am not sure if you have noticed the inappropriate talking among some of these blogs post...but not only do we know so much about each other it could be a little awkward (like if you were able to come then all you would see when you looked at my face is a turkey and THEN you would think of the lady station).

4. There are those amongst us that are very farty. May I suggest Gas-X for the trip ladies? See...those of you who arent going wont be subjected to that.

5. You won't have to wear tshirts with boobs on them.

6. don't have to worry about saving money for this trip...

7. um....I am running out of things here.

8. could totally turn into a catty mess! Imagine on Real World when they are all meeting for the first time and then they go into confessional and talk crap. Except...we will be stuck bc we can't talk crap on our blog bc others will know! I mean come on...that is A LOT of women!

Thank you again for all the comments on the vlog yesterday!

I am thrilled that I am going to get to meet so many of you that have changed my life in ways you may not even realize!




  1. bbbwwwaahahahahaha on so many things!!! You kill me.
    Should we set up a confessional with video? We could vlog to all the bloggers at and so did this, so and so did that. EEK hahaha! I don't think we'll have any problems at all - these are some amazing women.

    That brings up something else Blogger is going to wonder what happened to all of their traffic that weekend. They'll be scratching their heads and saying, "But...last weekend there was 1 billion 587 posts about BOOBS. Why none this weekend? What the heck?"

    What time is the Lime Jello Wrestling Match? I want to get it on the agenda now.

  2. I'm so very glad you will be able to make the Chicago! I do promise that for all the women going this year, I will invest in some beano and stay away from cabbage for the weekend, ok? I am all for a Florida trip next year seeing as I am on the East Central coast :)

  3. so seriously i need to be in on the loop for the florida trip. i will make my company send me to florida and conveniently not work while there to meet up with you all. just kidding. but seriously i want to be at the florida meetup.

  4. YAYYYY!!!!!!!

    It wouldn't have been the same without you there... so I'm glad you'll be there!! :D

  5. Hip hip hooooorrrraaaaaaaaay!
    I'm a little verklempt....
    talk amongst yourselves>

  6. How do you know I'm not a man? I could totally be packing some big hairy balls. I shall await you in the lime jello - anyone care to place bets?

    Smooches punky. I love you but if you fart in my room - I will smother you with a pillow. I'm leaving home to get away from the stank for a my room better smell like non-poo all weekend! LOL

  7. I am excited you are going to go to Chicago!! I am hoping my husband will understand and not question me taking a weekend trip on my own...

    As soon as taxes come in, I will be hooking myself up with a ticket to Chicago!

  8. Yay for you!!!! I am trying to convince hubby that I need to be in is hard work convincing him to let me fly halfway round the world for the weekend

  9. Yeahh!! I am so glad you were able to figure things out. I really sucks when you really want to do something, but the money isn't there. I agree the second one should be in Florida! I am thinking about starting to save a little each month now so I won't miss out!

  10. I'm so happy that you're able to go to Chicago now! You deserve it so much and you'll enjoy it to the max for those of us who can't be there. By the way, you made me laugh so hard the dog came running into the room to see what was wrong.

  11. hehehe my vote is with Cara for the Australia one!!!!!!!!! You guys might need the three years to save for it though :-(

  12. Amy,
    It could have been worse. We could be called...

    United (for a)

    But then we'd have to wear matching custom underwear instead of t-shirts. T-shirts are just easier.

    oh, yeah, and... YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! I'm sooo glad you'll be there!

  13. Congratulations Amy!!
    Hopefully next year if theres a Bandster meetup in FL i can go as an official bandster. If all goes well, i should be banded in May.
    Super excited for you Amy!!

    OH! - When will the bets be placed on the jello wrestling?

  14. How do I not know about a Chicago gathering?? I know I'm out of the loop but dang! I live about 2 hours from Chicago so I could possibly attend :) You'd all have to welcome my unfilled, gained all her weight back, pregnant self though, lol... and I eat a lot! Link me to some info, would ya darlin'??

  15. I am so happy that you get to go and am so sad that I most likely will not be able to :( The ONLY damn thing that is keeping me from going is Jeff's cousin's wedding is Sept 25th. The annoying thing is that half of the family can't particularly stand the guy that she is marrying and no one is really excited to go to the wedding in the first place. I know I could go to Chicago and bail on the wedding if I really wanted to, but I hate having even a decent conscious and I feel it would look bad if I wasn't at the wedding, so I'm just torn. Dammit. I just saw the guest list of all who is going too and that make me even sadder.

    Seriously. Tears in eyes right now. I don't want to have to wait until next year (*stomping foot on ground*).

  16. I want to come! I'm only 4 hours from chicago, so I'm sooo coming. When is it?? Someone email me the details, PLEASE