Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekend Winddown

Man, I could not think of a catchy blog title!  I am sitting her cross legged on my couch, enjoy my first diet sunkist of the day.  99 ounces of water in, I cracked open a cold one.  Oooh, it burns me so good.

One of the things that I find different about using the dailyplate/livestrong app for tracking my food is that it doesn't just go off a set number of calories that YOU want to eat a day.  After you put in your height, weight, normal info, it asks you how much you would like to lose per week.  I have selected 2 pounds.  Then, it takes in account of what you say is your normal activity level for a normal day and it generates a goal.  Mine is 1,445.  In other words, I can eat 1,445 calories a day and lose 2 pounds a week.  Then you can click on the little circles add food or your exercising (only 150 for me today thanks to disc golfing). 

It's nice.  And I have stuck to it so far (it's been nearly a claps).

I didn't eat breakfast as you can see (we woke up late and I was chugging water).  Lunch was my homemade tomato soup, and dinner is yet to come.  You will see that my snacks are leading the charge...due to the two skinny cow ice cream sandwiches I have consumed.  Those bad mamma jammas are good!

I didnt have to workout this weekend thanks to already doing cardio 4 times and circuit 3.  (my goal is cardio twice and circuit 3).

I am feeling good and staying on track.  Historically though, we know I do well for two weeks...and then...well...mommy strays.

I have bought a variety of different things to snack on when and if I feel like I need something sweet.  Strawberry applesauce, pear chunks in light syrup, apple and peanut butter, greek yogurt with fruit on the bottom and granola mixer.  I also have been enjoying FUZE slenderize drinks (20 calories).  I have one a day.

I have my lunches prepared for the week (tomato soup with feta).  I have my snacks planned.  I have my breakfasts.  I got this.  I got this.  You got this?  You do.  I know it. 


  1. You've got this!! I love using LiveStrong to track my food and exercise, it's one of my favorite aps. Anyways, thanks for the comment. I'm going to try and exercise with my hubby but he's usually more into weights and I'm into cardio but maybe we can find a happy medium. So I have a question for ya. What area of Florida do you live? We found out last month that we're moving the Eglin AFB area and it occured to me the other day you live somewhere in the panhandle. I'm slightly curious!

  2. Yep, we got this. :) I like that you're planning the work and working the plan.

  3. Try soy nut butter instead of peanut butter. Higher protein and lower calorie, but really good. I'm an apple and PB girl big time! You got this. WE GOT THIS!!

  4. Reading your blog always does two things. Cheers me up and motivates me.

    Thank you!

  5. I got this - and I got this app! I love the changes they made. But how the heck do you get a screen print on your blog? I'm very impressed! PS......AT&T? Just kidding - I used to work for the competitor. I don't anymore so - you can have whatever wireless network you want! :) And me too now that I have to pay for it like everyone else!

  6. ok so how about sharing your homemade tomato soup recipe. I love me some mater soup.

    You got it girl!

  7. Love this app! Thanks for pointing it out! Just got it ~ it does rock!

  8. Awww... I wish they had this for android. :(