Monday, May 2, 2011

Pop Drinking NINJA

When I was first asked to attend the meeting in San Fransisco, my immediate thought was...Oh Hell.  They haven't read my blog!

And I thought this because I was sure if they had read my blog, they wouldn't really want me to come.  I mean...come on...YOU've read my blog.  I talk about the lapband for sure!   I share my up's and down's.  But sometimes I share too much.  So when I started giving my intro to my blog in my presentation, I warned them:

If you read my may find out more than you want to know.  For example, my last post was entitled "Sigh.  Can we talk about my boobs again".  I said sometimes I talk about dangly bits, sometimes I talk about sagging skin.  And basically, like one of my 'almost mission statements' for the most part, I just talk about what most people THINK about...but are too well mannered to say.

It was funny being in a room full of WLS surgery patients though.  Because at first, everyone was on their best behavior with food and drink.  The drink table had diet coke, sprite, Regular Coke, water, tea, etc.  Well, you better believe wasn't nobody touching the regular coke.

ahem.  But I did.  Like a Coke drinking Ninja, I smuggled them back to my room and drank it up in wine glasses on the rocks. However, I am not a photo taking Ninja.  I sent this picture to Heather to show her my room...

hmmm...I did not notice the Coke sitting on the table.

Not to worry though...Heather did.


  1. I switched over to diet soda from regular soda about three years ago. Now I'm on diet sodastream soda, which is apparently even more healthy for you. However...

    ...sometimes you just need an ice-cold regular Coca-Cola. :)

  2. I'm well behaved and drink diet 99% of the time, but once in a while you've just gotta have the real thing.

  3. Hahaha! Ah, you always make me laugh. And I love that your blog is the honest stuff that people would never talk about it polite company. If I wanted the veneer over WLS issues, I would talk to someone else. (I was going to say "the professionals," but my surgeon actually presents a well-balanced picture of the surgery and life afterward, I think. Oh, you know what I mean.)

    I cannot drink pop. Because pre-op, my blood ran 80/20 diet coke/water, I have given it a try a couple times. It is bad, bad news for me. It is the one thing I miss from pre-surgery days. Hot day = cold diet coke. Fortunately, I live in Seattle, so hot days are a mere figment of my imagination.

  4. LOL! At least there wasn't a 1/2 eaten package of Oreo's in the room. (or *was* there?)

    I miss you!

  5. That smile is hilarious!! Had I been there, I would have been looking for some Crystal Light in Ice Tea w/Natural Lemon. I down that stuff like no tomorrow.

  6. How are you guys able to still drink soda? It just does not work for me anymore, so uncomfortable! Jealous of your Ninja ways Amy!