Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Mothership Is Calling Me Home

To review what you may or may not remember, I work for a hospital system here in Pensacola. I do not work IN the actual hospital, but across the wide expanse of parking lot. This is where I had my surgery (not the parking lot, but the hospital). It was interesting in recovery, preop, and even in the surgery itself I am sure...that I interacted with people I know and are familiar with.

Not really a problem for me since I never intended to hide my surgery. must wonder...did they see my lady bits?

So yesterday I got an email from the RN of the bariatric center. Over at the hospital they have this meeting called Firestarters. They hold it once a month, and it is a chance for VP's and Directors to get together, align goals, share accomplishments. Well Amanda wanted to know if I would like to come with her as apparently it is show-n-tell day for departments and their accomplishments...and apparently....I am one of their accomplishments!

Decisions decisions. Now if I went I would probably be the center of attention for about 15 seconds.



But for realz. It makes me a little nervous because I KNOW a majority of these people. And I don't know if I am supposed to talk or stand up and just look pretty.

But it did make me feel good. So I will let you know how that unfolds.

As you also know, I am on day 3 of Operation Amy Has No Pants To Wear. So when Amanda called me yesterday I was already bummed that I had worn two of my cutest dresses this week. So I has having a wardrobe meltdown this morning. I ended up going with my polka dot dress. Some of you may remember this dress from the cruise. Yes I was 40 pounds heavier when I wore it, but it ties at the waist so I can cinch it in. Here is a reminder.

First, let me talk about Tracey's popped collar in that top photo. It should be documented that Tracey does not wear his collar like this nor do I condone such fashion behavior. My brother, in all of his 38 years, is a bad influence and thought it would be a good idea.

Also, do not fret. I am not wearing the hot pink heels or accessories. I have put a little black tube top under the dress to cover the cleavage, and paired it with a little black cardigan and black heels. Very work appropriate.

Also...can I just say how weird it is that our universe seemed to be up 2-3 pounds yesterday? Like several of us. Even though we were behaving? I have been up all week. Today I am back down to Monday's weight. Still not Sunday's weight. No worries though. But I just wanted to see if the pattern is the same for those of you who were up.

Again. I blame Gilly.


  1. Maybe you will get the pants from me today in the mail? SO exciting for you AMY!! You deserve it! I hope you have a speech prepared

  2. That is great must be so proud to be show and tell!! what an accomplishment :-)

  3. that is awesome to be "their success story"!!! You rock!
    Oh, and yeah, I'm up freaking 2 lbs too.. WTF??

  4. I would have gone with the hot pink accessories to work. Or not.

    There is so much pressure when you know the people who did your surgery. I work with the woman who APPROVED my surgery... so I am the model of good bandsterness all day long because I do NOT want her to see me doing anything inappropriate. It's worked really well to keep me on the straight and narrow for at least 40 hours of my week.

  5. That's great that you're an "accomplishment" for that department but don't let them take all the worked hard too!

  6. Pour on the Amy charm, people will be lining up for lap bands!

  7. I take that blame. But today, I think i'll blame you for my cankles. Look at your bony effing ankles. Ugh. I bet you have narrow feet too. Bitch!

  8. I agree with Gilly - you have very pretty feet! Screw the boobs! No one sees them anyway!!

  9. I am so proud of you. It should make you proud to be asked to share yourself with others.

    I became the center of attention for a few minutes today. I work in the basement at work, and well I escaped. People haven't seen me since my hair was wacked off, and evidentally hardly ever seem me out from behind something.

    It is such an awesome thing that you have people who want to show how wonderful you have done.

    I love that dress. I am sure you look great and very work appropriate.

  10. Gorgeous dress and honestly, I'd rock the pink heels at work! Super cute!

    I can definitely see you being a "firestarter"! You're such a great inspiration to so many of us!

  11. How awesome - you make a great success story!!!

  12. Congrats on being such a success!!
    That is the cutest dress. Ever. Just saying.

    And I was up 3 lbs yesterday, too (WTF?!), but today dropped back down. My fat kid heart can't take jumps like that!

  13. The show and tell is awesome! That just makes me giddy for you!!!

    You should take pics of you in the dress today. I wanna see, I wanna see. :)

    As for the universe being aligned - how's this. I can't seem to lose a single pound on the pre-op diet that I might actually be following too well. I haven't lost a pound in over a week and a half...

  14. I love that dress! I also think that the hot pink is work appropriate!

  15. You look amazing in that dress, and I LOOOOVE the hot pink shoes and bracelet.

    As for weigh-in, no drop for me today. Sad.

  16. Awesome post (as usual).

    They probably will ask you to say a few words and expect you to demurely mumble something about how life has changed and you're so glad you had the surgery but then you'll bust out some jokes, start blowing thier minds and pretty soon, you'll be invited to every Firestarters shindig!!!

    Does it make me an office ho that I think pink shoes are tres appropriate for work if one is attired in a black and white polka dot dress?

    If that's wrong, then I wanna be wrong...

  17. I L-O-V-E that dress! :o) they would still be work appropriate with the hot pink heels I must say! I would total wear them to work...

  18. I think that's neat! One of the advocates at the place I got banded started working there because she was banded there too and they liked her personality and it became a career change for her! I would like to be on the True Results commercial as an example! Super fun! I am going to submit my official before and afters to them when I reach goal and see what comes of it! Congrats Amy and the dress is cute!

  19. I love that dress. You'll have to tell us what you decide.

  20. Oh look - it's my perky perfect punky in perty polka dots looking positively (um what's another P word that means HOT)....oh poop...I can't think of one. You go girl - take center stage and make em all jealous! Wish I could be there to see it!

  21. Ames~ HOT HOT HOT! You looked great then and you will wow them now. How exciting that they want to make you the example :-) Just be yourself and you will SHINE!

  22. I truly love that dress! You look amazing in it! What a great compliment form Miss Amanda. You deserve it!

  23. I love the way you write girl. In the words of our late illustrious leader (Steve Irwin) I "enjoy your thinking". Dont really care what you write about - I like it. And dont EVER cover that cleavage - my motto is - if they're looking at your tits they're not looking at your fat arse (not that your arse is fat but you know what I mean) Cant wait to hear about your 15 minutes of fame - I'm thinking its going to end up on Youtube..... cu there!

  24. I can not wait to get into some of those oww so cute dresses. I also love the ones from Gen... Have fun at the function...

  25. Congrats, that is very exciting!!!!

    Also, I love, love, LOVE that polka dot dress (it was one of the first things I saw when I was reading your blog. lol)....I'll bet it will look terrific with a cardigan. I'm going to start doing that this summer, topping off shirts and dresses with a cardigan. I work inside in an air conditioned building and it gets COLD.

  26. So cool that you are a project - and the successful one at that!! Hey girlie - thanks so much for posting your average day. And the bonus of the workout. That really helps me to guage what I am doing. And I'm doing it right. I'm totally up this week too - WHAT is going on - its not 2012 yet is it?? Seeing you post that about your and others showing higher scale numbers that made think - ITS NOT JUST ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Here's my day today:
    Breakfast: banana and coffee.
    Lunch: 1 cup miso soup, 8 pieces of sushi and about a tablespoon of rice. Water to drink.
    dinner: grilled fish (4oz) and green beans 1/2 a cup.
    I don't snack at all really during the day - no time - I self sabotage on the weekends, thank you very much. I want some chocolate right now but I'm resisting.....for now.
    I've been runing/walking for 45 mins 5x per week. I think I need to add in some working out like you do. Thanks again so much for posting this info! I appreciate you so much!

  27. Girl you should totally rock the pink shoes for work. They are cute, and show your spunk and personality. I say you can wear pink at work.

  28. C'mon Miss Amy, its only a small pond to swim in compared to the ocean that would be Oprah's stage.. You know you can do it, and wow them all at that..
    I'm so jealous of that dress.. I LOVE it.. and it totally suits you, pink or black accessories will go well.. But I do think that Pink is YOU.. it's a bright and happy colour..
    Cant wait to hear about it..
    xx Nene

  29. I would love to see a 'now' shot in the polka dots beside the cruise picture to see the difference 40lbs makes.

  30. Ok. I'm playing catch up and laughing the whole way. Amy you slay me each and every time.

    I love Love LOVE that dress! I remember seeing that pic before and thinking how cute the shoes and accessories were with it. I also wondered about the popped collar on Tracey, but I thought YOU, Amy had put poor Tracey up to it (sorry-giggle). Now I know where to put the proper blame.

    Oh and I hope you took pics of you with in the dressed down for work. Would love to see them. Although I call myself a little fashion maven at times, looking at your pics gives me a few ideas on things when I get SKINTY.