Saturday, April 24, 2010

Peek-a-boo....I miss you

SHAME ON YOUS! I had a simple request...a bloggin blackout while I was on a mini-vacation. And still blogged!


It's official. The world, in fact, does NOT revolve around me.

My worst fear has been confirmed!

We are still at the boat and heading home tomorrow. It's been storming here all day, but it doesnt matter! I am with people I love and loves me a thunderstorm!

I have been a bad...bad...BAD girl. You is what happened.

First, I promised Southern Belle I would not eat any Oreos. And I haven't. Promise kept. I did not however promise her that I would not eat chocolate chip cookies, hostess cupcakes, cheetos, sugary candy, and about 10 diet sunkists.

For real. I have revised the idea that I did not need my fill last week. I pushed it back until next month. I am not basing this on all that crap I ate bc a majority of it was slider crap. But for dinner tonight I actually ate so much food that I was full.

Not top pouch full...but lower stomach, after Thanksgiving dinner, sick to my stomach full. I havent felt that since before the band. And it was disgusting! I didnt really eat an ENORMOUS amount. I had about 2 ounces of steak, corn on the cob, and a little round shortcake with whip cream on top. But I ate it all very fast and that damn cake went right on down. What made it worse was that I was already kinda sick from the 6 cookies and milk I had eaten about an hour before.

Yucky poo.

I wont be able to weigh in for the swimsuit challenge until early Monday morning because we won't get back until late tomorrow night.

Mama is scared.

We are taking lots of pictures and so many good compliments have swelled my head. Too bad my stomach is also swollen from the poison.

I will update more tomorrow hopefully but I need to say one last thing.

My question on Thursday about what do you hide behind...I was blown away and moved to tears with your responses. You guys were so honest, and really thought about your answers! I read them over the course of the 6 hour drive up here. They were remarkable. Thank you for all of your answers.

I love you guys.


  1. You read while you're in the car? How do you do that without getting sick? You couldn't stay away could you? You love us too much don't you? Holy shit - want another question - that was 4 in a row. Me love you lots. Hurry back. Right now. And put the cheetos down.

  2. i just wanna say that i was really surprised (and touched) to get a comment on my blog from you with you being on your excursion and all. i appreciate you!!!! =)

  3. Love you right back!

    Right...slow down. I will too. Stupid food. Ugh.

  4. Meh. The world still revolves around you. ;)

    And we like hearing that you've been bad. Because you've also been so successful, so everyone is hoping that they can be bad like Amy and still lose 130+ pounds.

    Love your face!

  5. Hey Amy,

    Sorry I didn't read any posts in the last day or two so I missed your last post. But after thinking about it, I decided that I wanted to answer it too.

    I was not over weight while young. In fact, I didn't become overweight until about age 30. But then it was all downhill from there and a constant battle for the last 25 years!

    What I have always hid behind (and this was also while I was young and not overweight) was others. I was always on the shy side, and unless I was with some really close friends or family, I was the "wall flower".

    I always preferred to "disappear" into the back ground. My goal was to "not" stand out in a crowd. And I never wanted/want to be the "leader".

    I never really realized this until Walt read your post yesterday and discussed it with me. He also made me realize my statement above about myself! I just always told everyone that I was shy!

  6. Glad you have had fun....good luck on the scales

  7. Okay I am pretty sure we had an agreement about the chocolate chip cookies too! But I will let it slide since I had popcorn, cheese and crackers and french fries yesterday...Good Lord above! The thunderstorms have been great this weekend, drive safe getting home!

  8. Be safe coming home, and stop it with all the junk!!! haha.. hurry home.

  9. Shame on you feel better now?.....Don't worry about it girlie, we all do it, and do you know what I thought when I first opened your blog today. "That LITTLE snot look how close she is to goal" Do what you do girl, you are still going in the right direction!

  10. when i was a kid i was shocked, SHOCKED when i turned on the tv and it didn't pick up where it was when i turned the tv offf :-)

  11. You'll get back on track when you come back from vacation. Don't spend time beating yourself up - just move on. You are so close to goal.

  12. We love you more...don't worry about your minor eating glitch. You're so diligent most of the time that sometimes you just need to walk on the wild side.
    Have a safe trip home and send some good vibes my way for tomorrow's surgery.
    Also, try and stop by my blog and vote on Drazil's names for my band.
    Polls close Monday night.

  13. Did you get to wear the sequins on your boat extravaganza??

  14. Hello!

    I loved your blog the other day about Deep Thoughts and I wanted you to know I mentioned you in mine. I hope it's okay, but you really are an inspiration :)

    You look amazing and I look forward to reading every new post you do!

    Have a great week :)


  15. Glad your back & we love ya too!!

    Good luck on the scale tomorrow, ill be rootin' for you!