Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye West Can Suck It

*Just wanted to put that in the old title after what happened on the VMA's last night.

Moving right along...

Well this weekend was full of house related work as we continue to improve our front entry way. I will elaborate on that in a moment.

First: HELLO NEW READERS! I am giving you a cyber chest bump!

Second: Weight loss news. Well, I have lost 2 of the 6ish pounds I gained on the cruise and the days that followed. Which brings me back down to 236, total of 91 pounds lost. This week I intend to lose the remaining 4, to get back down to 232. And I will do this bc Angie and I decided we would get our act together and keep things simple and clean this week. Nothing extraordinary, but time to get back on track. No skipping meals, no drinking sunkist or adult beverages, protein first, water, etc.

It is amazing how easy it is to slip back into old habits. And if I can gain 6 pounds on a 4 day cruise, obviously...we need more than the band to achieve our weight loss goals. But we all know this. Sometimes we forget though and I will look at my naughtiness as a learning opportunity :)

Third: Back to the house. Now, you should know that I moved in with Tracey one year ago. This is his house, and he has lived there for 17 years. When the house was bought, they paid $11,000 for it. That's right. You read correctly. Since then, the Tracey has added our current living room, a garage, our master bedroom, a room that will be our new kitchen someday, and a laundry room.

What we are working on is our front entry room, which used to be the original living room. We live in a block house (the old part of the house is basically concrete block). There was green carpet that was probably about 40 years old. Under the green carpet is a horrible asbestos filled brown vinyl tile, put down with TAR!!! We will eventually pull that up and put down nice tile. But, that is the next round of money and time. SO, we pulled the carpet, cleaned the horrible brown tile, caulked the wall and holes, sanded the baseboards, fixed the ceiling, and started to paint. I will be covering the brown tile with a wonderful 8 x 10 rug I bought. I also bought the most beautiful mirror from Pier One. We are also adding a bookshelf, entry table, and pictures on the wall. We went with a dark smokey blue on the walls, and I am doing cream colored drapes from World Market. We still have to finish some painting, so you dont get after pictures until we are done...but here are some before pictures so you can see why we had to do something!

The wall with some of the color samples we tried. The blue is what we went with. Tracey is trimming out.

A close up of the brown tile and green carpet.

Looking out the front.

Looking into the kitchen. Soooo tiny.

Blurry shot, but looking into the living room.

Blurry again. Looking in FROM the living room.

My man hard at work


  1. Gosh, Kayne is a piece of crap! I cant believe what he did to poor little Taylor Swift! UGH! He will do anything for attention...can't stand him!!

  2. Just checking in to say Tracey is a total stud.

  3. Thanks Gen! I will let him know. It's always good to stroke his ego.


  4. I didn't hear what happened to Taylor Swift?!

    I think your house is adorable! And how cool to be making it over at the same time you're making over your beautiful bod-very symbolic.

  5. PS- I love your grandfather clock!

  6. Hi there lady. Sounds like you had a busy weekend, productive too. I <3 the mirror you bought, I have some mosaic pieces like that I got from a candle party that I just love. I agree that we can't just rely on the band because eating crap can still make us gain weight. I hope at 1 year that I'm doing as great as you are, keep up the great work.

  7. Your house is cute, Amy! We have a small house too, and have tweeked it one step at a time. You have great taste.

  8. Congrats on the house stuff, looks like a ton of work, but it will be such a great feeling when you're done! Agree - Kanye complete dirtbag. Also, it's not like a one time thing. From his claim years ago on the Katrina telethon that "George Bush hates black people" to his jumping onstage and interrupting people when he thinks he should have one to last night. She is the sweetest thing and he is horrible! Beyonce - CLASSY! Ooh...he made me so mad, I'm ranting on your blog!!!!!!!!!

  9. ummm...yeah, I meant "he things he should have WON"...apparently spelling not good when venting. ;-)

  10. 11,000? Holy crap! :D

    I couldn't agree more with the title... Kanye West can suck it. What an a$$hole!!

  11. It can be done! If you get a chance look at the other blog that I started but never stuck to....regarding our home renovation. I have some before and after pics of my kitchen/bathroom. Pain in the butt, lots of money, but well worth it. View my "complete profile" and it should show up.

  12. I think Kanye's an idiot too. I thought that before, but last night confirmed it. Anyway, good job on getting back on track. I'm jealous of you and Tracy's house. It's always been a dream of mine to get a house to fix up, but unfortunately it's my husband's nightmare. Maybe some day.

  13. By the way,Taylor Swift is from my hometown in PA. And yes, Kanye can suck it!

  14. Good luck with your renovations. It is a lot of work - I'm doing the same by painting my kitchen cabinets right now. Dontcha just love a man who can work on your house? Mine does too - LOVE that! Congrats on your weight loss too - does working on the house = weight loss? LOL

  15. Try as I may, I can not think of a bigger D-Bag than Kanye. I haven't had anything of his play on my radio since the Katrina comment. If he comes on, the station gets changed. I think maybe this time he has ticked off too many people. Taylor Swift is such a cute, likable person.

    Ok, now on to Amy, that entry way is gonna rock in that blue. Y'all are doing it right by doing a little at a time. There is so much I need to do, but something always stops me...Oh yeah, I remember, I HATE TO PAINT!!!!!

  16. Awwww I'm so glad you went w/ the gray/blue color, I looooooooooooooooooooooooove that color! And the entry way is adorable, not a lot of homes have those anymore. I'm excited for your progress. And that brown vinyl stuff isn't as horrible as some stuff I've seen under carpet, haha! And btw, can't believe the house was so cheap and I assume paid for or very tiny loan! Way to go, you can spend xtra money on slowly doing whatever you want to the place.

  17. Hi Amy!
    I just wanted to let you know that I am one of your blog stalkers... hehe.. I have had the lap=band too! You can read my blog if you want to and find out my story.. You and I have a lot in common.. I love reading your blogs they crack me up and when Im having a bad band day, I read about your stories such as the nice science experiment! too funny! Anyways I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself!!!
    Have a great time with the house!

  18. Good for you on the work - it is going to be beautiful!!! And I agree on Kanye!