Monday, September 21, 2009

A Yummy Lean Cuisine Meal

An oxymoron you say? I bought this bc I wanted something I could grab and take to work with me for lunch. I wasn't expecting very much. was actually kinda tasty. With a little taco sauce and some light sour cream, it would have been even better.
Lean Cuisine Baja Style Chicken Quesidilla
280 calories
8 grams of fat
18 grams of protein
I wish it would have been a whole grain/wheat shell...and the sodium was a little high (680mg or 1/3 of your recommended daily intake) but still. I would recommend it!


  1. The chicken enchilada suiza they have ROCKS! Highly recommend it...

  2. Oooooooh, I LOVE this one! I just tried it the other day, so yummy.

  3. (Starts fist shaking!!!!)


    We don't have these yet in Canada!

    (Ends fist shaking)

  4. I haven't had a Lean Cuisine since surgery. I'm looking forward to finally eating one and being full afterwords.

  5. Looks great (except for the tortilla I can't eat...LOL). Darn!

  6. I just read an article describing a weight loss study where one group was put on Lean Cuisine type meals and the other group was told to eat the same amount of calories but could choose their own foods. The LC group lost way more! I am a LC fan precisely because of the portion control aspect. Takes all the guesswork out of deciding what to eat.

  7. Just put LC on my grocery list! Thanks!

  8. I really like their paninis. I'll have to give this one a try...thanks!