Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Loving A Lady: The One Year Recap

I have heard it mention that my father thinks I share too much information on Facebook.  Lord...I wonder if he reads my blog! 

I have been mulling over a post now for several weeks.  And yet I have hesitated, bc really...the only people who love sappy, mushy, sugar-sweet confessions of love are those people who are currently wrapped up in a sappy, mushy, sugar-sweet confection of love themselves. 

But...it has to happen.

For no other reason than my brain may explode if I keep things inside of it.  I have no proof of this, since I have never actually kept anything inside of it for an extended period of time...

However, this month marks the year where my life changed.  This month, a year ago, I fell in love with Heather.  Can you believe it has been a year already?

What I want to say is that not a day goes by that I am not reminded of how amazing life can be.  I think for a very long time I believed that love, the way I dreamt of it when I was little, they way I hoped for it when I was growing up...well, for a long time...I had given up on believing in it.  I had resigned myself to what I thought was "real love".  I had come to the conclusion that, okay...you find someone you are fine with, that you get a long with, can stand...and you make it work.  That the Disney idea of love was a crock.  And while I am still waiting for the Disney release of "Jasmine & Belle: The Real L Word"...

I now know that the good stuff is out there.  And I have found it. 

Heather makes me a better person every day.  She loves me.  She supports me.  She puts up with my mood swings and my tears.  She forgives me when I play to rough and hit her in the head with objects (on accident).  She makes me feel beautiful.  She makes me feel like I can do anything.  She makes me feel like my future is limitless.  I know that if I really wanted something, she would find a way to get it. She loves my family.  She loves my dog.  She loves me.  And of course it's not all sunshine and roses....but it doesn't have to be to be the most amazing experience of my life. 

I was laying there in bed thinking last night about love.  We meet thousands and thousands of people in our lives.  And do I believe that there is only ONE person for each of us.  I don't know.  Certainly we can find people in our lives that we love and connect with.  But I would like to think that of all the things that make us unique, that there is another person out their with all of their own uniqueness...and if you are lucky enough, or fate, or destiny, or life gets you to that other person...

There is a lock.  And then your story begins.

Heather doesn't read my blog....so I am not writing this for her benefit.  But I couldn't let a year go by without something said to you guys...my peeps. 

I remember before we really decided to go for it, Heather asked me:

"Are you sure you know what you are getting into?" 

She wanted to make sure I was prepared for the social aspect of it, the family aspect of it, how being with a girl would affect my life.  Well shoot, I wasn't worried about the judgment part.  I was the 327 pound woman prancing around on the beach in a swimsuit...or the 17 year old girl dancing in a damn uni-tartd at 275 pounds on the basketball court...public judgment about what "should" be was never a concern. 

What I wasn't prepared for was the amount of love I would feel.  It's a powerful thing. And I cannot wait to see where this next year takes us...or the next 10....the next 50.

You see this picture?  This is one of my favorites.  We were tanning by my sisters pool and ended up taking about 400 shots with our iphone of us just laughing and playing around.  This picture sums up how I feel everyday. 

I likes it.

So there.  It's over with.  Did you PB just a smidge?  I apologize. 

But did you want my brain to explode?  No.

I didn't think so!


  1. Excellent! Congrats on your amazing love.. I may have PBed a bit though. :)

  2. I'm not remotely in a mushy, sappy love sort of place. But I love this post anyway. I love love. And I'm happy when I see others happy. My life is great and I woudn't want to change it unless it was for something that made it better and posts like this make me realize that is possible. So happy for you!!

  3. Aaaawww...that was a really sweet tribute. She's been so good for you and you deserve no less.

  4. awe. no pb, but i did get a big sappy grin on my face. love is happy and fabulous and I am so glad you have it! Adorable photo :)

  5. Happy anniversary, Amy and Heather! As far as I can tell, love has no gender. Love has no labels. I love love, and I love seeing you two so happy together!

  6. I'm lucky enough to have had 17 years with my soulmate and plan on many more to come, so I totally know how you feel. I was with my first boyfriend for 5 years, bought a house with him and thought we'd end up getting married. I thought because he was nice to me and we got along that he was the one. Thank God I came to my senses and realized that there was more to love.

  7. While I'm far from a happy place, I still hold on to the hope that the love I dreamed about as a girl still exists out there in the world... and maybe even that I might find it one day. Seeing you - and others like you - so happy gives me hope that its true. So happy for you both... may you have many, many happy years of love & laughter together. :)

  8. I'm glad you foud your true happiness, Amy. I just wish some idiots in the world would see how happy you are and realize that happiness and love knows no boundaries.

  9. I've always thought you two were a beautiful couple and this post just proves that you all are as beautiful on the inside as a couple as you are on the outside. It's unfortunate that we live in a society that still makes second-class citizens out of same-sex couples but I really believe things are getting better day by day, and year by year. Much love to the both of you :)

  10. I completely believe in the kind of love that you found. I agree that there is one person out there that is truly your other half. I'm so glad you found it and here's to many more years filled with love.

  11. I loved reading this... but it was no secret. You only have to spend a little bit with you and Heather to see that your love is special, sometimes a little short bus special but special none the less... I love spending time with you and Heather because I sometimes feel alone in my giddyness with George... but when I see you two, I know we are not alone. We would ride the short bus with you anyday, actually we need to ride it most days, but join us whenever you can. XOXO, Love to Heather, *M* PS... Read this to Heather, even though she nevers reads your blog(I love that about her, and the sweet reasons she gave me when I asked) She shouldn't miss out, Your blog is a great read and this is a great tribute.

  12. You wear happy in love so well! Congrats!

  13. Beth Ann took my words. I too love Love.

    How could I not be happy for you? Sure, I was curious what colors would have come from your brain 'sploding, but I can deal.

  14. So nice!! And I can't believe it's been a whole year already! Congratulations and happy anniversary to you and Heather. I am so glad to hear you so happy.

    I'm really curious to know how Tracy is doing and whether you guys are able to be friends. I hope he's moved on and is able to be happy for you.

  15. I am not just happy for you....I am joyful. Your beautiful words made me tear up just a little. :) Congrats! Life and love is amazing. :)

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  17. A beautiful post, Amy! I hope you and Heather have many more years of love and happiness ahead. I've been with my female partner (that adorable skinny so-and-so!) for 20 years. Love is worth celebrating! I just hope I'm easier to love in the future--fat and cranky has been my theme for some time now. Hugs from a fellow LGBT (wannabe) Bandster :-)