Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Story Time. Come Sit on My Lap(band)

Mama has something to share... 

But first.  Last week was our annual volleyball tournament here at work.  I am no skilled vball player, I just like to grunt and dive.  And every year I have played.  I opened up my email today and saw this years picture...and I couldn't find me at first.  Do you know why?  Because I was still looking for this girl from a few years ago.
However, I am no longer that girl.  I am this girl.
Huh...how crazy that I swear....I really wasn't looking for that girl.

Moving right along. 

Heather had her pictures taken with her siblings on her mother's side for mother's day.  And I am biased of course because she is my girlfriend, but I think she is the most beautiful person in the world.  And her siblings aren't bad either.  However...I am jealous of the pictures damnit!  I WANT PROFESSIONAL PICTURES TAKEN TOO!!! 

I AM A MODEL (um...in my own mind).  And never in my entire picture loving life have I had real ones taken.  And my senior pictures don't count.  Lord...I should dig some of those up for you.  Whoever thought a neon lime-green polyester button down collared shirt was a good idea...I don't know!

So I made up my mind that I would tie my pictures that have yet to be taken, to me meeting a goal weight.  For sure not because I think one must wait to have pictures taken, but I need some motivation and what better than vanity forever frozen in the form of a digital montage of ME?!  So.  When I see 155 on the scale (damn...I really want those pictures...maybe a solid 160?)...I am getting some taken.

Then end.  Which brings me to my opening sentence....

You know how a typical amy-cycle is good eating for a couple of weeks, "looser eating" for a couple, and back and forth?  Well, I have been on a diet monitoring hiatus for about a month now.  Really since the competition here at work ended.  And my 168 that I hold pretty well is now around 171 and it's time to crack down again.

Speaking of crack...hmmm...that could aid weight loss.

NO!  I don't need that.  But just being present and mindful.  You know...being a good girl.  So let the upside of the cycle begin.  I will keep you posted on that. 

hmmm...what else?

I have several other topics to cover....but as this is getting long winded...I shall save them for another post.

Happy Tuesday!

ooooh ooooh...I forgot to tell you I have bronchitis and a sinus infection!  Awesome! 

Kisses (through a mask for your protection of course)


  1. Awesome idea...I have been toying with the idea of doing professional "pin-up" photos of me..you know...the kinda retro/sexy kind? hmmm...something to ponder indeed. Anyways, I am cheering you on so you can get to your new goal. Can't wait to see those pics.

    PS: Get well soon!

  2. Wow, Amy. I don't think I had seen your before picture(s) before and holy moly. The difference is amazing. You are a gorgeous girl, chica!

    I love Heather's family pictures and wish I could get my family to do something like that. I hope you feel better soon!!

  3. I hope you start feeling better!

  4. Amy - you just have no idea (well, you will soon, because I'm about to tell you) how much of an inspiration you are to me. I enjoy reading your blog so much. I love that you have clearly lived life to the fullest at any size. That means a lot to me because it's what I try to do, as well (not always successfully, haha). Anyway - love the before and after volleyball pictures and not recognizing yourself. In both, you look very happy! You and Heather are such beautiful women - and I'm with you on getting the prof pictures taken, this is a plan of my own, too!

  5. I look forward to seeing the photos... Yay!

  6. I hope you start feeling better soon! and I love your idea of professional pics!

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