Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Stucky Situation

Truth be know, my last fill almost 2 weeks ago has left me a little too tight. I have not had the acid reflux like Loosing in 2009 or anything near as horrible as Sarah, but it's tight ladies and I wanted to mention it just for educational purposes.

My last fill put me oh...about 4ccs in a 10ish cc band. I had a pretty good restriction before the fill, but it had loosened up and I could definitely eat about 2 cups of food...so it was time. But I think I bypassed the sweet spot!

I can't eat much in the way of solid protein, fruits, or veggies. Sometimes I can eat a little protein. For example, I made some juicy pulled bbq chicken and managed to eat it for lunch...about 1/2 a cup. But when I tried to eat it the night before for dinner...stuck. I have tried several times to eat this casserole I made with ground beef, veggies, mushroom soup etc....stuck. A few grapes today...stuck. A little pasta...stuck. I am eating slow and little bites. I have spoken to some bandsters on LBT that like to be really tight. Not so much for me. Here are the problems with being too tight:

1. It is so hard to eat healthy when the healthy stuff gets stuck. Most junk food gets stuck as well now, but things like ice cream, or applesauce, croutons, etc...do not equal nutrition. I still probably get around 1200 calories a day, but it now consists of crazing and less than great choices. Not cool.

2. Protein is slim. And I should be adding some shakes to make up for this.

3. I PB almost every day. And this is not good for my band, and honestly...it has become to easy or "normal". I sit down to eat, take a few bites and in less than 10 minutes I stand up, Tracey says "Sick?" I say yes and off I go to the bathroom.

4. Twice in the last two weeks I have been so desperate at dinner time to taste something real, that once I get that stuck feeling and know that it is going to come up...I shovel a couple
big mouthfuls just because I want to taste the damn food. I know it is going to make it worse, but if it is about to come up anyways...cant I get a few bites in? Slightly psychotic thought.

5. This isnt going to help the hair loss. Tracey thinks it is slowing bc there is less on
the bathroom floor, but that is because I work on it in the shower and watch it as it pretends to go down the drain. I know it doesnt really make it, and I am creating another "hair monster" that Tracey will have to put his plastic gloves on and pull out. Bless his heart.

With all that said, I will not be going in for an unfill (unless acid reflux starts up or the PBing doesnt stop).

What does this mean for the cruise? That has me a little worried. I am not bummed I can't pig out, but I dont want to be puking in my nice sparkly dress and heels ya know? I am going to hope for soups and great desserts!


  1. Yeoch.

    Do you think you'll ride it through the cruise and then consider a tiny unfill if it doesn't get better.

    I'm just thinking that since the healthy stuff is hard to get down, esp. protein you may start relying on sliders and shakes a little more than usual and get the same amount of calories as before, but not the good nutrition?

    I only ask because I can see myself wrestling with a similar quandry once I get to the stage where I'm looking for my sweetspot.

    Here's to hoping it will loosen a bit on it's own- just enough to hit paydirt!

  2. I LOVE your blog. I have to admit I'm addicted to it! I came across it on Catherine's site. I stumbled onto her blog from lapbandtalk. I'm also in Florida (Jacksonville). I hope you have a great cruise and I can't wait to read all about it.

  3. Ahhh, Ames, I'd hate for you to not enjoy the gastrinomical festivities we all know cruises are famous for. Pigging out aside, you really don't want to be hurling after every meal, and thinking about Brooke's situation, with something being stuck and then irritating your little pouch beyond happiness! That would really bite!
    I'm sure you know what's best for you...I'm excited about your cruise experience! Have a great time, we'll miss you!!

  4. Ah Kathi and Brooke...I know that I should be a good bandster and go in for a slight unfill. My worry is that it seems when people go in for an unfill they usually take out so much. But my doc might be different. My hope was and still kinda is...that the damn thing will loosen up a tad. Brooke, you are right, I am starting to reach for anything that will go down. For example, I just at a damn Twix! It wasnt even good! Now, how does a Twix go down but a grape wont?

  5. Grapes are tricky! I got stuck on those w/ my first tiny fill. I think you are fine to enjoy your cruise for now. But definetley go in and BEG your md to do a SMALL unfill. But, if he does a bigger one, you know you were doing awesome before! So you will be able to continu to do awesome no matter what!

  6. Amy, it is your choice, but I would urge you to go in for a small unfill, especially before the cruise. When I was overfilled, I kept irritating and irritating my pouch until I could no longer even get water down. The most miserable 18 hours of my life, from that point till I could get to P'Cola for an unfill.

  7. Amy, PLEASE get a tiny unfill. Just .5ccs. It may make all the difference in the world. Please! I hate for you to be like this. It can't be fun rushing to the bathroom all the time.

    About the hair. At Lowes, Home Dept and even Target, they have something called zip it. It is this white plastic thing. You put it down the drain and them pull it back up. It removes lots of hair from the drain....yep, luckily I have lots, cuz I continue to lose it.

    Oh, and someone that reads your blog recommended it to a newbie on LBT and I had to throw my two cents in as well...


  8. Gosh... I'm with the girls... I'm feeling SO TIGHT - that I'm contemplating calling about having .25 cc's taken out... I can eat, but I'm still getting a good amount of reflux. Yuck. I think I need to go with bland foods for the next few days and see if that fixes it as I've been eating spicer things... But... you might want a slight unfill and not have any worries for the cruise??? Tough decision though.

  9. As a prebandster I don't have much to contribute about your fill...just wanted to say have fun on your cruise!!!

  10. I've only had one fill but I've had 3 episodes of "stuck" since then....wondering what my next fill will bring?! Does more "sticking" mean too tight? Guess I'll find out after the 14th! Thanks for your blog and have a wonderful vacation!! ;-)

  11. Prebandster here as well but so I'm not familiar with all everything. I'm assuming PB means to vomit but what does that stand for? And what's up with the hair loss? Is that a side-effect or something of the weight loss? Thanks for the blog! Learning so much. :D