Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Low Profile Port

Sometimes, when I don't know what people are talking about, I just nod and make noises that indicate that I in fact, DO know what people are talking about.

It usually works.

Since Chicago, I have been nodding while people tell me they have a low profile port.  I just thought this meant that it was low in their a port ninja.

It turns out there is actually such a thing as a low profile port!

The difference is only about .3mm.  The above pictures are of Lap-band ports, but the realize port comes in around 11.6mm's as well.

My port baby sticks out a lot.  I like it.  It's my port baby for God's sake.  I rub it.  I let people touch it.  Heather bites it. 

Good times.

Dr. Friedman has asked me if I would like him to reposition it...nah I say!  It doesn't ever really bother me.  It doesn't hurt.  When I lay on my stomach doing yoga or something...I can feel it...but it's not bad.

But for those of you investigating, ask about the ports.  Ask about the positioning of your port.  Mine is high up on my stomach, some get theirs very low. 

And when you go in to your doc, discuss the differences between the two band manufacturers.  I didn't even know (at the time of my surgery) that there were two bands out there (I probably was just nodding and grunting when someone said Realize or Lapband).

This is the Lap-Band AP

This is Realize Band-C
When we hear about bands leaking...take a look at this pictures and guess where a leak may occur?  The Lap-band band is pre molded with individual sections and the Realize Band is one continuous "pillow".  Leaking may occur where the creases are in the Realize band, bc it "may" rub together.  Or, just think of your hose in your backyard...if you leave it folded or kinked for the usually ain't good come summertime.

There are also different sizes with each brand.  So ask you doc about that as well.  There is the Lap-band AP (standard APS) with fill volume is around 10ml.  The Lap-band AP (Large APL) has a fill volume around 14m.  The Realize band is around 9, and the Realize band-C is around 11.


  1. You are a fountain of even more information. A girl who works at my univeristy was just banded so I gave her links to your blog as well as Karin's. :) Thanks for all the help you have given me through your words!

  2. Hey Amy! When I had the surgery, I had the low profile port put it (added expense, boo!) in the hopes it wouldn't show as much. Uh, wasted money, my port is and has been on its side. :( Since fills weren't an issue, I just left in. Now 6 years later, it bugs me and honestly kinda hurts at times. I'm wondering if you can share with me where your doctor considers repositioning it to? I'm kinda chicken about it, but as you mentioned in another post, my boobalas are an issue and I'd kinda like to have them lifted and pumped!

    Thanks much,
    Low profile port, 4cc LapBand

  3. Uh, forgot the last part of that - if I do the boobalas, thought I could look into doing the port at the same time : )

  4. My surgeon chose the Lap-Band APS for me, since I didn't have any specific preference one way or the other. Having done a bit more research now, I'm glad that's the one she chose. The Realize band looks like the toy version of something grownup, if that makes sense.

    My port is apparently close to my rib cage, and depending on how I move, sometimes my ribs hit it, and then I get sore. We are monitoring the situation. I am definitely hoping to not have it repositioned, but if additional surgery is needed for anything else, I would probably have her go in and fix that while she's in there.

    I've only lost 40 of the 111 I plan on losing, and I can already feel my port so'll be interesting to see how uch it sticks out when I get lower.

  5. I'm fairly certain I have the low-profile port. Not totally certain, but it's the only one they have as a model in my doctor's office to show patients what will be installed.

    I'd been sad that my port didn't stick out like I've read other people's do. I have to push against my tummy flab to feel it, but it IS there. I'm oddly more comfortable with telling potential Lap patients to go ahead and push to feel it than I ever was letting people touch my belly when I was pregnant.

  6. Right before I had my surgery, like on the operating table, I asked my doc if he was giving me the low profile port. He sort of laughed, shook his head, and said of course! I think they must use it all the time now. Mine does not stick out.

    BTW love "port ninja" ;)

  7. Excellent information, Amy! I hope you don't mind but I shared it on the Band2gether site!

  8. I have no idea which port I have...just that I do have the LAP band...not Realize. Interesting post, thanks!