Monday, April 26, 2010

Peek-a-POOPIE. Come out and play!

*I seem to have some hide-n-go-seek theme lately with my post titles*

I took some poo pills. "Gentle", they say on the box. I am hoping for a 6 pound poop baby to come out later tonight. It could happen you know!

I just hope it doesn't happen while I am lunging and squatting at circuit tonight. No public loose bowels please. Not today. Not tomorrow.

Drazil's post earlier reminded me that I ate 2 ears of corn this weekend. I love corn on the cob. Although, Florida corn is NOT the same as Kansas corn. Just so you know. I wonder where all that corn is in my body right now?

Something traumatic happened yesterday. I left my water bottle at the boat! You favorite Thermos brand intak water bottle. So Tracey being the sweet peach that he is, bought me another one. It's a pretty blue.

Also. Do you know what today is? It was my mini goal day. I have, since the beginning of the band, set my mini-goal weight markers for every 3 months. Which worked out to about 30 pound increments. Today I was supposed to weigh 177. I didn't reach that goal. This is the first one that I havent met!


I did eat a lot of processed food this weekend. You know what is funny? I have become so accustom to the way we eat that I find it shocking when others don't make the same decisions. Here is what I mean. We don't eat white bread or pasta. Everything is 100% whole grain. My parents...they are white breaders. We no longer use iceberg lettuce, we eat spinach instead. No sugar. We use Truvia. Extra virgin olive oil versus canola. Peanut butter with added Omega-3 instead of regular.

It's just little changes for the better that are now are norm. And I like it.


  1. Nice titles to our blogs today - corn poop and peek-a-poopie. We are poo obessed. Guess it's better than whootanannys. Maybe. Me love you long time. Smooches.

  2. I find the same thing with changes we've made that others haven't. When someone comes to visit and is looking for regular pasta or white bread, they're out of luck here. It's kind of a nice reminder that our bands are bringing about changes that are good for the entire household, not just us.

    Good luck with the poopin'.

  3. I'm sorry you didn't reach your goal, but you've done great so far. You can regroup and make your next goal.

  4. I gave up sugar for Splenda. I use Ronzoni Smart Taste pasta. I just can't make the switch to the whole grain stuff! I did go to wheat bread for the rest of the family though. I haven't tried anything with bread since being banded, I'm scared to. Heck, I've even switched to decaf coffee!
    You're so right, it's about the small changes!

  5. We have made so many changes at home too. I just can't understand now how anyone can go to a restaurant without first checking the nutrition (affectionatly called the nut guide around here) guide before going to see what wouldn't be too bad to order. That would have never crossed my mind prior to this journey. I want to make sure my kids understand servings so they don't end up in my shoes someday. It does feel wierd when these thing come up as normal ways of life.

  6. That does suck not being able to move the bowels. And yea hopefully it doesn't happen when you are lunging and squatting. And hopefully you don't shard yourself. I am always scarred of that.

  7. The small changes do make a big difference. Plus, I guess if we aren't fighting them we're growing up...
    I hope you get some movement tonight.

  8. I think I did all the pooping for you today. Seriously, I was a poop machine, including my sneaky stupid Rhea coming back to haunt me. Shouldn't have jinxed myself by saying that blogging about it made it go away. But I think that my meal (spicy egg salad and some sushi) might have given me the idea that the Rhea is coming from the foods with more spices in them. At least I think that's it. I dunno. *sigh* Rhea makes you retain water afterward. No fun.

  9. I hope the birth goes well later and NOT at circuit! :)

  10. Oh gosh. I hope your poo holds out for ya.

    I'm sure without these small changes in your everyday life you wouldnt be where you are right now. But you rock girl and i'm sure youll get right back on track.

  11. You are sooo right, there is nothing like midwest corn on the cob! I'd offer to send you some, but have a feeling it would get NASTY by the time it arrived down in FL! :-)

    And oops, I ignored your plea not to blog while you are on the boat. BUT.....I had reached 199.8 and was afraid if I didn't post right away, it would come and go like that! :-)