Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A New Blogger And Needed Support

Good Wednesday morning blogland! I am still go for launch for my doctors appointment!

There is a new bandster who could use some advice and support. Her big day is on Monday.

Click here to say hi to Cindy!


  1. Hey Amy!! I'm baaaaaaaaacccccckkkkk!! Ok this is the first day I have felt like myself in a week or so.

    I probably won't have any advice for Cindy but will definitely follow an say HIIIII!!

  2. I can't thank you Rock Skinny Bitch!!!

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  4. Go Cindylew!!! My band-week-buddy!!!
    I'm so excited for her... And me! My surgery is Wednesday! Can you PLEASE give the band-blog-world my link so I get lots of encouragement as I go into this new chapter??? Thanks... you DO rock!!! :)