Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Vote For One of Us

Oh ladies.  If you have a little time today, we have a fellow bandster in need.  And when I say need I don't mean in terrible, in need of a mood lift sense, I just mean we have a fellow bandster who is one of the success stories and is in a little competition in relation to her said success.

Try not to hate her because she wears a bikini in public and doesn't look like a deflated elephant like some of us (and by us, I mean me).

But if you don't read Katie's blog, she is in a before and after photo competition at her surgery center and will win an ipad and street cred.  So if you would like to vote, here is what you can do:

1. go to

2. LIKE their page

3. Go to their photos... Photo Album PHOTO CONTEST

4. go to MY before and after photos and "LIKE" them both!!! (Katie-fire Wyer)

the end.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. She's got my vote! She and I have the same DR!

  2. Absolutely. We've got to BAND together... huh huh huh. :)