Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tina has been deflowered

At least in terms of never being unfilled. I went in and was so happy to see my wonderful doc bc he makes me feel like a rockstar. Angie, the doc in training, is always with him and has been doing my fills lately. He was so impressed with how my stomach has changed, said I was hot, and wanted to know if I had been shopping for bikinis yet. aww....he probably tells all the girls that!

Up on the table I go. Angie pulls all the fluid out of my band and it was 5ccs (more than I thought). She put 4.5ccs back in. He told me that seven pounds in 2 weeks was a little too much (not really dear doctor), but that he didnt want to make me too loose and see my back track. I said sweet Lord me either...I just didnt want to damage my band or be Captain McPukey on the cruise.

I had to pay my co-pay which sucked bc it was money I had planned for the cruise...but oh well. So is life my peeps, so is life!

Just for the record my official weight precruise is 232.5. A total loss of 94.5 pounds in 7 months, 1 week. I am hoping that I dont gain more than 3 pounds on the cruise. Whatever happens though I will get it off, I just dont want to go backwards. I will probably blog again before we leave tomorrow!


  1. Have so much fun Amy!! I'm not sure what we'll do without you blogging for the week. Can't wait to see pics from the cruise. Sounds like the unfill went just as you wanted it too, not too much out of your band. Have fun!!!

  2. Well, I am glad to hear that! I was really worried about you. Have a blast on your cruise!!

  3. Amy Darling! Thanks for writing me...and saying you missed are so sweet. I am glad Tina got de-flowered a bit so you can enjoy youself on the cruise! Your newer pictures are amazing Amy. You look like a different person. Well the same beautiful gal, just bit improved! Almost 100 pounds? You must be so happy, and we are happy for you! You are going to literally "Rock the Boat" (lol) I am going to call the MD today! Much love, Linda

  4. So glad! wise choice buddy, wise choice! Didn't want to out you on facebook that's why I was careful w/ my phrasing. Have a fan-tabulous trip!