Friday, September 18, 2009

Amy's Water Retention Theory

So here is a theory that I have long believed, or at least told myself. Lord only knows where I heard it, or from what education talk shows I pulled the info from, but we all know that when we start working out sometimes the scale stops for a moment. Now, this is of course bc we are burning fat and replacing it with muscle, which weighs more than our fat...BUT, you know when you are sore from your workout? Well you are sore because you have put tiny little tears in your muscles, and your body is responding. And I kinda thought that this is also coupled with your muscles being a little swollen and retaining water...(and here is finally my theory), so in addition to adding muscle, you body is temporarily holding on to excess fluids and this may result in stall, or even temporary weight gain.

Yes? Do you like?

Well, I did that horrible torture device also known as the Pilates machine on Tuesday night. Just 30 minutes. Where I felt the most pain at the time was in my hip flexors.

It was pretty intense, but the instructor told me it was normal for beginners. The day after, I was feeling okay. The next day...I could barely walk. Last night in bed...I could barely move. They hurt so bad.

My coworker said I was experiencing delayed onset muscle soreness...or DOMS. I thought she made the term DOMS up. I mean we all know why we are sore after working out, but I didnt know it had an official title. Turns out it does! And if you google it, you can read all about it. hold on to your pants bc it's about to all come together....Do you know what one of the side effects of DOMS is? Muscle swelling and water retention.

Thank you. I am a genius.

Okay, not really. And I don't know if the fluid we are retaining while our muscles are sore even amounts to one pound...but...we can at least tell ourselves that...and I dont know about makes me feel a little better!


  1. Good Info to know...I did Spin class this morning and it was INTENSE! But Im addicted to it!!! :o)

  2. My hubby is getting his masters in sports rehab and he tells me about DOMS all the time ~ especially the days I can hardly walk LOL. Good job and great research ~ that's exactly why I say sometimes the scale just LIES!! ;-)

  3. OH THANK GOD!!! There is a reason to my weight gain!!! I love you Amy - really, I do! :-)

  4. Good post and awesome detective work! I had never put the DOMS together with fluid retention for extra weight on the scale- ever! So now I have two culrpits to blame.

    Two culprits is waaay better than one!

    Re: Pilates. I have never done the machine. I did a year and a half of mat work and yep, total tugging on the hip flexors. My neck never bothered me though. I really liked it, and same thing, two days later and wham! I could feel every muscle in every part of my body. (which I found strangely reassuring).

    When I can do ab work I will sign up for pilates again. I'd LOOOOVE to do the machine work but the cost here is about the same $22-$25 for 30 minutes and they recommend 2-3x a week. That's $2484.00 p/ year with tax!!!

  5. I am totally digging your theory! And I wish my Y had a pilates machine, I'd love to try it out.

  6. So you mean I might have actually seen sub-150 today if I hadn't worked out this week...LOL!

    I am hurting. It is amazing, that I can run for 45 minutes no big deal but do a wii active workout and am dying.

  7. I always suspected you were a genius!!!

  8. Amy, you are pretty, funny, adventurous, and very clever to boot...the perfect package!

    And I never would have put that together!!! I'm glad you told me though!!!

  9. lol... I can use this the next time I weigh in. Very informative, thanks!