Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Stop it. What did you think this post was going to be about?

We will be discussing turkey sausage.

I mentioned in my vlog yesterday that I was making a pasta dish with turkey sausage and bell peppers. And here is the recipe.

Turkey sausage (I buy the one long link that is doubled over...I am guessing a pound), sliced into little rounds
1 green bell pepper, 1 red bell pepper, 1 yellow bell pepper
1 can diced tomatoes, undrained
1.5 cups shredded mozzarella cheese
Pasta of your choice (I use whole wheat rotinni)

Dice or slice your bell peppers. Saute in skillet with some EVOO over medium/high heat for about 3 minutes. Add sliced turkey sausage and continue to cook until sausage is heated through. Add can of tomatoes, reduce heat and simmer for another 3-5 minutes.
Drain your cooked pasta and add to mix. Top with cheese. Serve and enjoy!

*I love the flavor of bell peppers, but don't enjoy biting into a crispy bell pepper. That is why I saute them for a few minutes before adding the sausage. If you like your peppers crispy, you can add the turkey sausage first. I serve Tracey the pasta, and I eat mine without the pasta. It really is super simple and delish!

And SouthernBelle has posted another bell pepper recipe on her new and exciting food blog. You can check that out here.

Now, let us discuss this turkey wiener of which I speak of. I have heard before that when choosing bacon, it is actually better to NOT go with the turkey bacon because it is so high in sodium. So I thought I would take a little peak at the sodium content in mister turkey sausage.

Here is a serving size.

There are seven servings in the package I bought. Do you know how much sodium is in one serving? 680 milligrams!!!!

Slap your mama that is A LOT! My nutritionist doesnt want me going over 3000 in a day, but I think that is a little high according to everything else I read. So just keep that in mind if you are out shopping for turkey sausage. Compare and be a wise shopper!


  1. Yummm...I'm hungry now. :)

    Turkey sausage. Is it wrong of me to say I can't do it? I should try it, though, I really should. Yeah, that is a lot of sodium. It's funny, right now, I'm mixing protein powder into warmed chicken broth (or beef) for all of my meals. And I know that this tastes so good to me because of the salt. ~680mg per 8oz serving of broth, too. But since that's my only source of salt and I'm doing this three times a day, still well under 3000/day.

    I'd be curious what "regular" sausage has for salt. I'm thinking that's probably high, too. Do you know?

    Will definitely try this when I'm back to eating healthy...hopefully soon! Thanks!!

  2. Just looked up regular sausage on spark people. So for comparison (if you want it), regular sausage has ~180mg of sodium per serving.

  3. LD-can you believe it is so high compared to regular sausage? I will have to tell you though that before I tried this recipe, I had never had turkey sausage and it is REALLY good! Apparently bc it has a salt block in it!

  4. Well dang thats a lot of sodium!! I like the recipe.....collecting

    wow, who would have thunk it....that regular sausage has less sodium than turkey. Wow. Thansk LDswims. Saved me the time looking that up.

  5. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm this sounds sooooo good!!!! Mary thinks she will have this for dinner since I have some extra of all this stuff at home! Thanks Amykins!

  6. p.s do you know how many calories are in it???

  7. Costco here in Canadaland has a pretty decently yummy turkey sausage with spinach and feta in it. And it is very low cal. I will get some the next time I'm over there and post the info...I'm sure you can get it in Americaland too.

  8. How did you get my husband's weiner for your picture? I told him to keep that in his pants! Smooches!

  9. I heard the same thing about turkey. If you look at the calories and the salt, you may be better just going with regular sausage.

  10. You always share the yummiest sounding recipes! Another must-try!