Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Why Dieting is Like A Gfit From Santa


And for those of you who want to tell me...."It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle change"...I dont want to hear it okay?

I have decided that LIFE is a DIET.  If we can't eat whatever we want whenever we want, than it's a damn diet.



There.  I feel better.  But only a little.  Only if we are measuring in sparrow farts.  Tiny.  That's tiny dude.

Can you tell it's day three of my detox from crap?  Or shall we call it "Food Freedom".  Oh how I miss thee Food Freedom.  I havent had a drop of pop (soda if you insist on saying it wrong) since 11:59pm of the year 2011.  I was thinking I would get through the withdrawal headaches, but they showed up last night.  Bastards.  And I ate 3/4 of an apple today because I read that apples are better than coffee at waking you up...and I don't drink coffee, so I cannot accurately compare, but I know they aren't as good as a nice cold can of POP!


This morning for breakfast I had half an Atkins bar and a cup of 2% milk.  Then for a mid-morning snack I had some pear pieces in lite juice and my vitamins.  After which, I took a big swig of water and then threw all that up.  Awesome.

For lunch I had some peanut butter and mr. apple, and a soup to go. 


tonight for dinner I will be enjoy an all beef frank, on one half a wheat bun, smothered in my chili with spicy mustard and cheese.  Now that's tasty.

Full of sodium you say?

I say suck it.

Just kidding.

Well.  Only a little.


  1. Oh, how I have missed you... hang in there my friend! FWIIW, I'm proud of you - you continue to be an amazing role model to so many of us!!!

  2. And for those of you who want to tell me...."It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle change"...I dont want to hear it okay?



  3. Your dinner sounds so yummy! I think I might show up on your doorstep. :)

  4. I feel your pain girl. Today is day one of my "goals", not resolutions. I have cut out sugar and I already have a headache. I can't sit still and I want to stab people with a pencil who come to my desk while eating candy. I've made a wonderful egg casserole for my breakfast for the week and have a week's worth of meals planned with zero processed foods. I even bought 4 lbs of frozen edamame in single serve packs for snacks! I'm excited that I'm setting myself up for success but what I really want is some effing ice cream and wine! But I will be strong. Solidarity! :)

  5. Fair enough. At least your dinner sounds super yummy!

  6. I am 58 days clean and sober from the Dew...I feel your pain.

  7. I'm up a bit too after December and it makes me really, really happy to see I'm not the only one. And it isn't just ANYONE who's having a rough time, it's AMY FREAKIN' W.

    I don't want to name any names (Karin @ LBG), but I sure get down on myself when I see the other GOAL-ies (those of us at goal) who talk about losing over Christmas or before Christmas so they can gain a tiny bit (BTW - I love you, Karin and think you're fabulous and it is just sour grapes and horrible, horrible jealousy that make me say anything at all!)

  8. I'm having some chili tonight and I'm really looking forward to it!

  9. I hear you.... I wonder if my health insurance will pay for an detox inpatient program. Sugar and I have a Love/Hate Relationship.... Right now i hate it but I still would like to make sweet love to it... Talk about a Walk of Shame in the morning.