Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Being A Decent Human

I need to speak to you's for a moment. (I have decided to start adding 's to words that don't really need them.  Just so you know).

I have also decided that I am on a personal mission to be the best human being I can be.  I am not speaking in Gandhi terms really...I haven't gone that global yet.  Bet I have come across some people lately that appall me.

And I am not usually appalled.  Well...I take that back.

I am appalled rather easily by the following;

Self-righteous arrogance.

And sometimes, when I see such things....let's take the last one for example...when someone is being a pompous ass and completely thinks they are the shit...and SPOUTS to a group of other's about how awesome they are...

my mouth literally drops. 

Because while I confess to be a legend, it should be noted that it is only in my mind and I really just say it for giggles.  I don't REALLY think I am all that special...or a model....or dancer.  Well...maybe a model and dancer...

but I digress.

Have you ever come across someone so completely full of themselves with nothing to back it up?  Or let me put it this way.  So what if I have lost 170 (okay..FINE...less than that at this moment) pounds?  If I am a horrible human being, if I am mean, condescending, grandstanding, and an asshole....it doesn't matter. 

But what it boils down to...is I want to sometimes say to these people...I SEE YOU.  I see the real you that is actually anything but what you portray.  I see the real you that is clinging to certain things and blowing smoke up people's ass in hopes they don't see how ugly your insides are.  I see the real you that despite all your puffing about...you really need a hug and you need to love yourself.

And then I try to think well maybe it is my job as a good human, to actually try and make a connection with these people.  Maybe instead of being all catty and judgmental, I should try and see if I can get past their nonsense into the good.

Aw hell....but sometimes I dont wanna!

So I ask you....are you being a good human today?

I am trying to do a little more...maybe to make up for those who don't.  I always say please and thank you, I always make eye contact, talk to strangers, look for ways to help...

but I can be better at it.  I can do things that maybe make me a little uncomfortable.  I can stretch myself a little more to meet my fellow humans with a little more compassion and love.  I can open my mind, listen more, try to think before I speak. 

I don't always succeed.  But that's my campaign for right now. 

From the land of bronchitis and sinus infections,

I sign off!


  1. "And then I try to think well maybe it is my job as a good human, to actually try and make a connection with these people."

    Nope.. definitely not your job! Life is too short... save your energy for people who are worth it! Loved the volleyball before & after pics.. WOW!! Heather's family looks fab, too!

  2. Hmmm...*note sarcasm*

    I wonder who that "pompous ass and completely thinks they are the shit...and SPOUTS to a group of other's about how awesome they are" is...?

    Great post! :)

  3. Hmmm..it's a thinker. While I'm definitely not one of the pompous or mean, I'm pretty sure I'm not being the best human being I could be either. But you've inspired me to try.

  4. I am from Philly and Yous... is a word in our dictionaries...So go on with your bad self girl! I am hanging on your every word.

  5. BTW... I once started a compliment a day campaign, where I said what I was thinking to random strangers as long as it was complimentary... not like shouting you are hideously ugly and smell like cheese that I left in the car on a summer day... but like you have gorgeous eyes, or I love your outfit you look so put together. I got alot of smiles and was thinking that I should have been the star of the movie Pay it Forward instead of the kid who saw dead people... but a few people got creeped out by my paying forward compliments and since being creepy is worst than being most other things... I don't do it as much anymore... It's like your blogs have me replying in a blog post... instead of a comment. I am long winded, indeed. *M*

  6. Oh, I want to join you on this! I so need to be a better person. Not that I'm a bad person, I just don't go out of my way much to make others feel good. I want to start this as well! Thanks!