Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pilates, Belly Dancing, and Jingle Bells

Last night I went to the gym with my boss for free tour. This included a 30 minute Pilates class using the the Pilates machine. Have you guys ever used one? I have done Pilates in the past on the floor...hateful exercise and super hard...but never the machine. Here is a picture of a machine, although the one at the gym had more bells and whistles.

Wow it was tough! It was awesome to try it though, bc usually a full hour is $20. After that, we went and did some circuit training, and finally went to our belly dancing class. Now I have done some belly dancing on FitTV. Great for the abs. This class was different though. Our instructor was normal sized, full of tattoos, and a litte full of herself! It was an hour long class and she spent probably 35 minutes of that covering the basis moves. I had a great time wearing my jingle bell skirt...I need one real bad! But, I expected more of a workout. It was actually more of a how-to-really-bellydance class.

Day 3 of the A-squared challenge has begun, and I am doing good. Havent checked in with Angie this morning, but I will shortly. I am trying to get back on to my vitamin routine bc I have fallen off track with that. I added a new vitamin in addition to my multi and calcium. I has taking prenatals, but will try this instead for hair loss and my nails.

The only one that is missing is my B-12 sublingual that I take M-F, two little pills before I walk out the door. You pop them under your tongue and they dissolve, sort of taste like grape/cherry. This is my brand, but mine are only 500 mg's. I am supposed to get 5000 a week. That's why I take 2 a morning M-F.
Also, I wanted to show you how I can sit in my desk chair now. It is hard to see in this picture, but I am sitting criss cross applesauce or "Indian style". Wouldnt have been able to do this at 327!

Hope everyone is having a great day. I have to teach a class I dont enjoy this afternoon, so I look forward to this work day being over~!


  1. you are doing awesome. i am day 2 of being back it full force.

    "if you set a goal - achieve it"

  2. I'm on track with you!! Feels good. Also started my vitamins again this morning ~ I've been slacking in that area as well. Why can't I remember my vitamins when I can remember to eat so well?! ;-)

  3. Amy- I take that liquidgel vitamin too and it's a huge sucker, but it gets a lot in daily. I have never taken a b-12, is it necessary?
    Belly dancing class sounds fun! My mom and I talked about either doing that or taking a lap dance class when I get a little smaller. FUN!

  4. the first time i heard "criss cross applesauce" i about peed in my pants! damn political correctness.

    i just cant't wait for my feet to quit going numb when i sit on the floor.

  5. Amy, I read your blog a lot at work (shhhh, don't tell). Especially when I am feeling down or....don't want to work I guess. But I really enjoy it and just wanted to let you know.

    I came across your blog through the bandsters web site. You commented on one of my posts and since we had the same name I checked out your profile....and now I'm hooked! So thanks for posting so frequently as it seems like lately I really, really, really don't like to work.


  6. Criss Cross APplesauce... I long for the days of Indian Style! I said that to my 5 year old, and she QUICKLY corrected me that it was CCAS... Oh well! I've noticed I can sit with my legs up on the dash in the car now. Not safe, but never could do that before!!!

  7. I'm glad I'm not the only one striving to get back on track. I need to up the vitamins as well, I just do one multi. And I would LOVE to try the pilates, looks interesting. I'd say belly dancing is more for toning and making you feel pretty, not a real cardio workout.

    I think you're doing awesome and I love all the pics!