Monday, September 21, 2009

A-Squared Challenge Results

Today makes one week since Angie and I decided to get our shit together and stop peddling backwards. I lost 2.5 pounds this week. I should be happy but yesterday morning I was down 4 pounds! SO, I am happy but COULD have been happier. I did share some naughty things with Tracey yesterday (I am talking about food here dirty birds). We split a milk shake at Red Robin and had a piece of Key Lime Cheesecake at home for dessert....

So I will take my 2.5 pounds. BUT, I needed my 4 pound loss to get me back to where I was before the cruise. I left for the cruise weighing 232, 95 down. But I know I will get there this week. Just a shame it only takes 4 days to gain 6-7 pounds and over 2 weeks to lose it! ARGH.

But what really put me in a funk this morning was my clothing situation. Do you remember weeks ago when I confessed that I broke down and ordered 2 pairs of slack from Lane Bryant? Well after a huge shipping snafu, they came on Friday. They are a 3P red. One in the old faithful black, and the other in heather ginger. I am so excited to have something other than black and something that doesn't give the appearance of poop in my drawers. But they are still a little tight. Not much. And with spanx they look okay, but when I sit down....I fear busting a seam. So I didnt wear them today, and instead wore my droopy slacks. Lately my clothes have been putting me in a bad mood. Sigh. Lots of bitching today huh?

Clothes are important to me. And when I don't feel put together I get grumpy. I need some nice tops. I need those damn pants to fit me! Most of my money these last couple of months have gone to the cruise or to the room redo, so maybe next paycheck I will invest a little in me. Sounds good.

I discovered I could eat a few things that I wouldn't have even tried during those 2 weeks when I was really tight. First, apples. I hadnt tried to eat an apple since surgery...thought the skin would give me problems. But I enjoyed an organic Pink Lady on Friday and have had an apple every day since. Also, one of my most favorite fat girl binge foods before band were frozen waffles. YUM YUM! I would eat like 4 or 6 if no one was watching, smothered in butter and syrup. Now I can eat one. It's whole wheat, and I put some peanut butter on it with a little bit of orange marmalade jelly. Oh yes. OH YES. It has about 300 calories total, but a great way to start the day and it satisfies me for a little while.

Hope everyone is feeling the love today. If not, I am giving your a virtual hug right now. Did you feel it?


  1. I feel the hugs and send them back to ya babe. :::::::::HUGS::::::::::::

  2. Amy,

    I just wanted to say "Hi" - I have read your blog from start to finish - don't worry I am not a stalker! I go in for surgery on the 6th and my knees are knocking - I am terrified but also excited. I read quite a few blogs, but your's and Catherine's really stand out for me. Reading these blogs reminds me that I made the right decision. Everyone's success stories will continue to inspire me to be my best. It also helps me to understand that shit happens and life goes on. I don't really know why I am posting so much - this is YOUR blog after all :)

    Good Luck and keep on rockn'!

  3. Amy ~ love how truthful you are about eating more waffles when no one was looking! Good job on the 2.5 lb weight loss ~ slow but steady is good and you'll be pre cruise weight again soon then downward you will go....

  4. Thanks for the hugs - need them today! What a blah monday... BUT... it's always better when my blog-buddies are posting!!! Congrats on the loss... good job!

  5. I needed that hug today girl...I'm having one of those days....Back at cha! :-)

  6. I like the waffles too. I buy the wheat ones for my boys but "back in the day" I'd throw down like 4-6 of the choc chip w/ no syrup or butter or anything. I've been thinking about having one of the wheat ones and just throwing a few choc chips on top, hehe!

    Good thing you can eat apples, they are good for you!

  7. hey Amy, I hear you about the clothes issue.

    On the one hand I am happy I am losing weight and love the idea of new clothes. But it's expensive and I kinda get "addicted" to new clothes.

    So, when I try on something old that doesn't fit right my mind immediately wants new clothes, but I know I can't/shouldn't because I can't afford to live like that (!) and, I'll grow out of them really fast, so it's a waste of money.

    But I still feel ripped off about it because I'm like you- I express myself thru my clothes and need to feel that I'm looking well groomed.

    Ahh well, we'll all be size 6's soon and at that point we'll amass giant wardrobes and never have to put up with "inbetween transition clothes until we reach goal" again!

  8. Amy, look how close you are to the 100 mark! It is right around the corner and it will be a day to celebrate....looking forward to it!