Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beans For Lunch-Fuel For Later

I ate about 1/2 cup of refried beans for lunch. I had to leave circuit training after about 10 minutes...out of consideration for other participants and to ease some of my stomach pain.

Won't be doing that again. In fact, as I sat in my car ruminating in my personal perfume...I almost decided not to go to Zumba. I persevered though because Mary was going tonight and I wanted to see her.

So off to Zumba I went. Mary came and I was so excited to see her in all her thin glory. She looks fabulous and even though she told me she had no rhythm and sucked at dancing...she was awesome.

We decided that Bandita better get her cute blonde headed ass to Zumba next week. She literally works a hop, skip, and a sparrows fart away from we are calling her out! BANDITA...WE WANT YOU!

About one millisecond into dancing I realized I was wearing my Target thong, which has no room for the lady bits, and immediately realized they were riding the little piece of material like a cowboy on a horse.

I thought about mentioning this to Mary, but I am a lady and have manners.

I wrote my post about support group and plastic surgery last night kind of distracted. To answer some of your questions, the ScarGuard is just for scars. Not for stretch marks. The doc pretty much said there in NOTHING that works for stretch marks.

We shall call him Dr. DreamShatterer from now on.

I was also surprised to him here say that if you go with just a boob lift, you actually dont usually lose your cup size. If you are a D now, you will be a D after the lift. Well I'll be damned.

I should also say that I am totally pro doing whatever is safe and healthy and makes you feel better. I know BandBabe is getting ready for her tummy tuck. I personally am just a giant baby and things like drains and blood/puss scare me. And I decided after seeing all the pictures that right now my stomach...and yes...even my inner thighs are okay. If I by chance lose a lot more weight, who knows what will happen.

Time will tell.

Oh. PS. I am planning to kick some ass with the Swimsuit Challenge this week. Um...yeah...I was thinking in the ballpark of a 20 pound loss or something. Reasonable I think.

I am also in a little pickle about my fill.

Pickle about my fill. Pickle about my fill. la la la...

Sorry, it just sounded sing songie.

Anywhoozle, I may not need one. Crap. I will do some protein focused meals and see what I can eat and how it holds me.

I hope you are all fighting the good fight and keeping your head held high!

Loves YOU!


  1. Whoa are looking smokin hot in that pic up there...

    funny you wrote about beans and the aftermath...i was coming over here to respond to your comment to me about the BOOBS getting a beach house.... i is not like we will be shy about sharing the bathroom with "strangers".... we all know each other's pooping, farting and burping schedules

  2. Yay Beans! Ok well the whole having to skip out circuit training bit sucks but a more gradual approach to incorporating the like into diet is a fantastic idea. Is it weird that I could eat the 1/2 cup and feel no side effect what so ever?

  3. I'm winning the swimsuit challenge this week, so back off! ;) I avoid beans at all cost, so if you wanna room with me for BOOBS, I promise I won't be the one emitting room spray. LOL

  4. Dr. Dream Shatterer sucks the big one.

  5. Girlfriend, you are a funny one! Hilarious

  6. Too funny, be glad you haven't eaten cabbage for the last 2 days. I have heard it can make thinks pretty stankylicious!

  7. LOL we both had the thong problem I also had the booty shorts riding up my ass as well Im sure the people behing me didnt think it was perdy. BANDITA you will, WILL come next wednesday!

  8. I wish I could join you ladies. Sounds like a lot of fun..

  9. Whats the pickle with your fill? Too much? Poor babes.
    And yeah - I'm jealous you lot get together. Wonder if they have supersonic planes that get you there in the speed of light - so I can leave here at say 4pm and be in Florida in time for class? Probably not, huh! Ok I will just stay envious!

  10. I am a bad blog groupie and am waaaaaayyyy behind on reading, commenting and living vicariously through everyone else, but I wanted to say your new pic is FANTASTIC. You, my friend, look smokin' hot and it is not just the 3 glasses of wine I had with dinner doing the talking.

  11. beans beans the musical fruit!!!

  12. Love your name for the dr!! I did not know that about the lift-thanks for the info!

  13. I agree with Jenny--hilarious dr name!!!! And I so can't do beans without some type of terrible gaseousness, so I reserve them for supper only (I know--TMI).

    By the way, I was able to get through breakfast reading this without spitting food on my screen...not that you are losing your funny touch, but I think I am gaining more self control--see, you are helping us be better people in more ways than you realize!!! :) ).

    I think I will DIE in Zumba since I haven't been able (the health thing) to hardly do anything whatsoever in the last few weeeks. However, I will go. If I die, it's in yours and Mary's hands! :) Seriously though, I am clear to do things now; I am worried my stamina will not be up to par at all. Will someone send me a FB reminder btw? I am pretty terrible about remembering things.

  14. LOL I have Gas-X for dessert every night now. Jealous you get to Zumba with Band ladies! And sorry about the thong-riding....

  15. OMG...

    "About one millisecond into dancing I realized I was wearing my Target thong, which has no room for the lady bits, and immediately realized they were riding the little piece of material like a cowboy on a horse."

    This just made me laugh out loud at work!

    I love your blog... you are hillarious!

    Re: stretch marks... Mederma just sent me a new product for stretch marks to try out and post about on my blog. So far, so good. I'll let ya know how it turns out!

  16. LOL you are to funny...20lbs!! I have some catching up to do to kick your butt.those black pants of mine will fit you in no time!