Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Cruise: A Recap

Good Monday morning everyone! LOL...actually it is Wednesday but it is my first day back at work. I thought I would give you a little brief "whatsa happenin" recap of the cruise!

Weight: Gained 5 pounds (teehee)

Food: The food on the cruise wasn't really as good as I thought it would be. I imagined grand buffets and lots of naughty treats. Clearly with my 5 pound gain I wasn't starving, but still. The buffet was like cafeteria food. The pizza was yummy, and I enjoyed the nice sit down dinners. At lots of calories for my desserts. I was able to eat just fine and only got stuck twice...thanks to pizza. At dinner or lunch I would eat just a few bites of each plate. This included chicken, pork, turkey, stuffing, baked potato. No problems with that. I didn't over do it with the "regular" food...just the desserts. Had a few pops (sodas), and just 2 or 3 froofie drinks.

Activity: This is where I noticed a huge difference. There are elevators on the ship, but they take for the most part we took the stairs...and it was usually my idea! Although my calves were super sore the next day, I never got winded or sweaty. That was awesome.

My Unfill and Getting Stuck: I am glad that I got the unfill bc I would have had lots of problems. I am a little too loose, but I am just going to hang with it and practice some self control for a few weeks. He ended up taking out .5ccs, and I think .25ccs would have been better. I had to episodes of "must find the nearest bathroom now" on the boat, and like I mentioned, both were pizza related. I really lucked out both times, bc those public restrooms are few and far between and sometimes have huge lines! Thanks to Tracey for helping me rush to the bathroom the first time. He navigated for me, held the door while I flew in past him and I barely made it to the sink.

Getting Back on Track: Oh I gained 5 pounds. That is the number I had set as my limit, and I am not upset about it. On the cruise I didnt give much thought to calories or eating for fuel. It was weird since that is all my focus has been for almost 8 months now...weird...but not super hard to slip back into that eat all the time mentality. Slightly concerning. So now that I am back to work I can get back into my groove. Drinking water again. No pop. Eating regular times and healthy foods. I will lose this 5 pounds in good time and be heading down again. It was all worth it.

The Cruise Overall: I had a wonderful time. It was great being with my whole family and Tracey on vacation. I dont know if that will ever happen again bc it is rare that my sister travels with us. Our cruise ship was the oldest in the fleet and will be retired in November. For the money it was a great deal. It was an awesome gift for my birthday to be able to spend it with the people I love the most.

My Bday and You Guys: Thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes yesterday and all the kind words on my post! After celebrating my bday a few different places over the past couple of weeks, yesterday we just took it easy and went to eat for lunch and did some shopping for the home!

I hope everyone is doing well! I am going to do my very best to catch up on everyone's blogs! The few I did read seem like everyone is doing pretty darn good with the weight loss!


  1. Sounds like all-in-all it was a good trip! You have a great attitude about it, and about getting back on track - nice to have you back!

  2. What a wonderful trip. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time. Your pictures are so great and each one tells a story.

  3. Yeay! So glad you had a good time. I am soooo with you on the cafeteria style cruise food. I can make better food at home so it wasn't the culinary orgy I'd been hoping for. And yet, like you, I totally managed to eat it, so it's not THAT bad, :-)

    I'm glad the getting stuck issues weren't too bad and you could indulge and enjoy it.

    5 lbs is nuttin'. You'll burn those off really quickly.

    Welcome back!

  4. So good to have you back, Amy. I was kicking myself because my comp went down right at the time you were sailing off and I never got to say goodbye and have a good time.
    You have a fantastic attitude with your gain. You enjoyed everything and hey, it was only five pounds! Just a weenie amount (yeah, to you, I hear you say lol)
    It will be a memory to cherish. xx

  5. The food let down would've sucked for me! As I previously mentioned, I'm super jealous you got to go on the cruise. I've always wanted to but wouldn't want to take the kids (just b/c it's extra cost and extra hassle). so I've thought maybe me and my mom (she's my bff) or me and my bff, jeannie. I looked into prices while you were away and none were cheap b/c I'm not super close to a port and my BFf wold have to fly to any of them. I'm "near" san diego port and stuff, but I don't really want to go to mexico, I want to go to the bahamas, so I'd be leaving out of flor which means I'd have to fly to flo. Long story, not so short, I want to but I will definetley have to save, plan, and prepare.

    I'm glad you had a great time. The more you talk about it the more apparent it is that Tracey is an awesome guy. did he have the Star tattoos before you? And get them after being w/ you? b/c i know you dig the stars. I am a fan of them as well, turns out, a lot of people are. Well, be thankful and happy you have a great relationship w/ Tracey and ohhhh, I would love new pis of your home projects. I'm a home project whore, I love just seeing other peoples projects!!!

  6. I am glad you had a good time. I love cruises.