Monday, September 28, 2009

Sweet Sugary MotherGoose...

...I gained 5 pounds this week. hahahaha....

Seriously. My parents are staying with us and I have eaten snacks like I wasn't even trying to change my life! Oreos, keylime pie, cheetos, chocolate chip cookies, queso, etc. And so, the scale reflected that. Not really too upset about it...bc I knew it was coming. More upset that I let myself get off track, and these 5 pounds I just gained were the same ones I worked hard to lose from the cruise (oooh that rhymed).

But I begin again.

I can't decide if I need a little fill to help me since clearly I am failing at helping myself. Today I am thinking YES, bc that is what the band is step up when we can't...but most of the time I think NO, I have to do my part.

Aw, what to do, what to do.

My computer at home is still broke, so I havent caught up on the blogs yet from the weekend! Yesterday we went to the beach and I spent most of my time in the water (normal), mermaiding around. I love this attractive picture of me snorkeling! haha...nice hair!


  1. Ames, good for you for keeping this in perspective. It's not so upsetting when you know what behaviours you've been doing that led to this - you've got it all right there, listed for us. Sometimes I feel like I just need a weight loss vacation - even if it means more hard work on the other end. You've had your fun, now buck up and do it like I know ya can. A-Squared always.

  2. Well, that sucks, but nothing to do but get back in the saddle. Hey the snorkeling looks awesome! Jealous!

  3. Okay, that's a bummer, but you'll get there. At least you were out there enjoying life and nice weather!

  4. At least you have a great outlook on things! You will get back on track - no doubt!

  5. Hey Lady -

    Quick question...why wouldn't you get a fill? Agree that we still have to do our part, but if you are able to eat any type of food right now without a problem, sounds like a fill might help. I'm not sure if you're like me in this case, I'd be saying "I can do this, I've got the will power", but at the same time, we spent money to get this thing, why not make the most of it.

    Five pounds or not, you have lost so much weight so quickly!! AMAZING!

  6. Good for you for owning up to it! :) I go up and down easier than a see saw so I understand that feeling. It's never easy to swallow but at least you know what you did to warrant it! :)

    CUTE picture, lol.. love the hair :)

  7. At least you recognise why you put will get back on track, and a wee fill might help you along....having visitors always puts me off track! Just enjoy having the parents around....

  8. Socializing in general is still tough for me. I've been a bit of a hermit lately.

    I *know* I can order the salad, but I don't trust myself to follow through and say the words, "Salad, hold the dressing, please." So right now I choose social outings very carefully.

    I can only imagine the havoc a house guest would wreak!

    You'll lose the 5 lbs. Quickly. And as someone who's new and who's been following your journey it's nice to see that you have your moments, too. It helps to know we're not in this alone and we're not the only ones who screw up from time to time. We all struggle with food afterall, it's what we have in common aside from the band.

    But I'm with Jenny, I'm wondering if you're not holding on to the idea of "self willpower" right now as a subtle form of punishment? Maybe what you need right now is to take your willpower out of the equation for a little time off and leave it up to the band? Just wondering if that would help and give you a break from thinking about food too much.


  9. The title of this post had me laughing out loud. I love reading your blog & keeping up with your great progress so far!

  10. Hi Ladies! I should have clarified about the fill. I have a good amount of restriction. For example, today I was eating my lean cuisine baja quesidilla, and it got stuck. If I were to be a good girl and eat protein first, I would be full. But this week and weekend, I was eating when I wasnt even hungry. Like yesteday, I will just feeling full and bloated and was nowhere NEAR hungry or even having actual cravings, but I got up and ate some chocolate and had a diet pop, and a few oreos. When I was really tight before the cruise and before my unfill, I wouldnt have been able to eat all the junk food...but I could barely eat the good healthy food that's not good. If I go back for another fill, I think I really need just a small one...maybe .25ccs. But the point of the band isnt to make it so tight we can barely it? I dont know? Maybe it is for those of us who are twisted and a wreck?

    woo, I babble. I guess I want to make sure I am getting a fill bc I need one, not just bc I am currently "cheating" the band and eating around it. yes?

  11. Don't fret too much. I've been following your blog (it's hilarious by the way!), and I am sure that you will lose it, you just have to get that determination back.

    I won't be as lucky as you, having a significant other that doesn't watch every bite you take! My husband (gotta love him :)) will be watching me all the time so I don't cheat!

    Anyway, you are sooo lucky to live so close to water and great views. I'm sooo jealous. :)

  12. Amy, you will knock those 5 pounds out in no time at all. You know what you need to do and you haven't been afraid of the work yet. As far as the fill, I probably wouldn't yet, if you have restriction with good/healthy foods. Even with a lot of restriction it is easy to eat too much of the snack foods you mentioned. I would hate for you to get the fill and then have problems with your proteins. Give it a week and see how it goes.

  13. Oh sweetie pie! You dang parents! haha! Good luck on getting back on track. It's not like the train completely derailed, it just stopped for a bit. Now it's back in action!

  14. You'll get back on! It is good to see people that have had success with the band still have their moments of weakness and get right back on!!
    Snorkeling is amazing!!

  15. Amy- I feel you girlfriend. I've been eating like crap and it's my own fault. It's easy when life is busy to get back into old habits. I'm going this wednesday to the group band therapy session, hoping it will get me back to motivated. Hugs!!

  16. Cute hair, Aimes, I say it's cute hair!!
    Seriously... by now you would pretty much know how this whole band thing rolls - and how our damn heads can get in the way of all decisions we should or shouldn't make. So you put some weight on.. maybe your hormones were talking.. maybe you just felt like taking a little break from being so good all the time.. or maybe it was nothing.. just a sneaky break from routine and you gained a little.. but this is you we are talking about.. and I betcha you will blow that off again in no time!
    Let us know how you went.
    Cara :) xx