Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Food Thoughts

When you are making your plate or meal, do you ever feel like you are preparing the food for a 2 year old? Today for lunch I brought a yummy hamburger patty, and as I was cutting it into little pieces it occurred to me...this is how we feed small children. You know what I am talking about. Picture the high chair and it's little "table" with bits of food just right for grabbing with nubby little fingers. Then I put my spread of ketchup, pickle bits, diced tomato, and mayo on top and mush it all together and NOW it could have come straight out of a baby food jar.

Taste damn good though.

Also, let me introduce you to my snack of the week.

Pirates Booty. Have you ever had it? This is picture I got off the web, and it is hard to tell the bag size, but it is a good sized bag, and I have had some everyday, as has my boss, and we still have some left. Technically, there are 4 servings to a bag, with 140 calories a serving. I had Pirates Booty YEARS ago, and was walking around one of our natural/organic food stores and thought I would pick up a bag. Light and fluffy, sort of the consistency of cheese puff. Different though. Just wanted to share.

Also, I had a thought today. (gasp) I was thinking about how after my unfill I am a little looser than I want to be, and realized that I still wait for the band to tell me when to stop eating instead of stopping and asking myself if I am hungry anymore. I experienced this last night when I couldnt finish my hamburger patty. I had just a few bites left and I was experiencing that dull pain in the band that warns me not to take another bite. I was bummed bc I just wanted to finish it. It was so good. So I thought I would wait until some of the food passed so I could eat more and the light bulb went off! I asked myself if I really needed to eat more. Was I still hungry? The answer was no.

So Tracey decided he would finish off the remainder of my delicious hamburger mush. ahha, he didnt think it tasted as good as I did. Of course, 8 months ago that wouldnt have been my idea of a good meal either. Everything is relative!


  1. Amy, Amy, we are TOTALLY in the same place right now! That was what I was thinking this AM with my post, that I have been using my band to tell me when to stop eating vs. listening to my head to know that I've had enough and I am full. I have GOT to start using my head!!! Maybe being unfull will be a good thing for me, to really get myself into the true groove of being banded.

  2. It is hard at times to take the time to listen to our bodies and realize that we don't have to be a member of the "clean plate" club anymore. It is ok to leave food on our plates. I am very proud of you.

  3. I'm a big fan of the booty. We switched to this instead of Cheetos and the babes seem to think it's just as good!

  4. As someone new to being banded, it was good to hear you guys say this.

    I've been thinking alot about that. I use theband to tell me when to stop- I have to, I'm so new and not good at eye balling a portion yet.

    But I was wondering if it would always be that way, or if I'd get to a point where I could reach "just right" before the band even comes into play, if you know what I mean?

    And so funny, re: feeding a kid- yes, that's how I feel, too. Plus I find myself doing odd things with food- because I want protein and I don't want to waste my time and calories on "filler" food. It's very new for me. I realize now I used to mainly live on fake, filler foods.

  5. I love Pirate Booty! Ha! They have a caramel flavor too....delish!

  6. We love Pirate Booty if you live near a Trader Joe's they have their own brand that is cheaper and they have sour cream & onion.:)
    It was interesting to hear that you get a little pain when you feel very full because I get a pain too. When I mentioned it at the Dr. at my first appointment they seemed to think it was weird, but I kind of depend on it as I'm learning.

  7. I think it's A-OK to use the band to tell you when to stop initially. It's the reason for it. The band is there to make us stop and think, feel the pain, learn from it. I would assume by 6-9 mths out you could gradually learn to do this on your own w/o listening to the band. But I think it's absolutely necessary in the beginning b/c we are learning a new way of life, eating, and thinking.

  8. You eventually learn your bodies signs without the pain. Mine is a hiccup...if I go much further after that, I burp and then comes the pain. It is totally a mental battle in the beginning, but you'll get there! Eating is no fun for me anymore (except ice cream and Godiva truffles...LOL) but it being "fun" is what got me where I was, so I don't mind.