Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Dangers Of Wearing Bikini: A New Life Lesson

Yesterday we enjoyed a few hours at the beach. 3 hours. Just sunning. I put sunscreen on my face. Not so much on the bod. Turns out when you swimsuit covers less of you, the greater per square inch the sunburn. Pretty much everything but my body is burnt with the exception of my nipples and the area under my bikini bottoms.


Today we did a little shopping at an outlet mall not too far away. It felt normal to be able to walk into stores like Banana Republic and see things that fit me. And then I realized it wasn't really normal at all! I could actually buy some things there! I picked up a few tops at BR and a few others.

I thought I would show you the size 14 shorts I bought.

Now, because I love Drazil...her are my answers to some of her BYOC's.

1. Superhero...what kind would I be? I would be SuperMetabolism! I could eat anything and weigh 135 pounds. No further explanation required.

2. What is my favorite body part? Probably the area right below my bra line. Hardly any fat, no stretch marks, thin.

3. What do I do for a living? I am a corporate trainer for a health care company. That's my day job. At night I am a stripper.

4. If you met God, or whatever you believe in, what would you say? Probably..uh oh. Sorry about the stripping.

5. What blogs inspired your this week or hit home? I love all my bloggers. I was really proud of Angie and Mary this week. Also, SouthernBelle for her honesty.


  1. Awwwww....I love you too! Girly - take a bath in aloe vera! I hope you didn't burn the whootananny - I sure hope that part of you wasn't exposed. Holy shit - why didn't I think of Super Metabolism Girl? Brilliant..
    Happy Hippity Hoppy Day tomorrow punky!

  2. Can I just look fantastic! I can't wait until I can shop at normal stores too! We went to the beach today, loved it! You gotta watch the sunburn little Missy!

  3. Two words: Spray Sunscreen.

    It must be so much fun to walk into a store and know you can fit into anything there. You look beautiful in that outfit!

  4. love the shorts. can't wait til i can shop like that!

  5. Holla! You look great! Look how tiny your waist is!! I'd actually give anything to be sunburnt over this northwest pale white I've got going on over here. I was almost desperate enough to go get a mystic tan today I want color so bad.

  6. Love the outfit - you look great! Happy Easter.

  7. lookin good girlfriend. so sorry about the sunburn though. ouch.

  8. So cute, I love the shorts! I can't even imagine walking into BR, let alone buying anything! <3

  9. Look at you all tan!!

    email me your address

  10. ouchie! and looking good girlie! that outfit is awesome :-)

  11. As always, very cute picture.

  12. You look beautiful, love the outfit and that you can shop at BR!