Monday, May 23, 2011

Vacation Mayhem

There really wasn't much of it...mayhem that is! But I will share and recap with you guys!  Here is the cabin we rented.  I can't speak highly enough of this place.  It was even better than the website and pictures made it out to be.  It was huge of course, and would be perfect for a family.  It was three floors, clean, well decorated, up-to-date furnishings, a pool table, and a huge hot tub.  We wanted a place to get away that we could have the dogs.  It was pet friendly, secluded, and perfect.  I wants one.
This is us before we left.  Shelby, my dog, has done lots of traveling and it crotchety in his old age.  The pigs haven't ever gone farther than an hour or so in the car.  They all managed pretty well in the backseat of the truck. 
We went hiking one day.  We hiked to some waterfalls, and then kept hiking up the mountain for about an hour and a half one way. was some up hill climbing!  I enjoyed it though and we didnt see any other human beings....which I always enjoy.
My one disappointment was that since it was "summer", we werent allowed to use the fireplace.  I loves me some fireplace now.
Relaxing with Honey May on the wrap around porch.
We went whitewater rafting on our first Saturday there.  The high was 61, is was cloudy and windy, and poor little Heather was frozen from the get go.  Even I was cold and really miserable about 30 minutes into it.  I would do it again in a heartbeat though.  It was class 3 & 4 rapids.  I did manage to "ride the bull" in the last bit of sit on the front of the raft with your legs dangling over and hold onto the tow rope.  It was badass.

Rockstar if you will.

I would have bought pictures but they were expensive!  Even for a photowhore like me.  We ate naughty (well...I did...more than usual).  Fried green beans that were to die for, pizza, apple cider donuts.  Yum.

Mr. Scale was not appreciative of such fine dining, and rang in with a horrific 173.4.

Blah.  So back to work, back to working out, and back to working the diet.  In all honesty I haven't worked the diet in awhile.


tsk tsk tsk.

Happy Monday loves!  I have missed you!


  1. it really sounds like an awesome vacation! I love being in the cabins in the woods like that. Haven't been in about 9 years. So glad you guys had such a great time!

  2. Your cabin looks really nice.

    And I'm glad you guys had fun.

    I LOVE whitewater rafting. My sister and I went to some rapids in north Georgia during high school, but I don't remember exactly where (could've been the same spot you went?). And we went on our honeymoon too. If we had rapids around here, I would probably take WWR up as a sport!

  3. I'm glad you had such a nice trip!

  4. We've missed you too!

    That cabin looks Bad Ass! I wants one too.

  5. Yay! It sounds amazing! You are a rockstar! Great cabin... It sounds just like what the Doctor ordered... Doctor Love that is!

  6. So I've been lurking and reading your blog from the beginning and I'm only on March 2010 now (so many posts!) and I've already decided that if we met in real life we'd be BFF and then today I clicked on this post and saw the bullies and Shelby! So now I know we would definitely be BFF because my gf and I have 2 English Bulldogs and I can't get enough of their slobbery, farting love! Anyway, now that I've written this very stalkerish post I want to say thank you for sharing your story and being a lapband inspiration. I'll try to finish the rest of your blog soon!

  7. Sounds so much fun! I totally want to go!

  8. are you at liberty to say who you rented the cabin from?

  9. are you at liberty to say who you rented from?

  10. that cabin is beautiful, glad ya'll had a great time. I've been tryna convince my honey to get a cabin on the lake for a weekend, we'll see...

  11. The picture with you and Honey May - that right there is why I am so desperate to have the surgery. To sit in a chair comfortably with my leg pulled up, AND have room for a dog? Honestly, it's the simple little daily things that make the $14,000 self-pay price so worth it to me. I yearn for it, and I will have it. Hopefully, one day soon.

    On a lighter note, your vaca looks like tons of fun! :)