Monday, May 2, 2011

Allergan And Two Thumbs Way, Way Up

On Wednesday  I boarded a plane to San Fransisco.  For those of you who are on my Facebook page (and don't be shy...we can be friends), you were privy to my highly insightful (read: possibly annoying) traveling tips.  But beside imparting knowledge to my FB BFF's, I was actually traveling with a purpose.

Either by fate, destiny, large amounts of bribery...or more likely...recommendations by the wonderful Karin and Dr. Friedman...I was able to be on the Patient Executive Council for Allergan...the maker of the Lapband.

Question:  Did you even know at the time of surgery that you had a choice in the type of band that was installed?  I of course have the Lapband, made by Allergan (the Realize band is the other option). 

This meeting consisted of 9 "advisors" who somehow have a social media presence in relation to the band.  The room was also full of Allergan employees, Joe Nadglowski from Obesity Action Coalition, and several others. 

We were meeting for several reasons, but it was hopefully an opportunity for the Marketing division of Allergan to get a better understanding of us, and for us to get a better understanding of each other, the band, the other social obstacles and challenges facing not just bandsters or WLS peeps, but those battling obesity in general.

This is why I need my mission statement!  We had to give presentations (5-10) minutes long introducing our site and ourselves.

I was SUPER nervous.

But it went FANTASTIC.  I want to do it again.  I made jokes about my boobs (thanks for Lapband Gal for talking about BOOBS and thus giving me a bump, set, spike for my joke), I talked about WHY I first started my blog, and why I think you guys read it. 

I can't say enough about what a tremendous opportunity this was to meet some amazing people.  You can go to Lapband Gal's site if you would like a link to everyones page or site that was in attendance. 

But a summary is: (and I am not going to use last names bc some people don't roll like that)

Alex-founder of    LBT is where this all started for me.  It was great to meet him. 
Lapband Gal-we all know her!  But I was able to really get to know her this time (there was Chicago of course).  She is amazing and awesome. 
Sandi and Gloria-Sandy and Gloria are both years and years post op and still super successful.  They have their own website, their own book, their own facebook page.  We even got to work out together real early before the meeting started on Thursday.
Yvonne-also known as Bariatric Girl.  Yvonne is a Gastric Bypass patient, nearly a decade successful.  She is very attive in the WLS world.  Yvonne is one of those people who has a beautiful soul.  She is very kind and I think I could learn a lot from her.
Susan-Susan has a website as well.  I hope to get to work with her in the very near future!
Wendy-for anyone who watches YouTube, Wendy is BandedWendy.  She is 8 feet tall, slim, and super successful. 
Bo-Bo is instrumental in  He is also HILARIOUS!  He is a Gastric Bypass patient.

and even though he is not technically "one of us", Joe Nadglowski.  Joe is president of Obesity Action Coalition.  I will be talking more about them in the near future.  But OAC is on FB (look them up) and is key in changing Washington, social issues, etc as it relates to Obesity in general.  Joe is one of those people that always looks like he has a big thought brewing...and he is fighting the good fight. 

My next post will be a little lighter and I will share some stories!  Until then....Happy Monday!


  1. I am so proud of you two ladies!

  2. Awesome! I'm so proud of you!

  3. I know two celebs from BOOBS!

  4. This is cool - we just did a similar thing with Ethicon Endosurgery/Realize.

  5. What an awesome thing to get to do! Maybe their next summit should be at the BOOBS convention.

  6. So proud of you. I wouldn't think of better ambassadors for our awesome little family here on the www. You and Karin ROCK!

  7. Yeah, I know Sandi. She's the reason why I don't go to the Lapband support group meetings. Don't know if you remember the woman who upset me, was condescending to me, right around the time I was excited for my first fill. (Or, since I spoke back to her about how I felt about how she talked to me has adopted talking in that pissy tone of voice at that volume that is fake quiet used to make sure the person you supposed don't want to hear you is SURE to hear you by saying things like "Oh, haven't you forgotten? I'm MEAN.")

    Sandi's a fucking peach.

  8. WOW! You're a super-star. The next call will be from Oprah I just know it!! You ROCK!!!